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An Old Feline's Few Thoughts

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November 2nd 2009 2:18 pm
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Mama caught me sitting on the scale the other day. She's now adjusted the weight on my page. Unless the scale is off, I'm down about a pound. It didn't look like it was even a tiny bit over 5 pounds this time. Guess age makes you slim down more than you need to. But I can still growl and run from my sisters and snuggle with mama so it's all good. ^~~^


In Memory

September 11th 2009 4:24 am
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We don't have a picture to put up today, but we're sending many purrs and lots of love in memory of those lost 9/11/2001. Our hearts go out to their friends and families.



August 25th 2009 4:08 pm
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She promised she wouldn't ever, EVER bring another cat in!! And what does she do? Brings in a KITTEN!!! The only good thing is I'm getting those seriously tasty green treats again!! I'll have to focus on the good and pretend I do not hear a teeny tiny meow from mama's room... focus REALLY hard...

(Taillee doesn't know her pain meds are in those tasty treats. At the first whiff she went nuts and this means pain. While I detest having to do it, she's back on the pain meds I did NOT want to give her. Hopefully it'll be very short term and she'll get use to yet another interloper in her home.)


Here we go again...

August 17th 2009 8:14 am
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Mama's looking at foods again...

My sisters are now eating Now! grain free. I nibble on it, but not enough to be really considered eating. It's a weight management/senior formula so it's ok for me, but...

I'm currently eating a mixture regularly. It's half canned food (Friskies) and half babyfood. Mama's not happy with it though... so now she's looking at homemade.

But where to find a recipe? The ones she's looked at so far all have something or other in them she doesn't want me to have. Nothing raw... I don't go for raw at all and mama doesn't like the chance of various bacteria and such. No onion, garlic, etc. Anyone got any good websites or recipes? Mama appears to stink at finding stuff... she never seems to search with the right combination or just never hits on the right site...


Water Fountain Advice

July 22nd 2009 6:38 pm
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My sisters aren't very happy with me right now. When I went to the vet, she said the bumps on my chin may be from the new Catit water fountain, since it's plastic. Mama put down a ceramic bowl hoping I'd use it, but alas... seems I've come to like that Catit fountain. So, mama just took it up and washed it to put away.

Is there any other way to deal with this? Maybe it being washed with soap and water it'll be ok again? I've never had an issue with plastic dishes. Currently, my food is served in ceramic bowls, but the dry was always in plastic. Our water bowl was metal, but mama's pretty sure it used to be a plastic one too.

Has anyone had this problem and went back to plastic? It's so nice to have that quiet flow of filtered water. The movement and filter keep it fresher and it holds a good bit of water (lots of refilling bowls with four kitties in the house!).

Mama's expecting next time she goes in the kitchen to find Kittanna sitting where the fountain was and staring at her...



July 14th 2009 1:15 am
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I got music now! Mama usually only puts it on my page on special occasions, but she thought she'd add me a little player to keep! It's got birthday music... mol! Our birthday music that is. It's the number one songs on the days each of us was born. Mama thought it would be a neat idea for music for me... she tries to make the music something appropriate for each of us. Zilla's got attitude so she's got more metal-type music, Kittanna's the darling so she got the Fullmetal Alchemist music. Henry and Tigger are both angels so their songs are kind of sad, loving songs. I'm glad I've got something of my own now! It's not on autoplay so if you want to listen, you'll have to push the play button. My player is a cute little kitty with a boom box!!


Vet Visit

July 13th 2009 8:32 am
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I AM MAD!! Hissing mad!! Literally! I get slid into a carrier and popped into the car and taken to the vet! Just cuz I've got a stupid bump on my chin and my ears are icky. Sheesh. The ear thing is bacterial otitis. Got drops to get for that. The vet thinks the chin issue is a reaction to the water fountain mama got us... maybe my skin doesn't agree with a plastic water dish. Mama's put down a ceramic one as well and hopes I'll use it. I was never that fond of the fountain anyway... here's hoping we don't have to stop using the fountain.

