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My New Wings!

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An update from brofur Buddee

September 24th 2009 4:15 pm
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Just wanted to share the diary entry for my brofur Buddee on his paw. He wants effuryone to know he appreciates and loves them. Here's his entry:

I just want to say thank you once again to all that have been purring and purraying for me to get better!!! I am almost back to normal with my foot. I still favor it a bit and will hold it up or fold it under when I'm sitting or eating. I still am limping a bit, but nowhere near as badly as I was and sometimes it is not even noticeable unless you look closely.

I owe effuryone a huge thank you and want you all to know that me and my Meowma and furamily love you all!

Purrs and Love,



Please Read!

September 18th 2009 11:54 am
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Meowma and my earth brofur, Buddee, would like you to all read his latest diary entry. He could use some purrs and I am sprinkling some healing angel dust for him as Meowma types this for me.

Thank you all!

Starr Baby


Watching over my sisfurs on their birthday today!

May 18th 2009 5:34 am
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I'm watching my two remaining fursibling sisfurs as they celebrate their 10th birthday today! I would have been 10 too if, well, we won't go there on this happy day for Blaze and Little Blaze. If anyone wants to know about me and my brofur and other two sisfurs all they have to do is read my story.

In any case, the angel dust I sprinkle is for my sisfurs on earth and Meowma who so dearly loves us. Happiness is all I wish for them and the peace and contentment they so deserve.

Happy Birthday Blaze and Little Blaze!!! I'll poke Meowma so she'll give you more treats and lots of well deserved love today.

Purrs and Nose Noogies,



Purrlease effuryone!

April 27th 2009 8:52 am
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That reads my diary, purrlease purr and purray for my earth sisfur Patches! She's been to the vet last week and has been on antibiotics for a week for a bladder infection. This morning she left a few drops in the litter box before going outdoors and it had blood in it. Apparently the antibiotics aren't doing the needed work. In any case, the pawrents are really strapped for cash and can't really afford to take her back so Meowma is going to try double dosing for a day or two. She's indoor/outdoor and almost impossible to keep in to watch her during the day. She terrorizes all the other cats if she does. She's eating and drinking and otherwise acting normally, except for this.

Please purr for my earth sisfur!!!

Starr *sprinkling his healing angel dust on home and sisfur*


Thank you HQ!!!

April 14th 2009 5:29 am
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I am a DDP today and it made Meowma so happy, she cried tears of joy and love! I'm so happy too and I'm poking Meowma to make another writing very soon! She made one yesterday for my earth sisfur Puff which she put in her diary, so if anyone wants to read it, just go to Puff's page.

Woohooooooo!!! DDP!!! I love it! Thank you all for making my day a terrific one!

Purrs and Love,



Thank you so much for all the approvals!

April 9th 2009 8:08 am
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After posting the story Meowma wrote for me yesterday, I've been busy answering pmails and messages in group mails and Meowma's been busy with answering her emails about it too MOL! We are both so very happy that everyone liked it! Thank you all for your feedback and letting Meowma know she truly does have some talent with words. She got one email from a friend that said she could see this unfolding in her mind's eye and that Meowma should make a children's book of it with illustrations! Needless to say, Meowma cried with happiness on that letter, but she also could see it in her mind's eye and just the type of illustrations she'd use.

**Note from Meowma Cheri**

I am so grateful and thankful to all of you that have written to let me know that you liked my writing. I almost didn't post it and then thought, what better way to find out if everyone liked it, so I posted. It's also posted in three others diaries and I have a personal Catster friend that is going to post it on her cat's pages too.

Once again, thank you everyone for your stamp of approval!

**End Note**

Meowma, I love you! I know you will never forget me and my siblings and we will finally be together again one day. Until then? I am with you always and will be watching over you.

Starr Baby


For Pawrents All Over the World!

April 8th 2009 8:16 am
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After much deliberation and some input from some dear furriends, Meowma has decided to let me post a short story written in honor of me and all the beloved pets that are lost everywhere. She has been dealing with guilt issues surrounding my and my siblings losses and this is her therapy. Here it is:

Our Shining Star

A bright star shone in the night sky above, twinkling strongly. It seemed to get brighter as the night wore on. As the humans
struggled with a way to tell their children that their beloved animal was gone to the Bridge, the tears sparkled as they fell from their eyes. They looked to the heavens and saw the bright star glittering and watched as it got stronger.

