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An Old Feline's Few Thoughts

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August 24th 2008 2:21 am
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For an old gal who sleeps almost all the time
I sure get a lot of attention! And this is a good
thing cuz I LOVES attention!! MOL!!! Many
thanks to all who've left me gifts and sent
messages!! Hope I don't miss anyone!!!

I've gotten new collars from...

Lucifer, BL, Muffin, Mattie, ChickenBob,
MiniMe, Skittles, Shadow, Leroy Jenkins,
Sami, Stevie Ray and Grandma Cat


Bruno, Clifford, Zachary, Citrus, Snow,
Simon, Bart(angel), Bart, Punkin, Felix
and Lady

Killer, Spike, Pudge, Morticia, Lydia Bella
and Morris (gots two!)

I got a rose from Alfie (that I missed when
it came!! Sorry!), a rose from Cassidy, a
heart from Minxy, a beachball from Matilda
and a steak from Precious.

In case you don't know, Matilda and Precious
could be TWINS!!! And they're both so sweet!

Many thanks from an old lady surprised at
finding herself with so many who care!


Yay! Toy Pulled!/NO WAIT!

August 22nd 2008 12:25 am
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We're leaving our original diary intact, but this has turned out to be wrong. It seems that in 2005, a dog owner had the SAME problem but she lost her doggy because of the damage she suffered. Back then FourPaws promised the same thing... to pull the toys and fix the design flaw. Guess we see how big business is done... placate with words and don't do ANYTHING!!!!

We are SO glad that FourPaws has decided to pull those bad toys talked about in our diaries yesterday!! We're guessing they got LOTS of emails about how it doesn't matter if it's one dog or one thousand. :) They found the flaw in the toy that doesn't let air in to prevent the suction that caused poor Chai's pain. Still... if you know someone who may already have one, be sure they're warned!


Dangerous Dog Toy!

August 21st 2008 4:08 pm
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We read this in the Pawsee's diary and thought
it WELL worth passing on!! Mama couldn't
bring herself to watch the videos... the pictures
were bad enough. This company should realize
that even a few dogs going through this is
enough to remove a toy!! PLEASE!! If you have
a dog with one of these toys or know someone
who does, take it away!!

Chai's Story


Picture Tag Offer II

August 18th 2008 6:55 am
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This little tag won't have your name, but
you can show off whichever picture you
like and just maybe feel inspires your
mom and/or dad! Just pmail us if you'd
like one and let us know which picture
you want in it!! Thanks!!! MyCat/MyCat.jpg


80 doggies... just... gone...

August 17th 2008 7:55 am
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Henry was checking in on his friends and
saw this posted in the Dogster Blog... if you
live in Pennsylvania and/or love doggies,
please make sure your legislators know this
is unacceptable!!!

Post from Dogster Blog:
What is wrong with people? Seriously. I just came across this story and was reminded of the depths to which humanity can go.

Two Berks County commercial kennel operators shot and killed 80 dogs after dog wardens ordered some of the animals be examined by veterinarians, state dog law enforcement officials said Tuesday.

And because they broke no current Pennsylvania law by slaughtering the dogs, animal advocates and some lawmakers are outraged.

Elmer Zimmerman of Kutztown shot 70 dogs after an inspection last month, officials of the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement said.

His brother, Ammon Zimmerman, operator of a kennel next door, shot 10 of his own dogs, officials said.

These are kennel owners! You’d think they were in this profession because they love animals. How naive of me to think that. It’s all about the dollar.

“We went out on July 24 and inspected Elmer’s kennel. There were various kennel violations we said we’d be citing them for, and the warden ordered vet checks on 39 dogs,” said Jessie Smith, deputy secretary of the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement. “(Elmer Zimmerman) told the warden, ‘I think I’m going out of business.’ We suggested that he surrender the dogs, but he was not agreeable to that. Then he called the warden back over the weekend and said he shot the dogs.”

He brutally shot them because he couldn’t afford to take care of them. Why not just give them up?

Still, she said she doesn’t know why the Zimmermans chose to kill their breeder dogs rather than turn them over to any of the dozens of shelters, rescue groups and others willing to take even sick and ailing animals discarded by commercial breeding kennels.

