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My Paw Tracks, by Chico

The Bridge Whispered My Name :(

March 26th 2015 2:11 am
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I'm so sorry that all I can say at this time is that I lost my precious Chico. He was Sampson's best friend, Nakita's only best buddy, Muppet's only trusted kitty friend & Whispers only guardian. The Bridge called upon my peace keeper's name last night. Chico you are so loved and will be so missed! My heart as well as your furfriend's hearts will have a hole until we meet up again! ~ tears & love~


~ Sad Goodbyes & Gratitude ~

November 18th 2014 2:47 pm
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Dear Diary,

I'm happy that mom has given me some time to visit Catsterland & to paw out a long over-due diary. *purrs*

As I look around my Kingdom today, I am filled with gratitude. Mom has been able to spend her days off with us, Sampson is still hanging in there and even attempted to spar with me today. *grins..... felt like the ol' times* Nakita has regained her position as Queen after an attempted overthrow from our new addition, Whisper. And Muppet is just as healthy and sweet as ever.

As with any family, we had a few rough months where we endured some close calls and heavy losses. At the beginning of this year our mom fell ill. Those graveyard zombies had finally caught up with her, and the doc demanded that she get away quickly, or become one of them! She now manages the day shift and has been getting better.

Then August came around and it's still hard to meow about, but I will try because I know there are friends who wondered and asked about my buddy Turbo. Turbo disappeared one day in July and mom and I searched every morning and night for him. Food and water was still put out near his outdoor den that he had built for himself, but there were no sightings of him. He had disappeared in the past for days at a time, but was always found in our yard. He was always so happy to see mom and would kick in his turbo and actually zoom over to her. So cute!! Then August 3rd, my grandma had a stroke. :( Mom was in Las Vegas a lot at the hospital and still tried to work. But without fail every morning & night she would come get me and we would search for Turbo.

Here comes the hard part to paw out. Mid-day on August 10th, mom suddenly busted through the door! We were all confused but soon learned that she had received a phone call at her work, grandma had taken a turn for the worse and she needed to get to the hospital in Vegas asap. She was quickly packing a bag and extra bowls of food and water were put out for us. She ran out back to grab something and Nakita got out. When she went to retrieve her, she spotted Turbo! She was so happy and was quickly walking over to him, but it was sinking in that something wasn't right.

Turbo was oddly stuck in the fence, he was not there when we searched for him earlier that morning. How he was stuck seemed impossible for him to even be there! He was like a hot potato, mom could barely hold on to him to get him inside. She ran luke-warm water over his shell to try and cool him down, but he didn't move and didn't stick his head out. Mom started crying and panicking and brought him to me. At first I was so happy to see him!! I bent down and nudged him and meowed, "Hey buddy, there you are!" But then I slowly bent back down and looked in where I could see his head inside his shell, Turbo sadly had recently just crossed to the Bridge. I looked at mom who was intently watching me, I bellowed out three painful meows, "Mom, Turbo's gone!!" I got up and retreated to the master bedroom, I laid on mom's bed just devastated and wouldn't even respond to mom. Bawling, mom had to leave for Las Vegas.

While mom was in Vegas with grandma and family, her friend/co-worker died in a car accident. On August 19th mom made the decision to let grandma cross over peacefully. Then we learned that my precious Catster friend, Stormy, journeyed to the Bridge on Aug 22nd. :( The days became a blur of chaos and grief, we all tried to comfort mom. Lots of different company came and went, and the next thing I knew Whisper was in our spare bedroom. Whisper was grandma's cat, but we already knew each other from the cat rescue we both were at years prior. Nakita & Whisper still have their moments, but for the most part Whisper has adjusted well to being here. Auntie M is considering giving her a permanent home in California, but for now I look out for Whisper and make sure she's safe and happy.

Now things have settled down and Thanksgiving is approaching. And I once again want to say how grateful I am that Queen Nakita, Princess Muppet, Whisper and myself are all happy and healthy. Sampson has his bad days, but also has his good ones. Mom is feeling better too and finally her days off are once again spent cuddling & playing with us. :)

I know we've missed a lot of good times and sad ones here in Catsterland. I hope this Thanksgiving finds every-fur as well as can be and lots of things to be grateful for. ~Sorry this was so long, and I didn't write it for sympathy, just to let everyone know what's been going on.~

Headbonks, Purrs & Love
*also grateful that Catster has worked so hard to exterminate most of the icky fleas*


A Straw Stuck Video! :)

August 5th 2009 3:18 pm
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Dear Diary,

First of all I want to wish my lovely STORMY a very Happy 5th Birthday!! Hope your day was special my StormCloud! *hugs*

Next, I want to apologize to my sis Muppet for busting on to her movie set while she was filming the next scene for her up-coming mousie rescue movie! *rolls eyes and giggles*
I couldn’t help it though as something, and I wasn’t quite sure what, was bothering me every time I attempted to walk! I busted in to see if any fur could please help me, and to my horror the entire film crew started giggling and filming me! whatever!!