They exchanged glances, wondering, then both smiled at each other. Walking hand in hand, they returned to the room where the children were. Slowly they all joined hands and bowed their heads, for the children already knew in their hearts what had happened and why their parents were so teary eyed.

They all lifted their heads and looked at each other, then one by one went out to see that bright shining star. One child said, "Look! There are many other bright stars too! Are those other animals that have passed over the Bridge?" The father said, in all honesty, that he didn't know, but he knew the one very bright one was their pet.

Mustering the strength to ask, the youngest of the children asked how his father knew that. The father replied, "All pets pass over the Bridge and become a star of love in our hearts and stay with us throughout our time here on earth. When it is our time to go, we will meet up again with our pets and be together for eternity. They watch over us from day to day in all that we do and in little ways, make sure that we know that they are there." The child sweetly looked at his mother and
father and sister and said, "That makes me feel better knowing Twofer is up there and watching me. I'll watch him too whenever I see that bright star or hear the wind blow a certain way or the sun shines brightly on his patch of carpet." The mother was amazed at the child's heartfelt words, but also knew in her heart that he was right.

The moral of this little story is this. Yes, we do feel pain when we lose that beloved pet and yes, it does so hurt us. But the pet, no matter what kind, is happy and feels no pain and runs free as it did as a young one. They are always with us, no matter what we do or say, watching over us from above over that beautiful Rainbow Bridge, waiting for us to join them so we can all be together with them again. The pain will lessen with time, as it should be, but the memories will stay forever in your heart and bring a smile to your face when you least expect it. Cherish those memories as long as you live! I do!

Written with love for her shining Starr by
Cheri Petitt
April 8, 2009


A Tribute Poem

March 24th 2009 6:24 am
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I was going to let my earth sisfur post this to her diary, but I think it much more fitting for me to do so. Meowma is thinking TweeKee will post it too. This little poem was written by an unknown author but it sure does pack a punch and says just what needs to be said when we lose a beloved pet. This goes out to all the furs we've lost recently and to anyone else that needs it.

Feel no guilt in laughing

I know how much you care

Feel no sorrow in a smile

That I’m not there to share.

You cannot grieve forever

I do not want you to

I’d hope that you would carry on

The way you always do.

So talk about the good times

And the ways you showed you cared

The days we spent together

All the happiness we shared.

Let the memories surround you

A word someone may say

Will suddenly recapture

A time, an hour, a day.

That brings me back as clearly

As though I was still here

And fills you with the feelings

That I am always near

For if you keep those memories

We will never be apart

And I will live forever

Locked safe within your heart

Love and Purrs,



An Anonymous Giftie!

March 13th 2009 7:23 am
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I know not who, but someone just sent me an "anonymous" forever emerald and said "you are forever loved"! I just want them to know I appreciate it and whoever it may be, know that you are loved too! This has really made mine and Meowma's day! Thank you anonymous giver!

Purrs of Love,

Starr Baby and Meowma Cheri


Meowma's having a rough day!

March 10th 2009 8:21 am
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I keep telling my Meowma that I'm with her all the time, in her memories and in her heart, but she's having a very rough day of it. I and my fursiblings, Ebony, Nova and Hitler are all here at the Bridge and know how much Meowma loved us and how much guilt she feels. We keep telling her it's not her fault, but she just can't seem to get past it and deal with it. She cries so much for us! We love you Meowma!!! We will be together again one day, but for now please just share all that love and compassion with others that need you too! You already do, but more can only make it better.

It's beautiful up here and the love just abounds so much! We are all well and enjoying ourselves, so you should too and not cry and hurt so very much. We will never forget you as you will never forget us. You were there at our birth and named each of us as we appeared. We romped and played with you and trusted and loved you more than any other human. We are still your babies and will continue to live on in your heart and all the good memories. All of us are showering you with our special healing angel dust so we can try to help you through your guilt and make you smile with us again.

We love you Meowma!

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