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My Cat Tracks by Sampson

~ A New Day ~

April 23rd 2012 12:10 pm
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Dear Diary,

‘A New Day Has Come’ (the tune mom keeps humming) and
there’s a great feeling of gratitude and lots of love in the air throughout my kingdom. Even Queen Nakita seems to be trotting around in a good mood and keeping her paws and claws to herself.

As I mentioned in my last diary entry, my Sissy C had a baby boy, and on my birthday! I already share my birthday with my Auntie M and my Auntie K’s son, Ryan. In fact Ryan and I not only share the same day, we are the same age! ** although somehow I feel so much older and wiser than him…. giggles ** So now I am thrilled that I also get to share my special day with my precious new human nephew. *purrs*

Mom is so grateful that as I turned a healthy 12 years old, that Lil‘ T came into the world a healthy, happy baby! Sissy C is mom’s only child and it was thought for many years that her having any kids was not going to happen. But it now has and we’re truly blessed with little baby T!

Another nice thing I am grateful for is that my friends remembered my birthday and stopped by my room to help celebrate my day! That was so kind, as we haven’t been around for quite awhile. I quickly pawed out a diary expressing my thanks and explained the distracting and exciting news about Sissy C, only to later discover that it became a Daily Pick! Many more purrs of ’thanks.’ Mom said that I could trot around later this evening and give out my proper ‘thank yous.’ Hurray, time in catsterland, I can’t wait!

All is well here in my kingdom. Chico and I still spend the days wrestling and from time to time we are able to go out and explore the outback. Nakita has adjusted well to losing most of her eyesight, in fact if you didn’t know it you wouldn’t be able to even tell. And Lil’ Muppet has been off of the pain meds for several months now. She has mostly good days and is just as adventurous as ever, keeping mom on her toes. *smiles*

I hope my friends know how much I appreciate them and I hope they too are all doing well.

Happy, Happy Purrs & Headbonks,


Purred by: Laura W

April 23rd 2012 at 1:48 pm

conga rats ta sissy, N gram, and welcome ta de werld tanner ...wunder if him will like trout !!! those be pawsum pick sures unka sam...we hopes mom N wee babee R doin grate N pleez ta let "T" noe if he ever kneads a good recipe for searin sum fish...dont hesitate ta contact uz !!! blessings two all :)

Purred by: Newman (Catster Member)

April 23rd 2012 at 4:46 pm

Don't get too close to that baby, Sampson, cause I hear they smell stinky sometimes! He is pretty cute for a baby but he needs to get some clothes that have cats on them! MOL!
Purred by: Luke (Catster Member)

April 23rd 2012 at 5:29 pm

Even without fur, that baby is adorable! They can get a little stinky at times like Newman said, but they truly are beautiful creatures. Concatulations to your family!
Purred by: ♥ Jezebel RIP ♥ (Catster Member)

April 24th 2012 at 12:05 am

Aww, dat baby T is a cutie.
Purred by: Sampson ~DB 75a~ (Catster Member)

April 24th 2012 at 12:18 am

Thank you, Da Tabbies... Sissy C and Pete are for sure health food nuts and would most appreciate a good recipe for some wholesome trout!! *hugs*

Newman... as usual, we all busted a gut to your comment! *giggles* The only thing I can meow is, 'Thank you for the advice.... and thank the living stars above that little guy doesn't reside in my castle'!!!' Mol!

Thank you for the congrats Luke, and reaffirming what Newman stated! *I have taken notes* Fur-less & stinky, they are still magnificent creatures!..... and once again, 'Thank the living stars above he doesn't reside in my castle'!! MOL!!

Hugs & Love
Purred by: Sampson ~DB 75a~ (Catster Member)

April 24th 2012 at 12:21 am

Sampson hugs Jezebel in gratitude... thank you, thank you!!


Sampson ~DB 75a~


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