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My Cat Tracks by Sampson

~ kingdom mayhem ~

February 3rd 2009 12:52 pm
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Dear Diary,

Mom has been having quite a time with us since that icky blockage knocked me off my throne over New Years. I seem to have fully recovered and once again staked my claim as the King, however there is still mayhem amongst us furmates. Nothing is as it once was.

When nightfall arrives we all used to know our positions to assume. Queen Nakita, Princess Muppet and Armani retreated to master mom’s bedroom. Krikit and Spunky would retreat to the spare bedroom for the night. That left Chico and myself to watch over the rest of the kingdom until morning. Now no one seems to be able to sleep peacefully with each other in the same room except for Chico and I. Mom repeatedly has mixed up the other furmate’s sleeping arrangements hoping to find a solution, but was at her wit’s end last night. So guess what she decided? That I, the King no less, had to sleep with her!! Yep! How disgraceful is that I ask you?! And not because Muppet was with us, but because I was locked up in her room! Armani and Krikit were locked up in the spare room, and all night long we all got to hear Nakita, Spunky and Chico racing around having a blast partying and shouting, “Tuxedos Rule!!” Humph!!

I showed mom all night long that this was not the permanent solution to our problems. I repeatedly plopped down on her feet, her legs and walked across her pillow making sure to step on her hair every time. *giggles* I also kept her precious Princess Muppet on her toes by demanding to lay in every cozy spot that she curled up in to fall asleep. Finally she slept under the bed, which I’m sure made mom feel sorry for her and upset with me. *my plan exactly* I think tonight mom will come up with other sleeping arrangements for us, and I will be back out with Chico to roam freely in my kingdom! Tuxedos do not rule here, I do!

Loud grumbling purrs,


Sampson ~DB 75a~


Family Pets

Gucci ~
adopted ~
Angel Chico
~DB 75b~
Spunky (king
at last)
~missing - we
love you~
Shadow~ loved
& missed~
Rahja~my angel
then & 4-ever~
Mystique ~with
the angels
Tigger ~
forever in my
heart ~
ZIM ~adopted~


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