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An Old Feline's Few Thoughts

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Making the Dream

December 12th 2008 6:15 am
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We Can Make A Dream Come True

This is a private group. If you are a friend of kitties Alfie or Scruffy, please feel free to request an invite and join us in our dream efforts!!!




Open Thanksgiving Tag

November 26th 2008 4:20 pm
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Hooch tagged anyone who wanted to participate
so I'm jumping in!

List 5 things you're thankful for:

1. For every day I can walk and eat.
2. For every pet and scratch I can get.
3. For mama's job, even though she complains,
because it keeps good catfood in my bowl.
4. For all my wonderful Catster friends!!
5. For mama who loves me so much and didn't
listen when the shelter said "We don't have
any friendly ones"!

Anyone who wants to play feel free!!!


Female Pattern Baldness??

November 19th 2008 3:35 pm
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I had something sticky on my neck so mama took
me in the kitchen to get it off. While wiping, she
noticed I'm getting a bald spot!!!! OMC!! What
on earth is this?? The hair in front of my ears is
thin anyway (all of ours is except that fuzzy
Lilly). Well, between my left ear and eye, it's
noticably thin now! Mama looked and looked and
didn't see anything wrong with the skin or
anything on it. It doesn't feel any different than
the other side. I was thrilled with her scratching
it a bit but I enjoy ANY scratching... hehehe...
I do hope this doesn't spread!!


Some thanks

November 9th 2008 8:52 am
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Thought it was time I made mama let me in here
to give a few thanks for some cool rosettes and

I've gotten a pumpkin from Matilda and family,
a pumpkin from Sami, an acorn from Skinner,
a rose from Sausage and a white ribbon from
Whisper as prize for getting third place in a
Shades of Gray contest! My first win!! Yay!!

Thanks everyone for stopping by!!



October 11th 2008 10:55 am
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I've got THREE pictures in the Coolest Dog
and Cat contest!! I'm in the categories for
Sleeper (which I'm seriously good at), Sitting
Cat (yep, excel at that too) and Stretch
and Yawn (that comes between sleeping and
sitting). Please vote for me! And all my sisters
are in it too!! Probably even the dog!



October 6th 2008 2:45 pm
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Mama says I've got to stop getting into my
sisters food... my diarrhea has started to come
back and my weight is down again. She's
amazed how easily my weight fluctuates when
she knows it's hard for kitties to lose weight.
Guess I'm just weird like that... mol!!

Got some thank yous to make too... mama's
behind on all our diaries and is going to try to
get us all updated today. I've gotten a pirate
cat from Simon, a heart from Scooter, a rose
from Ollie, a blue ribbon from Skinner (who
needs lots of purrs!!) and collars from Muffin,
Callie Rose, Reece and Oliver and family.
Many thanks and purrs to you all for visiting
me and leaving me a little something!!!



September 19th 2008 3:15 pm
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Oh, mama how could you? Mama changed
the weight on my page. She caught me
sitting on the scales the other day. Well, SHE
swears those scales aren't right so why
does she believe it and change MY page?!
No way am I that big now... nuh uh. I'm
with her that those scales are wrong and
am lodging a protest!!! I do NOT weigh
nine pounds!!! I may not still be my teeny
6 pounds, but I'm not fat! I'm fluffy!!!!

AND she posted a video of me. You can
see that the weight I have gained (but NOT
three pounds!) is all up around my front
legs... weird... now I'm kind of top heavy...



September 18th 2008 3:08 am
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Mama noticed something when I rubbed on
her last night... my last "canine" is gone... I'm
now down to three teeth! There's a little one
on my top right, another little one on the bottom
left, both front, and a bit of a premolar still
showing, but mama thinks it's not a whole
tooth. And she STILL sometimes finds my
with my head in my sisters dry food... mol!!


Thank yous from 8-30

September 16th 2008 5:08 am
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I'm just now managing to get mama to help
me do my thank yous from when I got DDP
on August 30. ^~~^

Wally Forever Loved sent me a drink with
the badge for my special day! I've got it
proudly on my page now.

I also got rosettes from Samoa and family,
Kujo and Scooter. And I got gifts from Mr
Sam and the Pawsee. Thanks so much to
my friends who stopped by and sent messages
on my special day!

Just a side note... mama's trying to find a
way to easily keep up with the things our
friends give us so we can do a weekly thank
you type thing... she's just having a hard
time finding a good method... mol!! So from
me and the whole family, thanks so much to
all those who have sent us rosettes and messages
for whatever reason. We do read each one and
once mama finds a way to keep up with them,
we'll be able to get our thank yous ordered
and posted so you know how much we really
appreciate it!!!!



August 30th 2008 12:55 pm
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I'm a daily diary pick today!! Mama went out
this morning and bought me chicken! It's the
first time I've had just plain meat before and I
really didn't know what to do with it... mol! I
kept picking pieces out and walking off to eat
them... hehehe. I've gotten several lovely gifts
and messages... thank you so much! This is
such a surprise... mama expected Zilla to be
the next that would end up with it. Guess I
get to show the brat up. ^~~^

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