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The many adventures of Mittens!

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January 20th 2014 1:33 pm
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Like Hondo and Fido, this will be my last diary entry as Catster is closing in March. Boogie will continue to write until it does close.

I'm a bit sad that Catster is going off line soon but thankfully I'm still in touch with close friends via emails and on FB.

Had it not been for Catster, me, Hondo and PorkChop would have been sepurrated due to "idiots" actions. I'm happy with my new home and mom visited last year shortly after my new mom/dad Kathy/Terry came and brought us home in MO. Mom couldn't believe how much me and Moose looked a like not only physically but size wise!!!

Also I met my wifey Tessa!! She and I are still in touch and man oh man, is she hot!! MOL!

I will miss you all but PM us if you wanna stay in touch!! We're on FB like most of you :)


Moist chicken food!!

January 2nd 2014 2:59 pm
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So it's not a secret that I love LOVE my Wuevera moist chicken food. Kathy buys me it all the time but recently Miles took up a liking to it along with the others so now we all get it! I told them it was GOOD!!!

Catmas and the holidays were good. I behaved and didn't destroy the tree. I did however destroy her earphones so she had to order some. In fact my mommy Sam suggested a pair to Kathy and she bought them!

I wonder if I suggest some food if any of them will also buy it for me?


Gotcha Day

November 23rd 2013 7:57 am
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6 years ago today me and Tiskers left the breeders home and went home with mom where we met Boogie, Hondo, and Fido. PorkChop wasn't born yet.

Mom remembers being able to hold both of us in one hand! And mom has tiny hands, that's how small we were. Tiskers was 4 lbs and I was almost 4 lbs. I ended up being the biggest of a litter of 3.

While I'm no longer with mommy 'cause of idiot ex daddy's actions, I'm being spoiled and pampered by Fido's in-laws in MO. Me, Porky, and Hondo enjoyed mom's visit to MO last Jan :) Mom plans n visiting again in the spring next year :)

I know she misses me, but most importantly she loves me and only wanted me yo have the best in life.


A year ago...

November 8th 2013 6:05 pm
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About a year ago me, Hondo and PorkChop made the long track from VA to MO where we now live with Allie's parents! They came over and stayed fur five days.

Porkers fell in love with Terry and is still glued to his hip. I'm good buds with Moose and I loveeee Kathy! Hondo has his own room with a TV that he shares with niece Phoebe and Molly.

Mom misses us dearly and I'm certain she will visit us next year! It was fun seeing her last January when she flew out to visit!


RIP my brother Tiskers

September 12th 2013 10:09 am
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Mom has been quite busy but before I meow about how my brother Tiskers just went to the bridge, I should inform you that me, PorkChop, and Mittens have a new mommy. In fact, our new mommy is Allie's family! Back in November 2012 Kathy took us in after my mom found out ex-daddy cheated on her with a 60 year old he met on twitter who lives 3000 miles away. So while me, PorkChop and Mittens aren't with mom, we send our love and will miss Tiskers :( We did see mommy in Jan 2013 as mom flew to visit Allie and family for a week. Mom had so much fun meeting the in-laws and all the cats and dogs! She really enjoyed Missouri!

Anyway, mom will write more later but Tiskers made his journey to Rainbow bridge today shortly before noon.

He fought hard after being diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy and took his medicine like a champ! He would purrr often while he was getting his pill and would immediately swallow his medicine once it went into his mouth.

Mom will miss putting her hand over his paw as he would immediately cover her hand with his paw. Or the times when mom would give Tiskers butterfly kisses with her eyelashes and he would sniff her lashes and purrr.

We will have his ashes sometime in the next week or so. Mom just wants to bring her baby back home to her :(


Happy Birthday to meeeeee!!!

August 26th 2013 6:03 am
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Today me and 290 cats celebrate our Birthday to include my twin and litter mate Tiskers!!! We are both 6 years cute and handsome!!! (and big).

I heard we are going to get extra lovies, treats and food!! Tiskers will get to stroll later which is fine by me as I hate strolling!!

Wishing all fellow Birthday cats a fantastic day :)



August 7th 2013 10:30 pm
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I'm happy to report my weight is starting to climb back to where it was a while back. I lost a few pounds as there were a lot of changes including my food. Mainly dry kibble. But whatever you do, do not touch my moist food!! I love my chicken!

I'm guessing I'm back to my 20 lb svelte self. Sometimes it's good to loose a few lbs but I'm just naturally muscular.

Lots to catch up but I'll do that very soon! For now I'm going to do what I do best, supervise and sleep.



June 27th 2013 6:07 pm
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Guess what we all got today? A bunch of cat treats! Lots of temptation treats 'cause Boogie started to reject these. He's all snobby and only likes the Crispies or whatever. Fine by me! Just means I get more of THESE treats! Thanks mom!!! And I will be nice and share with the others. Maybe...



March 23rd 2013 4:52 pm
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The other day when I was eating moist, I did something I rarely do and haven't done in a long time...

I shared my moist food with my brother!! I know!! I was the first to eat the moist (of course) and then I let him eat, and naturally I finished the bowl :) I'm good like that and never waste food! There aren't many foods that I don't like!

Hope all my friends are doing well!


Lunch meat!

February 15th 2013 8:13 pm
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Need I say more? I got some lunch meat the other day from a sandwich and boy oh boy was it yummy!!

If I had it my way, I would eat lunch meat (especially the thin slice!) daily. I mean, it is a healthy way to get protein no? Wonder why we're always given dry kibble. Sure I get moist at night with my siblings, but it's just not the same...

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