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My Paw Tracks, by Chico

~ achievement ~

July 23rd 2009 5:35 pm
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Dear Diary,

As one can tell, I’m not much into this diary writing stuff. My typist is always busy with my other furmate’s happenings, which is just fine by me. I’m a shy and quiet boy and don’t often get into any mischief worth reporting about. I love my naps, I love to play and romp with Spunky and Sampson, I love my treats, and I love my mom’s lap. What more could a kitty ask for?

Athough a week or so ago , I noticed mom’s mood was in a sad state. She was staring at the TV box and just seemed gloomy so I decided to see if I could cheer her up! The TV was airing MJ’s funeral service and there were a lot of people talking and a lot of great songs being sung.

I came racing at top speed into the family room where mom was and did four summersaults in a row! Yahoo! I stopped and looked at mom and she was giggling with a shocked look on her face! Hurray, that cheered her up! So I ran and did some more! Then I decided to do my silly ‘catch my tail’ routine for her which made her laugh out loud! Perfect! Mom finally thought to get up and retrieve the camera thingy and the filming began. But by that time I was dizzy and my fur was irritated by all of the static I was accumulating. I kept the show going for her though and tried my best to catch that silly tail of mine. At one point I actually caught it and gave it a good lickin’, but it slipped away from me! Humph!

For all of my efforts two things were achieved, mom had a smile on her face and I now have my first video in my room! Yipee! Now I can relax and get some serious nap time in.

We have our paws put together in prayer for all of the ill kitties and doggies.

Headbonks & Purrs,
*blows a kiss to Stormy*

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August 5th 2009 at 11:04 pm

Chico! The quiet one? That was some show you put on! Glad we got to see a couple of somersaults, ooh, you are furtastic at them!! You're also good at the tail catching. But we're in awe at the somersaults!! Good fur you to help cheer up your Meowm!
Be well.


Angel Chico ~DB 75b~


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