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Rosie's life

All Clear!!

February 26th 2011 9:33 am
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I have come back from the hospital and given a clear bill of health, I was put on bed rest, or should I say that I was in a very roomie dog crate so that my stitches would heal and so that my mom could make sure that I didnt break the stitches from jumping on the furnature. I also had a cone around my neck, the cone was alot comfyer because of the fabric around the edges. I had to be force fed my pain pills, to help me with the pain from healing.

I hated being confined to my room at all hours of the day when my mommy was out,But my mommy went to every measures possible to make sure that I was comfy and that I was well fed and had alot of water to drink. She even bought me "Fancy Feast" which I love!, to make sure I ate the food she gave me and to have me wanting more. She even bought me Whiskers cat milk because i wasnt able to eat all the time, it helped my mommy to make sure that i had everything I needed to my diet.

My Mommy make sure i was confry by going to giant tiger to by me a very comfy pat bed make of fabric and pillow stuffing.
I am very thankful that I have a caring mom as Claire, I would not have asked for a better mom then she!


It has been a year since the day i went to get my tomor removed and It has not come back, I am now in remission and I hope that it never comes back!!

Thank you to my grandmother and grandfather for helping pay for the surgery without your support I would not probally be here to day! THANK YOU!!!!


To the Vet I Go

September 28th 2009 10:37 am
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today is the big day for me, i am going to the Hawks Berry animal hospital to have my tumor removed and to have me spayed.
I am very uneasy going to the vet since my last operation when i was very young.

My mom tells me that these vets are very nice and they will take good care of me!!

I am still uneasy having the operation even though she said they will take good care of me, its just that i have heard of my sisters foster pup that got adopted and went for surgery that was not complicated as mine she was getting spayed and she died on the operating table since her heart could not take the stress of the operation.

It just makes me wonder if the same thing would happen to me seeing that i am going to have my tumor removed and being spayed at the same time....

I just hope that god will be at my side when i have this operation and i hope my tumor will not come back because I'm afraid that I might be sent to heaven.....

Please god take good care of me and i pray i will have a swift recovery.
I ask All of my friends to pray for me tomorrow since my operation will happen then !!


please vote for me on yapster

July 25th 2009 10:36 am
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i have entered a photo contest and i would a really like it if my friends voted for me on here :) et_id=2164


The event that could change everything!!

September 20th 2008 1:21 pm
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Today my mommy was rubbing my tummy when I saw a look on my mom's face that seemed quite sad, she stopped her hand on my tummy and started to feel one spot on my tummy, she started to touch one part of my tummy and it began to hurt so I moved away and my mommy noticed that it hurt me, so she kissed my head and said that she was sorry and I saw tears crawl down her face and I walked towards and meowed trying to say not to cry I'm okay mommy really I'm okay, but tears still crawled down her face.

My mommy said to me that "we will get through this together like we always do cause your a fighter and you survived the other trama when you were just a kitten so we can fight this, its just a block on the road and we just have to make it crummble beneath us..I am not going to give up on you, we have got this far and I can't give up on you, you make my day alot happier with just you in it. I just hope that Im wrong about this, cause I don't want you to be in any sort of pain. It would make my cry to see you in pain!"


Back From the Hospital !!

August 7th 2008 10:47 am
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I remember it as if it was yesterday,I spent 4 days in the kitties hospital, that is made specially for kitties. When my mom came to pick me up from the hosptial, I was meowing as loud as possible trying to ask questions and trying to understand why I was at the hospital for such along time. The nurse put me in this bag and I could not see a thing, the only thing I could hear is my mommy and her mom talking to the nurse, trying to figure out the best way for me to recover from the surgery I had.

When I was in the car my mommy let me out to try to calm me down and to stroke me, but I was meowing trying to tell her that I was okay, but I could see that she was worried that I would not make it out the surgery alive because I was very young when this happened to me. My mommy said to me that when I went to the hospital for the surgery, She could not consintrate at all at school because she was worried that she would not see me again after the surgery and she prayed that I would make it out alive. She told me that I was a miracle and that god made sure that I would make it out alive.

When I came home that afternoon, Things to a worse turn. I went crazy trying to take out the stitches out and I was running all over the place. My mommies mom called the hospital to try to figure out what was the best thing for me to try to calm down. The nurse said to put a cun around my neck and but me in a crate and cover both sides with towels, so that I would feel safe and sacure. After the event I was never the same, I would call on my mommy when I need conforting and I would not let her mom touch me at all and I would run and hide when they did, but now I am beginning to trust her mom once again cause now I know that they were not trying, they were trying to help me.

After this event I am even more closer to my mommy then I could have imagine possible, before. Now I have recovered quite well after 4 years of being tramitized.Me and my mom enjoy tv time together, suggling on a comfy chair we can now call our own.


March 7th 2008 10:32 am
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The event that would change everything!!!

