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An Old Feline's Few Thoughts

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For Our Friends

May 8th 2008 1:14 pm
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For any who are in our friends list, we've
made some tags for you! One for the girls
and one for the boys. This will also let us
know who reads our diaries if you send us
a pmail... next time we'll limit it to those
who respond cuz this is A LOT of typing
for mama!!

If we've gotten anyone's name on the
wrong kind of tag, just let us know... we
tried to make sure we looked to be sure,
but we may have goofed a couple.

Also, if you want your name on the
opposite tag, we can do that for you too!
Isaac, we weren't sure which you'd like so
we just made the boy one... let us know if
you'd like the girl one too!!

Thanks so much to all of you for being our

Here's the link to the album to pick up your

Girls and Boys




May 7th 2008 10:45 pm
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My album was next on mama's cleaning
list... ~sigh~ While my purring continues,
some of the photos aren't there anymore.
And she took out some of the less than
perfect shots she'd just put in cuz they
were cute... mol!! I'm not too much of a
camera ham so no idea when I'll get more
put in.

I've entered the newest contest in Shades
of Gray. This month it's portrait pictures.
Mama entered the really pretty one she
snapped of me sitting so very lady-like
on the arm of the couch. ^~~^

I'm temporarily off my Wellness. Mama's
still trying to get the shipping time right.
She'd changed it, but turns out it wasn't
soon enough and I'm out. I've got a few
cans of Newman's Own... hopefully it won't
take too long to get here. Mama's going to
change the shipping date again... she can't
believe I can go through a whole case in
barely over two weeks!! Normally, I only
eat once a day, but I guess with this new
stuff and the fact it's added a little bit of
weight to me, I'm going to be upping that!!


She Forgot!

May 2nd 2008 11:36 am
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I don't like mama taking her diet medicine.
She doesn't want to eat and as a by-product,
she forgot about me today!!! I usually get
my Wellness when she sits down to eat...
well, she hasn't eaten today sooooo...... you
can guess. She went into the kitchen a few
minutes ago and I followed her and gave her
my best MEOW!! As soon as I spoke, she
realized she'd forgotten. She's been petting me
and talking to me all day... how could she
forget?!?!? Stuffing my face now!!



April 29th 2008 5:56 am
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Why is it these children around me find such
joy in tormenting me? And playing! Sheesh!
I'd think Kittanna would be above that at her
age, but noooo... she'll go nuts of that feather
teaser thingy too! Brian was over yesterday for
a bit and he spent more time playing with them
with that teaser than petting me! What's WRONG
with that picture!?!? Do they not realize I'm
supposed to be the center of attention of ANY
visitor in the house??? ~sigh~ Sometimes I miss
being an only cat...


This is a Best Friends Member Message

April 26th 2008 9:20 am
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Please help

One of our adopters was traveling and her cat that she adopted from us got out!

According to Rosalie, Kanabatha got out when they were going to walk their dog. The side of the interstate is heavily wooded there, but houses are not too far off.

They were on Highway 95 near Savannah, GA

They were south of 16 and the next exit was Macon, they were pretty close to where 95 & 16 meet. batha.jpg

The cats name is Kanabatha. She will answer to her name. She is a domestic black and white shorthair and was wearing a collar with Best Friends ID # 16019,and BFIS # 11093 and microchip # 097856264
Our phone number is on the tag.

If you have Kanabatha or have seen her please contact Rosalie at (pmail for us for the number if you have info).

You can also help by posting this flyer in your neighborhead and making sure your local pound, vets, shelters and rescues have a copy.

Thanks members. We are making a difference one animal at a time.



April 20th 2008 2:18 pm
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Well, mama thought I looked less skinny so
she decided to check. She hated seeing what
she weighs, but that's the only way to check
me... one weight holding me, one not and do
the math.

I've gained about 6 ounces!!! Her scale isn't
that precise, but I only weighed 6 1/2 and it's
at least 7 now!!!! Not only has the Wellness
grain-free helped with the diarrhea, I'm not
so scrawny anymore!!! Yay!!!


Please Read and Vote!!

April 20th 2008 5:57 am
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Some very sweet friends of ours are in a contest
of sorts. Their dad is finally getting out of the
military and will be home with them all!! They
are in a contest sponsered by Bahama Breeze to
win a Caribbean vacation. It would be such a
wonderful welcome home for their dad after
being overseas and so far away from them.

The contest runs until May 12. We've been told
you can vote once per day, but we've yet to be
able to cast our second vote so we're wanting to
get the word out as far as we can in hopes they'll
get lots and lots of votes and win!!!!

The kitties are Macchiato and Leila. Here is their
family's contest entry.

A Much Needed Caribbean Escape


Items On "Sale"

April 16th 2008 3:43 am
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Mama's going to start paring down the
stuff available in our group. If you're
interested, please visit/apply to our

♥Card Maker and More!♥

She's going to be getting rid of items in
the following catagories:

Blank Choice
Group Name
Group and Member Name

Requests may be made in the thread in the
group titled "Sale Items". Instructions are
in the thread. Items will be removed
from availability on May 16, 2008.



Don't Wanna

April 13th 2008 2:35 am
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I don't wanna go to the vet. :'( But it looks like
I'm not going to be able to avoid it. ~sigh~ I've
always had a squinty left eye. The vet has never
worried about it because any discharge has
always been very minor (if there's any at all).
Well, the last day or two, I'm barely keeping the
eye open. Mama tried the antibiotic cream, but
it hasn't made any difference. Now, it looks a
little swollen right under the eye. Mama doesn't
know if it's something that may have been wrong
with my eye and just now showed up or if Lilly's
extra energetic attacks lately have maybe caught
my eye or surrounding area.

So mama's going to call the vet's office and see if
our vet is in on Tue or Wed. I don't travel well AT
ALL! It aggravates my hip condition... and I'm not
a happy kitty when I'm in pain. And mama tends to
need bandaids. She's going to look into another med
for my hips too. She's always been very cautious
about giving me the Metacam that was prescribed...
but the worry has gotten worse lately, so she's going
to see if there's something else I can take.

I'm going to need some purrs for the trip as well as
for my eye if any of my friends can spare them.
Purrs and fuzzy hugs to all of you!



April 11th 2008 1:21 am
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Oh, that child! Lilly is the complete bane
of my existence!! There I was... resting
quietly on the couch, minding my own
business. All of a sudden this orange and
black blur streaks onto the arm of the
couch and scares me half to death!!
Suddenly there I am off the edge of the
couch hanging by one claw in the blanket
and my heart pounding like crazy! That
cat should be removed from my previously
calm and quiet domicile immediately!!!!

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