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State of the Kitten

Big day for me!

November 27th 2007 8:41 pm
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Today was a big day. I was going to a place called a "vet" to get something called "FIV FElv testing" done. I don't know what "testing" is but I know what a "vet" is now because I went to the same one a week ago. They poked me all over which I didn't mind, and then poked me with a needle! Ouch! Last week they said they could not get enough blood because I had "anemia" so I had to come back in a week for the "testing." Then they fed me some weird stuff that's supposed to get rid of worms in my stomach. I was happy about that because after that I started to feel a lot better!

So today I went back. They poked me with a needle again and I was NOT HAPPY! I yelled at them to let them know I didn't like it... Then I got treats though so that part was ok. They said I weigh 1 pound 14 ounces and that I gained 7 ounces in one week! Wow! So after I finished my treats my human was cheering and hugging me because I guess my testing was negative. I thought negatives means bad but I guess this time it's good! Then I got to go home, so I was happy! I also have not been sneezing as much lately so I have been feeling a lot better. Hopefully I won't need to go to that "vet" anymore!


Church's Story

November 20th 2007 10:50 pm
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This is all about how I found Church: I was doing yardwork when my neighbor called to me from the alley that there was a kitten out there. I went out to investigate, and there was a little fluffy tabby kitten and a small black adult cat sitting there. We have a lot of strays and ferals in my neighborhood unfortunately. The mother looked to be only a teenager herself.
The kitten kept running forward but then going back to the mom when the mom would walk away. I stood totally still in the alley to see if they would come closer, and the kitten ran over to see what I was. Then he got spooked, but instead of running back to mom he ran across to the other side of the alley, near my yard's gate. I slowly walked over, trying not to scare him but he entered my yard. I was worried because my dog (Ginger, who likes cats but will chase things that move) was in the yard! The kitten ran STRAIGHT TOWARDS Ginger! Then he seemed to see her and veered off to the side. Ginger started to chase him and he was very scared and running. I called Ginger to me and told her "leave it" and she came to me. The kitten was still scared and was trying to push through my garden fence, which was too small for him. I picked him up and brought him inside because the mother had run away by then...the rest is history.

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