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Kittanna's Diary

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If You Look For Us

January 18th 2014 6:57 am
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Mama's working on saving my diary. She's not sure if she posted this when we initially left Catster or not. If any friends wish to find us, mama's on FB under Amilyn Lina. We don't only post cat stuff, but it's mixed in there a lot. You can keep up with how we're doing and what's going on. While we weren't here a lot lately, we've always come back when there were major events or we lost a friend. And I know we've missed a lot, but we did peek back in once in a while, so Catster was never forgotten. We'll miss having the love and support offered here. Mama's friends with many of our kitty friends' parents already and love being able to keep up. Sadly, the mom's of Arnold P and Winnie/Chester are no longer FB friends, and now we'll lose our only way to keep up with the families. We purr they are well and happy. We'll miss all of you.

Kittanna and crew


Thank you!!

September 8th 2010 7:24 pm
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Thanks so much to everyone for the rosies, gifts and message!!! I've had a nice, peaceful day with the kittens giving me a break and not chasing me... mol!!

Mom got Pretty Bit AND Tab trapped!! Woo hoo!!!! Both of them will be going in for spay/neuter tomorrow. So glad Pretty Bit won't have to worry about any more kittens and maybe Tab will be just a little nicer and maybe even a tiny bit friendly. ^~~^

Mama had to sit outside with the trap to make sure Spot didn't go in. She's got kittens to take care of. She gave a few little pieces of dry food to lead Pretty Bit to the open end of the trap. She'd smelled the sardines, but couldn't find them (she has some vision issues). Finally she eased into the trap and mama reached over and let the end of the trap down manually to keep it from scaring her. While she was inside getting a towel to cover it, Tab got caught in the one at the end of the house. He was NOT a happy kitty, but calmed down a bit when mama covered the trap. Hoping for successful surgeries tomorrow!!



September 8th 2010 5:18 am
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Woo hoo! I'm a DDP today! Hoping today continues to go well. Mama will be trying to trap outside this evening. She's got two cages and is hoping to catch Pretty Bit and Tab. Tab hasn't been by for almost two weeks, but he was out there this morning. Purring he stays and goes in one of the traps. If Spot goes in one, mama will have to release her as she's got kittens she can't be taken from yet. Plus the vet won't do the surgery if they've got milk. Hoping Pretty Bit doesn't have any yet so her surgery can be done. Hoping at least one cat goes in tomorrow to be fixed! ^~~^

Thanks for the honour! For any who haven't already added them, we did get a new sister, Chiara. She's from the litter born outside in May. There's also a 'foster' kitten. Pewter is from the litter born outside in June. There's a litter of three out there now, born in August. Really, really not wanting any more litters cuz they keep ending up in here for at least a little while... mol!


Thank you

September 5th 2010 5:49 pm
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Thanks so much for all the new heart gifties for our family! But we've noticed something... many are sent to each of us, but there's another member of our family you may not have added. Not asking for stuff for her page, but for friend requests for her. Chiara is our current permanent baby. There's a foster baby too, but mama's looking for a home for her. You can find Chiara on any of our pages in our family section. ^~~^


My Friend Is Gone

September 1st 2010 3:46 pm
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I've just learned that Miss Mittens is gone. My fur is so wet with tears of sadness. I know she was in such pain and discomfort these last several days, but still. I'm going to miss my friend so much and I know her mom is hurting without her. Mittens, I hope you're healthy and running free with your siblings and having fun not hurting or being tired all the time. Fly by one night if you can and let me know you're ok. It's getting hard for mama to see so I'm gonna go now.



July 21st 2010 8:13 am
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Finally some good news around here! Thanks so much for all the rosettes, messages and purrs of concats!! Here's what's going on lately.

Chiara is loose. She and Gaia are finally chasing each other around so that means Gaia is now leaving the rest of us alone. Zilla isn't taking it well, but the rest of us are adjusting ok I guess. Mama's keeping an eye on Zilla just in case it's not just her being pissy, but with her, it's REALLY hard to tell cuz she's always pissy.

