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From Beneath The Chair

Itchies and Tummies

September 3rd 2010 3:29 am
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If I could, I'd like to ask for some purrs. My hubby, Feisal is having some problems. His tummy and he haven't been on the best terms with each other for some time. Now a small lump has been found in his neck. His mom is working hard with the vet to find answers to both of these problems so my handsome ruddy boy can be well again. He'll likely be going on predisone, or a variation, to try to help. There's a chance it's the C word, but I'm not thinking about that.

And now to me. Mama and Aunt Debbie hemmed me up in the hall last week and packed me into my soft-sided carrier to take me to the vet. I've got a bald spot about the size of a half-dollar on my back at the base of my tail. It had little bumps and scabs on it. Mama hadn't seen me doing any unusual grooming, so the spot was a surprise! I was terribly uncooperative with the vet so the only examining done was to the spot at my tail and one mama found while at the vet! This was a scabbed place on the back of my neck under my collar. This one wasn't an itchy though, just a spot. Well, mama insisted SHE do any holding necessary of me because of my attitude (I took extra on this trip). I've bloodied more than one tech and she didn't want that to happen again, plus it's mama... I'm obviously going to do better with her holding me down. Then they brought a tech in, male. Mama learned something for sure that day. I do NOT like human men!! As soon as he spoke, I started growling!! Mama told him to back up and tucked my face into the crook of her arm to calm me a bit. Then the torture started.

Mama held me down, though I didn't struggle badly, for the lady vet to first scrape the spot on my neck. She took an impression slide, skin scraping and fur. Then to the spot at my tail. Mama didn't think to prepare herself before the scraping started. You see, this is a VERY itchy spot for me! VERY!! When the vet started scraping with the little blade, I started licking. As some of you may know, serious itching calls for that little nibble we all do. Know what I'm talking about? Your humans probably giggle or laugh when you do it, right? Mama does. When I cut loose nibbling on her arm she broke out laughing so bad, people were coming to look in the door... MOL!!! She had a couple of really nice blood blisters on there when I was done and what looked like a little string of hickeys... hehehe... More slides and samples were taken from that spot too. The slides showed something unusual that the vet couldn't identify, small round 'things'. She said she was going to do some research to try to ID them. She also found a very slight bit of infection so I got an antibiotic. I make a terrible noise like I'm being murdered when mama doses me, but I won't take it in food or anything. But I do get treats after. ^~~^ The fur samples were sent off for fungal culturing. Can you say $$$? Wow! I'm not as expensive as Gaia, but I'm getting there... mol! If this doesn't find anything, allergy testing is next.

As I'm late putting all this in here, there's a slight update. Not quite a week after I was at the vet, mama DID see me biting and pulling at a spot on my back! This was the first time!! She called to inform the vet and the next day picked me up to examine the spot more carefully. Just as she was looking a FLEA ran across!! Well, needless to say we ALL got our Revolution doses a day earlier than mama had intended. But I'm still itchy and nibbling, though not pulling at the fur like I was, so far as mama has seen. Likely I'll be on the SAME medicine my dear hubby may be starting too. Stuff mama has read says a severe flea allergy can sometimes be treated with a short course of steroids for relief and to let the skin start healing. The vet is supposed to call when the tests come in and we'll know where to go from there.

I think this is the most I've EVER said at one time... MOL!! Thanks if you managed to stay with me this far and please keep my hubby and I in your purrs!!


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Purred by: FEISAL (R.I.P. 26 AUGUST 2011) (Catster Member)

October 26th 2010 at 11:57 am

I've gained a whole pound as of today my deariest love!

Abys can't be defeated!
Purred by: FEISAL (R.I.P. 26 AUGUST 2011) (Catster Member)

October 26th 2010 at 11:57 am

I've gained a whole pound as of today my deariest love!

Abys can't be defeated!
Purred by: Zilla *ILM* (Catster Member)

October 26th 2010 at 8:12 pm

I've probably found it... mol!!! Glad you've gained a bit!! Hoping your poop issues are better too... maybe you can get into Newman's book with your story! ^~~^
Purred by: FEISAL (R.I.P. 26 AUGUST 2011) (Catster Member)

October 27th 2010 at 5:55 am

Newman? Book?

I'm home now & feeling frisky! I even made some helpful comments during their staff meeting! The docs should hear from their patients. Purrhaps I could be instrumental in setting up a Board of Cat Directors ... humm ...

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