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An Old Feline's Few Thoughts

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April 10th 2008 2:13 am
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Mama wanted us to put this in all our diaries.
We've got so many friends who are sick or
who've gone to the bridge. Remember, time
is a precious thing, no matter how you look
at it. Make sure you tell those close to you
how much you love them while you can. If
you do that, there are no regrets to be had.
I love all of you my friends!

"Time is too slow for those who wait, too
swift for those who fear, too long for those
who grieve, too short for those who rejoice,
but for those who love, time is eternity."
-- Henry Van Dyke



April 9th 2008 2:22 pm
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This is going to be a kind of gross entry... mol!!!

Mama started me on only the Wellness turkey
about two weeks ago now. A furriend suggested
I might have IBD and that's why I always have
diarrhea. Well, she decided to have me go grain
free and chose the Wellness and picked turkey
cuz the ingredient list looked like what she
wanted me to have.

She followed me to the litterbox today.
(Observing bathroom habits is MY job, not hers!)
She finally saw me poop... and there was a shape
to it!!!!!!! Do you KNOW what a miracle this is?!?!
She's so thrilled this food is working for me!!!
I've got poop with a shape!! Woo hoo!! Yay!!!
She even thinks my colour looks better... she says
my white is brighter... hehehe... ~blush~


Heated Bed Joy

March 31st 2008 4:06 pm
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I have finally discovered what all the fuss
is about! After some coaxing and a blanket
that already had my smell on it, I am now
sleeping, sans blanket, in my brand new
heated bed!!! It's sooo warm and toasty!! It
feels so wonderful on these creaky little
bones! Yay!


Birthday Party! (late)

March 29th 2008 2:49 pm
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Well, my birthday was on the 15th so it's
about time!!! We had all our human family
over and it was stressful! Before it was over,
I'd yowl and meow if anyone even LOOKED
at me. Once again, I let myself get all tensed
up and my hips started bothering me...
needless to say, I'm currently curled in my
favourite spot... mama's warming the new
heated bed with a book. ^~~^

We got lots of cool stuff. There's a play center,
a cat wheel, a feather wand, a huge blue feather
boa, a glove with toys dangling from the fingers,
catnip bubbles, a heated bed, a Morgan's bed, a
huge fleece blanket, a Tranquility Blanket, a
catnip body pillow, some cat food for Taillee,
little catnip pirate pillows, pipe cleaner toys
and a snuggle sack. So much stuff!! Mama
spoils us... we may have forgotten something
we got so much! Mama will post pics as she
gets us with stuff. ^~~^

She won't let us have the pipe cleaner toys
though... as soon as she handed Lilly one she
started chewing and pulling on it and mama's
scared we'll hurt ourselves on the metal in it...
we'll have to beg for those I guess!

Pictures of the food and presents are at the
following link... others will be added... %20Catster/Birthday%20Party/



March 28th 2008 5:14 am
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I get my heated bed tomorrow!!!!! I've been
sitting on the wrapped box, so mama guesses
I already know which one it is. I can't wait!!
Efurryone else has been sitting on it too... they
think they're going to hijack that warm,
snuggly bed from me... mama keeps telling me
even if I don't have teeth, I've got claws I can
use... might just put that to the test tomorrow...


Happy St Patrick's Day!

March 17th 2008 11:48 am
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Happy St Patrick's Day to all my friends!
Hope everyone's got their green on! I've
enjoyed my green page, but I'm looking
forward to something new... maybe mama
will give me an easter page!!

I got a few more happy birthday wishes too
from Feista Cat, Felix and Thomas!
Thanks so much!

I sent my holiday rosette to my friend
Matilda. I do purr she's feeling better. She's
such a sweet old girl, like me!!


More Pressies!

March 16th 2008 4:25 pm
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I got some MORE stuff today! Yay! I
got a rose from my sweet friend Matilda,
a clover from Wally with a neat happy
birthday picture and a pretty flower from
Tyler, Caney Cat, Katrina, Missy, Fifi,
Pooh and Lucy!

Thank you so much for thinking of me

Oh... had to come back for an addition...
I just got some beautiful flowers from
Martin, Amelia, Vincent, Hugo, Matthew
and Francis!! Thank you so much!!!



March 15th 2008 7:53 pm
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I turned 18 today! I got lots of loving
from mama and Brian and all the
Tender Moments treats I wanted!!!

I got lots of nice things from my friends
here too! I got party hats from Elsa and
Scooter, a cupcake from Isaac, ladybugs
from Mr Skins, Princess Pennelope,
Alexandria, Spinner and Lucy Lui, KC,
Mittens, Abby, Pete and Jennifer, and
Samoa, Violet, Gleek, Spunky, Sugar and
Calvin, a clover from Rascal, a little hat
from Patchez, Kujo, Hooch, Precious,
Prince, Princess, Mojo, Clawdia, Callista,
Cassidy, Sunflower, Clawdette and Fire,
a rose from Arnold P and a heart from Ko,
Taz, Jacob, Flinders, Susie, Boots and

I got messages from Lucky and Squirrel,
Mittens, Alex and Max.

Whew!! I got lots and lots of nice stuff!
Thank you all so much!!! Y'all have made
this my bestest birthday yet!!!

And Arnold, I really DO allow mama to
hold me like that without fuss... mol!!!



March 11th 2008 9:18 pm
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I want my bed!! I know I'll have to wait
until the birthday party to actually get
it, but I want it here! I wanna sniff and
rub on the box... I wanna let my sisters
know it will be MINE!!


A Bed!

March 7th 2008 6:46 am
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I'm getting a bed! I know what one of my
birthday presents will be! I'm getting a
heated bed! Yay!! It's got low sides and it
looks all soft and smushy and comfy!! It's a
ThermoNest bed... in mocha... oh, I can't
wait to curl up in it!!! I hope I enjoy it as
much as I've seen other kitties enjoy theirs!
Scooter and several others say it's ok to
leave it on when mama leaves so I'll have
a nice warm place to rest while she's at
work. ^~~^ Yay~

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