Mama asked about a pain medication for me. She knew I'd be hurting pretty bad from going down there and she doesn't want me back on metacam since we've heard such bad things about it. The vet said there wasn't anything else to give cats. When mama asked about possible kidney issues, the vet said it was approved in Europe, just not FDA approved here. That might just be for a GOOD reason!! So I'll just have to be ill and hurting for a day or so until I get rid of the tension from the car trip. I've got lots of nice little places to hide though so it'll be ok.

Mama let me get the rabies shot cuz the vet said the kind they have isn't one that causes VAS... something about there being aluminum in the dilutant used for the other one and that being connected to cancer.

All in all, not my happiest day of late.


Can you love another kitty? Please?

May 19th 2009 1:10 am
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Do you have room in your heart for another kitty? Or know someone who needs some furry love?

Our Aunt Debbie adopted Smudge from the family of Teal'c. He's adjusted beautifully. There have been seven adopted from this family and they're all wonderful, loving kitties. But more need homes.

Financial problems are reaching a breaking point and these kitties need new and loving homes. Can you take in another furry child? Do you know anyone who can? Please join the group to Let's Help Teal'c and His Tennessee Crew to help. These darling angels and their humans are in danger of losing everything they have and their mom wants to see them happy, even if it needs to be with someone else.

Even if you can't take one in, please spread the word to any and all catlovers you know. There's a good chance transportation can be worked out almost anywhere in the US.


WHAT is in my bowl?!?!

May 16th 2009 5:34 pm
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Ok. I think mama has lost her mind, finally. There is something strange in MY food bowl! First, there was this box on the porch and mama said "Let's see how you like this." Well, that sounds like a threat to me... what on earth did she have in mind? Whatever it was it went IN my bowl. She put a little scoop of some powdery-like stuff in it then some water. She stirred it up and sat it down in front of me. I sniffed. Doesn't smell threatening... but I'm no fool. I refuse to touch it. I accpeted the Prozyme stuff without qualm, but this liquidy stuff with little green pieces and whitish bits? Nope. Not this kitty.

From mama:
It's Prowl... is there a trick to getting her to try this stuff? The 'whitish bits' are the pieces of rehydrated chicken... she usually likes chicken... Zilla, my brave kitty, sampled it, but none of them are really interested in eating it. ~sigh~


Many Things and Tears

May 12th 2009 10:36 pm
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There are several things we'd all like to mention today. First and foremost, we've lost a dear friend, I've lost a dear friend. My whole family is heartbroken, me most of all. Matilda has gone to the bridge. We don't have any details on her passing, but she was an elderly kitty, just like me. We are sending our most heartfelt purrs and love to the family she leaves behind.

Next, if you don't know about Aldo, he's a very special kitty with very special needs. He hasn't been feeling his best lately and has been seeing the doctor. There is an auction in progress to help Aldo and his mom. There are 90 great items up for bid, including a lovely vacation available for those in the United Kingdom. There are gorgeous items of jewery and kitty stuff and SO much to see! Auction for Aldo

Also, please join with us in remembering Aldo's mom. Also mom to Noelle and Tess. Wednesday, May 13 is the one year anniversary of her passing. There was such a huge outpouring of love and help when Laurel passed and her babies needed homes. While Aldo and Noelle are safely settled in their new homes, we are all purring that out there somewhere, Tess has found a safe and loving place to be.

Tennessee kitties... all so very sweet and loving. This is a special family to us as we got a new kitty cousin out of it. A group is working to find new homes for the kitties that need them. While seven have been placed, there are still several looking for loving new homes. If you or someone you know might be able to offer one, please visit the group, Let's Help Teal'c and His Tennessee Crew!

Last, but not least, our Aunt Debbie FINALLY has an etsy shop!! We are so proud of her and love all the great crochet work she does! Feel free to pop on over and browse through nap mats and lots of toys!! She's at Catcessities!

Just a note to say something we don't say enough to end my very long diary entry. We love all of you. Each and every friend we've made on here is special and dear to our hearts. Matilda, I hope you are healthy and whole now at the bridge. Please know while I weep tears of sadness at your passing, I also weep tears of joy that you are no longer plagued by any kind of pain or illness. I love you my friend.

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