As nonchalant as I tried to be about the situation, my furmates eventually spotted my dilemma and rushed in to try and help! They were giggling, “Dude! Hold still! You have a straw stuck to your belly!” A straw??? Mol!

Once again Muppet, I apologize for ruining your filming day and for plowing over you at one point! And oh yea, mom edited you out of the video! Yep, today I was the star! You don‘t believe me? Look HERE* *scampers off snickering before Mupps can catch him*

Headbonks and Purrs,


~ go figure ~

July 23rd 2009 6:06 pm
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Dear Diary,

Mom's had my video of me set up in my room for awhile now. We've watched it many times with no problems. But today, the day I mention the video in my diary entry called 'achievement', we no longer seem to be able to view it for more than a few seconds??
What is up with that, may I ask? Purrhaps it's just our silly slow computer and every other fur can view the entire thing? I hope HQ listens to Hazel Lucy and revs up a technical support blog, because then I can ask if they know why these things happen. :)

And oh, speaking of slow dial up computers........... mom received a disconnect notice for our phone service today! Do you want to know what the reason they stated was? It was for not paying the amounts due for HIGH SPEED INTERNET SERVICE that they NEVER provided!! MOL! Where's the irony in that? We want it, we can't have it, but we can pay for it? Aaargh! Life is just too comical for humans sometimes! Hee, hee!

I'm going back now to my good dreams of one day having high speed internet service......... a speed buggy to zip around Catsterland in!! :)

Until next time,
Headbonks & Purrs,
*blows another kiss to Stormy - giggles*


~ achievement ~

July 23rd 2009 5:35 pm
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Dear Diary,

As one can tell, I’m not much into this diary writing stuff. My typist is always busy with my other furmate’s happenings, which is just fine by me. I’m a shy and quiet boy and don’t often get into any mischief worth reporting about. I love my naps, I love to play and romp with Spunky and Sampson, I love my treats, and I love my mom’s lap. What more could a kitty ask for?

Athough a week or so ago , I noticed mom’s mood was in a sad state. She was staring at the TV box and just seemed gloomy so I decided to see if I could cheer her up! The TV was airing MJ’s funeral service and there were a lot of people talking and a lot of great songs being sung.

I came racing at top speed into the family room where mom was and did four summersaults in a row! Yahoo! I stopped and looked at mom and she was giggling with a shocked look on her face! Hurray, that cheered her up! So I ran and did some more! Then I decided to do my silly ‘catch my tail’ routine for her which made her laugh out loud! Perfect! Mom finally thought to get up and retrieve the camera thingy and the filming began. But by that time I was dizzy and my fur was irritated by all of the static I was accumulating. I kept the show going for her though and tried my best to catch that silly tail of mine. At one point I actually caught it and gave it a good lickin’, but it slipped away from me! Humph!

For all of my efforts two things were achieved, mom had a smile on her face and I now have my first video in my room! Yipee! Now I can relax and get some serious nap time in.

We have our paws put together in prayer for all of the ill kitties and doggies.

Headbonks & Purrs,
*blows a kiss to Stormy*


~ a stormy tag ~

July 19th 2008 3:29 pm
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I've been tagged by my wonderful girlfuriend Stormy to play a game! How fun!
I am to list 5 things that I dislike. Then find 5 more furfriends to play along.

1) I dislike this hot weather, all of us furmates do. We don't get to go romp outside as much as we'd like to.

2) I dislike it when Sampson tells efurrybody that he's the king. I'm the king, no need to challenge me on that and yet he still does. *yawns*

3) I dislike it when strangers come over looking to adopt a kitty and ask if they can adopt me! OMC, I'm the king! I'm not up for adoption! *Just knows that Sampson has something to do with this.*

4) I dislike water. Not drinking water, the water that comes out of the sink and bathtub. Mom had to give me a bath one time. Oh yeah! I let her know just how much I dislike that nonsense. *giggles*

5) I dislike that Lil' Mupp is not well. I worry a lot about her and sleep right next to her cube-house. I jus' know that with everybody's loves and prayers that she will get better. She's jus' gotta. I love her.