“Unfortunately, under current law, kennel owners may kill their dogs for any reason, even if it is simply to save money,” H.B. 2525’s prime sponsor Rep. James E. Casorio Jr. of Westmoreland County wrote in a Friday press release in response to the Zimmerman killings.

The incident has outraged animal advocates and strengthened resolve of backers of House Bill 2525, which seeks to improve life for dogs living in the state’s commercial breeding kennels. H.B. 2525 includes a provision that would prohibit commercial breeders from shooting their own dogs by requiring euthanization by a veterinarian.

If you live in Pennsylvania, let your local representative know that you support this legislation.


Picture Tag Offer

August 10th 2008 9:55 pm
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Every so often, we've made little tags with
our friends names... but we hear about so
few being picked up. Instead of doing so
many this time, we're just going to make
an offer to those of our friends and corral
who read our diaries. ^~~^

Mama's made two things... one is a picture
frame. It's linked below. You can pmail
us with which picture from your page you
would like in it and mama will put it in
the frame and put your name in the little
blue disk. ^~~^

Sunny Day Frame

Mama also made a little something just
for making notes or announcements on
your page. Just pmail us and tell us what
you'd like written on it. You name will go in
the blue disk on that one too.

Sunny Day Notes

Many thanks to you all for reading our
diaries and keeping up with us!!!


Thank yous

August 5th 2008 5:18 am
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Finally... mama lets me get around to
MY thanks... sheesh... at least I get to
get mine down before that fluffball...

I got some sweet smelling flowers
from Rayne... a beach ball from Baxter
and a heart from Prince.

I've also gotten collars from the
following... going to have to put them
all up so Lilly doesn't steal them...
princessy little puffball...

Mira, Siger, Baeli, Molly, Radar and

Mr Skins, Princess Pennelope, Alexandria,
Spinner and Lucy Lui

KC Sunshine, Mittens, Abby, Pete and

Kay and Jean


Oliver, William, Eddie, Lily and Megan

Kane, Maynard, Peek-A-Boo, Frankenstein,
Bertie, demon, Rhiannon, Red, Bubba, Bill,
Sunny, Rascal, Nomo, Miriah, Fatman, Max
Nikita and Slivy


Smokey, Hazel, Pickles, Tuffy, Sammy
and Java

Patchez, Kujo, Hooch, Fire, Clawdia,
Clawdette, Prince, Princess, Precious,
Mojo, Callista, Cassidy, Sunflower, McDuff,
Hunter and Lancelot

Lily, Oingo, Boingo, Oreo, Odie, Tigger, Poo,
George, Chandon and Perky

Many thanks from this Olde Furt for
all those who think of me!!

I also got an annonymouse blue ribbon
and made sure I passed the message on!!


Pics Added!

July 25th 2008 10:19 pm
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Mama went through my pictures and
picked out a few to put back on my
page. ^~~^ I don't have as many as my
sisters since I spend most of my time
napping... us Olde Furts must keep our
strength up!


Dog Food Recall and Update

July 24th 2008 10:44 pm
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Kind of dull lately really... Lilly's been
laying off me a bit and tormenting
Kittanna more. But she still comes over
to bully me and hijack my nice, furry
heated bad... but I know when mama
sees her, she'll put her out and let me
have it back... hehehe... being the oldest
has advantages!

Mama ordered me my Wellness cat food
from a different company this last time.
When Wellness took the garlic out, the
formula made the consistency different
and it wasn't as easy for me to eat it. But
the stuff that came from another shipping
company is the original consistency I
remember but the ingredients are the new
ones... yay!! I wasn't too fond of the food
being so stiff... wasn't mushy and easy for
me to bite into. Now it is again and I can
happily pig out!! ^~~^

A friend of ours, Pie, posted about this
and we all wanted to spread the word... just
like the company we feel it's best to be on the
safe side!!

Timber Wolf Dog Food Recall


Tagged by Trinity for 5

July 22nd 2008 3:42 am
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Trinity tagged me!

List 5 things you really like then tag
5 friends to tell what they like too! Be
sure to let them know they're tagged!

1. I like my heated bed.
2. I like being pet a LOT!
3. I LOVE my Wellness turkey!!
4. I like mama's lap when I don't have
to share.
5. I kind of like Kittanna.


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