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"Hello, I am Sampson. Welcome to my room!"

Home:Pawrump, NV  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 14 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 12 lbs.

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~ OK mousie, let

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"~ OK mousie, let's play hide and go seek. I'll count to ten... and you go hide! ~"

~ April 2011 ~

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"~ April 2011 ~"

Napping in the sunshine while keeping my tail safe from mischievous furmates. *giggles*  ~March 2013~

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"Napping in the sunshine while keeping my tail safe from mischievous furmates. *giggles* ~March 2013~"

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"Checkin' out my form that used to impress the ladies! Yep, this ol' boy's still got it!"

~I love my brofur, Chico~

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"~I love my brofur, Chico~"

~Sampson sleeps~

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"~Sampson sleeps~"

~handsome in pink~

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"~handsome in pink~"

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Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Quick Bio:
-pound cat

April 18th 2000

Flame Point

He likes to lounge in the backyard, and he likes dark colors. If you're wearing dark clothing, that's when he wants to be on your lap

foster kittens, his nails clipped, touching his fur when he didn't invite you to :)

Favorite Toy:
laser, fleece on a stick

Favorite Nap Spot:
couch in family room or on a bed

Favorite Food:
Natural Balance dry & a variety of wet food treats

We can tell him 'fish lips' and he'll just move his mouth without making a sound. Comes in handy when he's not getting his way and annoying us with his Siamese meow. Hee, hee! :)


Arrival Story:
I was restricted to bed after having surgery so I wore out the TV flipping through the channels. I came across a show that had Sampson on as a guest. They said that this was his last plea for a home because the shelter he was at was going to have him PTS the next morning. When my then husband arrived home from work I told him about Sam. We called and nobody had adopted him, so we gladly did. That's the one thing that I am grateful for about that time being stuck in bed ...... if not for that, we would not have known to go adopt this precious, silly little spirit!

We had one other cat at the time named Chauncey. Shortly after we adopted Sam, my doctor gave us a cat that somebody had dumped out of their car in front of her home. We named him Sebastian and all three cats got along very well. Chauncey passed on, and Sampson and Sebastian were the best of buddies for several years. We never found out what happened, but Sebastain mysteriously vanished one day. Neither cats were allowed to go outside at that time, and neither of them ever tried. We ran ads and hung up posters, knocked door to door with no luck. Our Wal-Mart even let us post a big 'missing photo' on their front lobby doors. Sam took up camping by our window in the family room. He stared out that window solid for weeks, we couldn't get him to eat much, he was so depressed. Then one day he retreated to the master bedroom and he remained in there for several months. He lost weight, and slept all of the time. Although we were heartbroken too, we tried everything with no luck to bring him back around. Then we decided to adopt Chico along with another cat we named Hollywood, and Sampson came back to life. Not that easy, as Sam smacked me and bit me three times when he figured out there were two new kitties in the spare bedroom. :) Sam is quite a different kitty. His personality can amuse anyone because he's such a silly character. He does not appreciate being pet on unless he asks you to. He will stomp off and give himself a bath if you dare try. But then all of a sudden there he will be on your lap and demanding to be pet all over. This is usually when you are dressed up in dark clothing and ready to leave the house. So is he showing affection or is he cracking himself up by covering his human in hair? Ha! His silly character leans me towards that he's amusing himself! Hee, hee! He does like to give kisses, lots of them, and he'll repeatedly grab your hand, lick it and use it to wash his face. :) Sampson really is a beautiful, gentle spirit. Our family loves him more than words can express. We couldn't imagine life without our silly Sam.

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~ I love you Muppet ~:
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~grateful purrs~:
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~ A New Day ~

April 23rd 2012 12:10 pm
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Dear Diary,

‘A New Day Has Come’ (the tune mom keeps humming) and
there’s a great feeling of gratitude and lots of love in the air throughout my kingdom. Even Queen Nakita seems to be trotting around in a good mood and keeping her paws and claws to herself.

As I mentioned in my last diary entry, my Sissy C had a baby boy, and on my birthday! I already share my birthday with my Auntie M and my Auntie K’s son, Ryan. In fact Ryan and I not only share the same day, we are the same age! ** although somehow I feel so much older and wiser than him…. giggles ** So now I am thrilled that I also get to share my special day with my precious new human nephew. *purrs*

Mom is so grateful that as I turned a healthy 12 years old, that Lil‘ T came into the world a healthy, happy baby! Sissy C is mom’s only child and it was thought for many years that her having any kids was not going to happen. But it now has and we’re truly blessed with little baby T!