Thanks my sweet Stormy-girl for asking me to play! *purrs*
I will update with my tags when mom catches up on the other zillion we are behind on. *giggles*

Hugs and headbonks,


~ Summertime tag ~

June 21st 2008 5:18 pm
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My good buddy Henry tagged me to play Summer Time Tag ! Thanks Henry, this will be fun!

1) I luv to chase the lizards around out-back, especially the really big ones. * Mom makes sure they get away safe. *

2) I luv to watch the birds, all except for the annoying mockingbird. *covers ears and rolls eyes* Sometimes I even get close enough to almost catch one. *daydreams about this*

3) I luv to chase and hunt all the scurrying critters in the grass.

4) I luv to spend summer days with my girl friend Stormy.

5) I luv to have beach ball wars with my Catster buddies. * a ball whizzes in and bounces off of Chico’s head! *

Purrs, Chico


~ a fabulous tag ~

May 29th 2008 10:03 pm
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A cute little bird informed me that I have been tagged by the pawsome gentleman kitty Alfie to play the Fabulous 5 Game. :) How fun!! :)

I am to list 5 fabulous things about myself and then tag 5 Catster furiends to do the same.

1) I have a fabulous tuxedo suit that I luv and wear all of the time.

2) I have fabulously extra long whiskers.

3) Any treat mom gives me to eat I think is just fabulous. I’m not finicky like Nakita. Hee, hee.

4) I have fabulous paws that can make fabulous bread.

5) I have a fabulous girlfriend on Catsters who’s sweet name is Stormy.

and as an added bonus :

6) I have a fabulous 'one paw' rating on my page that some Catster generously bestowed on me! *Growls and Hisses* ..... MOL! Hee, hee!

Thanks Alfie for allowing me to join in the fun! :)



~ an honorable 'tag' from a princess and a Romeo ~

May 18th 2008 2:05 pm
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I was tagged by beautiful Princess Rani and handsome Romeo to play this 4-tag game! My first tag and first diary entry, how cool. Thanks Rani and Romeo!

I am to list: - My 4 Jobs - 4 Places I have lived or stayed at - and 4 Places I would rather be -

My 4 jobs are:

Negotiator : I settle all disputes between us furmates. We all get along quite well, but if there are any quarrels that start up, I step in-between and settle them right then. Mostly it’s between Queen Nakita and a furmate who has crossed her boundaries.

Outdoor Patrol Officer: I keep a close protective eye on meomy and my furmates when outdoors. Silly Sam seems to now and then attract the mean neighborhood tomcat . Since Sam doesn’t know how to protect himself, I must save Sam by chasing the bully off. A new, much bigger protégé of the bully has recently shown up. *Gulps* Secretly, I hope I never have to deal with him, hee, hee!

Lap Warmer: This job comes naturally for me. I love a lap whenever one’s available. No other furmate prefers or does this job, so it is all mine. *purrs*

Master Chef Bread Maker: I make batches of bread everyday. We all perform this job, but by far I make the most. I love to knead, so it’s a relaxing job for me. I sing my purr-tunes loudly and each batch is made with lots of my love.

4 Places I have lived:

1) I don’t know where I was born.

2) I was with a family in Pahrump, NV that I was led to believe was my furever home. They brought me home when I was a cute little kitten and kept me until I was 2 years old. Then one day they rocked my world and just left me at the local high-kill pound. After two years, they stated that they suddenly had become allergic to me! (That’s a common lie that people use as an excuse for dumping their pets) I was so depressed and scared that I hid in the back of my cage. I was not adopted, my time was up and they were going to have to send me to the Bridge.

3) A local rescue came and saved me in the nick of time. I was placed in their cattery in the shy room. I was so scared, got sick and was not doing well there.

4) Thankfully one day my furever meomy showed up. She was there to adopt Hollywood. When she saw me, her heart broke. She couldn’t leave me behind and she adopted both Hollywood and I. So now I still live in Pahrump, NV but in a permanent furever home this time. * purrs, purrs, and more purrs*

4 Places I’d rather be:

1) I love hanging out by the shop on the back of the property because big critters live there. But this is outside our fenced area, so meomy doesn’t allow it unless she is with me. We are in somewhat of coyote territory.

2) I would rather be outside all of the time. Meomy worries about me, but she does let me go out the most. This keeps me content. She tries her best to let me be who I am.

3) I would love to snuggle and make bread next to mom through out the night. Hee, hee. But meomy needs her rest, so it’s not allowed. So I sleep at the foot of her bed in my cozy round bed.

4) I would love to spend more time on Catsters with my gurl-pal Stormy. Our families have busy lives and I appreciate the time I do get to chat with her.

Thanks for including me to play Rani and Romeo! *purrs*

Luvs and Purrs,


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