March 5th 2008 6:34 pm
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I remember when I was 5 months old and I happened to be playing, I was weaving in and out of the railing andI slipped , my front white paw caught on the rug and it hurt alot and I meewed with pain and when I was able to get free I limped to safety under the water bed down stairs until my mommy came home from school.

It was 4:00 pm before my mommy arrived from school but I still was hidding under the water bed, but i came out for supper which was upstairs waiting for me .
I ate my supper at 7:00pm which was very good. while my mommy ate her supper I forgot that my right paw was hurt and I put presure on it so I meewed and iIlimped down to the basement and went under the water bed. My mommy came running when she heard me meewed for her and so did her sisters and her mom came to my ad . Claire's mom said for Robyn to close the basement door so that Brandi would not scare me.
They coxed me out with food and made me a little tent with a green blanket on a old love seat and placed my food and water beside me so I didn't have to move to eat.

Claire's mom told my mommy that she would call the vet in the morning to see what is wrong with my white paw. I could see tears in my mommies eyes cause she could not stand seeing me like this in pain,I wanted to lick my mom and tell her that I'm going to be okay and that I loved her oo so much!!

In the morning Claire's mom came down stairs and took me in her arms and slowly went to the litterbox and she put me in litterbox to go to the washroom and she patiently waited until I was done then she took me in her arms and walked downstairs and I licked claire's mom to say thank you.

My mom came down stairs after she was done eating and done getting ready for school, then she sat beside the chair and stroked my head, I could see that she was said cause I could see tears coming down her face, I licked my mom tried to tell her I was going to be okay.then she fixed my tent and headed upstairs and she left for school.

A while later claire's mom came and got me and placed me in her van left for the Vet, at the vet my doctor who I met awhile back placed me on a table that had this big eye staring at me, and the vet took an X-ray of me to see what is wrong. claire's mom held me in her arms while we looked at this picture that looked like a strange kitten that I have not seen before.

The vet saw from the x-ray that I had broken my arm at the shoulder and called the hospital that Specializes in cats for my surgery.
claire's mom gave me to my vet but I meewed and meewed calling to her to bring me home, but I could see that it pained claire's mom to see me crying for her as tears crawled down her face as I struggled to get free as I longed to be in her arms.

the vet took me away as I meewed for her to not leave me, but then she was gone. I think that maybe she had to leave to tell my mommy that I was going for surery and I could just imagine what is going through her head and I could see tears come crawling down her face as well.

The vet drove me to the cat hospital where had to spend a few days there, since i am very young of age I heard that it would be risky for me..

I hoped that it would not be long until Im back in my mommies arms where I belong!!!
my mom Wishes me well, I just know it!!


Home I come

January 26th 2008 3:03 pm
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I was bought at a local pet store called Little critters,I was bought by my owners mother and sister for a surprize for my owner.I remember as if it was yesterday, my owner was sent out to walk Brandi so that i could come home and get settled in before i was given to my owner. the smell was overwelming with the sent of a dog and an other cat.
The mother and the sisters heard my owner come in so Jill my owners big sister held me and put me behind her back so that i would not be sceen from the enternce of the house. The mother took the dog and put Brandi in the back room, my new owner walked by wondering what was going on when Jill tried to show me to my owner but my nail got caught on her shirt and had her braces taken off that day and my owner was admarring her teeth.

Jill Finally got me free and showed me to my new owner and i saw the smile that appeared quite fast and came across her face, then she took me in her arms and thanked her mom and the family for the wonderful present.
Now come the hard part of coming home and having an animal family already present.First i met Rooie and that was fine rooie sniffed sniffed me
which was fine,but alittle scary, then came the time to meet Brandi who was held by her owner but i wanted no part in it so i fissed and hid under the moveable cubboard in the dinning room and i just managed to squezze under it and i got stuck and meewed for help they got me free and i was vey happy to be in my owners arms again.
My owners name which i learned quite quickly was Claire.
After claires other sister named Robyn took me from my mom so that she could get her bedroom prepared for the night and tomorrow which i would spend in her room until she got home and was able to sirprovise me with my new family members.When she was done my mommy came and snuggled with me for the whole time spent in front of the tv and before we went to bed.
My mommy didnt know what name was the best for me so she asked for the help of her sisters and they came up together with the name Rosie which after a day with that name i had grown into not they way you think but because of the love i have for my mommy and the smiles i bring a cross my families face when i play with a sponky attatude.
When it came to go to bed my mommy held me in her arms so gently and i curled up in her arms at looked at her with the love i had for he in my eyes.
then she got into bed and then she layed me right be side her pillow and i fell right asleep until Robyn came into our room and wanted to spent the night with me too so claire got her sleeping bag and slept in robyns room for my first night at home so that i would like robyn as much as i do my moomy becuase robyn is my god parent in case anything happens to my mommy, which i hope i spend my rest of my life with my mommy because my mommy and i know that i am very attached to claire. good night

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