There are two babies in the spare bedroom. They aren't staying (thanks Cat!) but this means we still don't have our bedroom back. Technically, the babies are Chiara's aunts. Catching them has put a delay on trying to catch an adult for fixing. Hoping there's time cuz mama's next days off that'll let her try to trap one and get it to the shelter for surgery will be about August 8. Mama can't really afford it, but it's hard placing kittens and we didn't need the last two with the size of this house!! Plus, who needs kittens... they're loud, annoying and too bouncy.


Purrs for friends!

July 16th 2010 6:00 pm
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With Catster taking SO long to load, I'm not going to ask mama to hunt links for the pages available. Two are in our friends list if anyone wants to go to their pages though.

Hazel Lucy: The sweetest, most generous kitty among us isn't well. She spent some time at the vet for monitoring of her blood sugar and the food she was given didn't go over well. Her mom basically said the food damanged her intestines and she's been a bit of a mess. Much cleaning and many loads of laundry later, she's resting and recovering. I only know it was a Hill's SD food, but not which one exactly. Her mom said she hasn't posted in Catster since it's such a pain to navigate. This is why we aren't in often anymore either, but this is the great HL we're talking about so I just had to come in to let kitties know!!!

Handsome Gleek is home from the hospital with a bout of crystals. He's got had a lovely red badge of courage, but was glad to get it off to do some much needed cleaning to get that nasty vet smell off!

A non-catster kitty needs purrs as well. Her name is Cleopatra. She's a beautiful gray tabby baby about 9 weeks old. There was some work going on and she bit an exposed wire. Her mom was right there to pull her off and get her to a vet. She's lost part of her jaw and will lose part of her tongue. She IS eating and being VERY well cared for. Kittens are amazing things and we're sure she'll recover well, but it's going to be a long, not pretty road to get there.

Please spare some purrs for our friends!! Thank you so much!!


For Morgan!!

June 14th 2010 10:44 am
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There's a great auction underway to benefit our friend, Morgan The Pirate Gato. Please check it out!!



June 1st 2010 7:09 pm
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Many thank yous to all our friends!! We SO appreciate all the wonderful gifts!! Mama's wrist won't let her type gifts for every member of every family and either there's an issue here or Catster has disabled copy/paste for the gift shop to prevent that. We ARE making sure we send something to at least one member of each family if nothing else, trying for those who have fewer gifts so we can pretty their pages up too.

Thanks to:
Xena and family
Spunky (((hugs)))
Alexander and family
Mr Skins and family
Alfie and family
Kaci Sunshine and family
Sally and family
Fred and family
Pia-Zadora and family
Mea and family
Gogo and family
Zack and family (still sending much love and purrs for you!)
Spotty and family
Oreo and family


Happy Memorial Day!

May 29th 2010 4:13 am
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We all hope everyone of our friends and their families have a safe and fun holiday weekend!! Mama's gotta work the three days many of your people are off... but someone's gotta buy the kibble around here! Specially with some new mouths to feed... sorta. One of the ferals/strays outside showed up last week with babies. This mama cat has hung around here since SHE was born a bit over a year ago. Mama's making sure she's got plenty of food since she's feeding her babies so well. One baby mama already placed with a nice family behind us. They're going to find her a home. The other three mama's trying her best to socialize a bit at a time, but they're testy little buggers! Mama's asked nana to see about getting a trap if Home Depot has them and she's talked to a humane shelter about spaying. It's going to be painful to afford, even though it's less than a vet's, but she's got to get the mama fixed. If you look on the Porch Kittie's page, the mama is Spot. I'll try to remind her to post a picture she got of the babies. Wish us luck in getting all this done!!

This weekend, while a time to be happy with our families, is also for memories. Please keep in mind those who fight for our rights and lost their own lives for it.

If you could, please keep some friends in your prayers too. Punkin's mom is still feeling so very sad that he's become an angel. And the Texas Wild Bunch has lost two more beloved family members this week, Claire and Lucy, just as they're dealing with the one year anniversary of Zack's passing. They've also had a birthday for the baby, Larke. If you'd be so kind, I know they'd appreciate purrs for their lost kitties and joy for the brand new one year old.

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