Another nice thing I am grateful for is that my friends remembered my birthday and stopped by my room to help celebrate my day! That was so kind, as we haven’t been around for quite awhile. I quickly pawed out a diary expressing my thanks and explained the distracting and exciting news about Sissy C, only to later discover that it became a Daily Pick! Many more purrs of ’thanks.’ Mom said that I could trot around later this evening and give out my proper ‘thank yous.’ Hurray, time in catsterland, I can’t wait!

All is well here in my kingdom. Chico and I still spend the days wrestling and from time to time we are able to go out and explore the outback. Nakita has adjusted well to losing most of her eyesight, in fact if you didn’t know it you wouldn’t be able to even tell. And Lil’ Muppet has been off of the pain meds for several months now. She has mostly good days and is just as adventurous as ever, keeping mom on her toes. *smiles*

I hope my friends know how much I appreciate them and I hope they too are all doing well.

Happy, Happy Purrs & Headbonks,



What a wonderful day.... thank you!

April 18th 2012 2:20 pm
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Dear Friends,

My Sissy C is at the hospital right now having a baby boy! Mom’s first grandbaby ....and being born on my birthday! Hurray! I am very grateful for everyone who has stopped by to wish me a great day, even though I haven’t been around much. Big kitty hugs & love to you all!

When things settle down here, I will trot around and give my personal thanks. I appreciate each of you for making this happy day even brighter!

Headbonks & Love,


Everything is MINE! This, that & you too! :)

June 1st 2011 10:53 pm
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Dear Diary....I wrote this a few months ago and for some reason I failed to post it? (mom says you'll know why if you take a moment to read this...blushes) Just found it in my diary archive and wanted to share as mom is still amazed and in shock by my recent 'tail twitching' behavior...

It has been very tiring over the past few years, to say the least, to try and remain the King of my Castle. Aah, to reminisce about the wonderful days when it was just Sebastian and I. Sebastian had a few belongings which, for the most part I allowed, but everything else belonged to me, myself and I! Sebastian unexpectedly left us one sad day and everything within my castle’s walls became solely, and rightfully, mine! Then Chico came along and all remained peaceful as I allowed him to have a few treasures for which he could claim as his own and we were both blissfully happy. All that has changed since mom started rescuing pathetic, needy kitties and bringing them into my castle! I have finally had it, and this King has undeniably decided to make a stand!

At first it wasn’t too bad as most seemed to be quarantined to mom’s and the spare sleeping quarters. They seemed to take shelter here, get well and then move on to their own castles. But then, and I can’t put my finger on the exact day, things slowly began to change. Some decided to stay long after their welcome and were actually bold enough to start trotting freely around my domain, trying to conquer and claim everything in sight as their own! Yep! My favorite sleeping spots were suddenly scented with their icky aromas left behind on their tufts of fur. The nerve! My food and water dishes had another’s smell of saliva emanating from them! Ick! My precious jewels (toys) were disappearing right and left only to be later found tarnished and relocated throughout my kingdom! Thieves!! And don’t even get me started about my once private throne! (litter box)

Enough is enough and I am reclaiming everything as MINE!

* My favorite spots to sleep…. Now once again covered in MY fur…only!
* My favorite serving dish….. Now just a dab of my regurgitated food left in it, just enough to make the other’s bypass it and feast out of the other dishes. Score!
* My favorite jewels….Now well hidden and I’m sentencing harsh paw lashes to any others who dare discovers them and attempts to steal them!
* UPS & USPS Boxes that have been claimed by other’s to play in…. A quick spin around, a bit of tail twitching and they are marked as garbage by mom! Ha! Take that!
* The newest cat tower and cat posts…. More tail twitching. MINE! (Reads note to self…. “Must rethink this strategy as mom becomes highly upset with me.”)
* My Sissy C thinking that she can non-stop text another male and ignore ME? .... a bit of tail twitching… done… she is marked as MINE! (Reads another note to self.. “Must NEVER do this to a human again, Sissy C is now also psychologically marked by this and mom is ready to have me committed for insanity!”)

I have taken my stand! This castle is now once again conquered and claimed as ALL MINE! ** Glances at computer and notices that mom is researching insane asylums for cats. Scampers off and hides.** MOL!

Headbonks & Kingly Purrs

~~Note from Sam’s mom… Has anyone ever heard or had the experience of a cat ‘marking’ them? I’m beside myself with Sam’s recent behavior, especially peeing on Courtney!!! He’s healthy and these have all been deliberate acts, I swear he runs off giggling. He has always been an oddball, but this is beginning to appear like he is going senile!~~

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