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A Cats Life By PussyWinkle

Our Precious Baby Girl

December 11th 2004 6:04 pm
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Along time ago my momma and daddy were working in Denver, Colorada.
Momma decided that she was ready for a new baby kitty so they spotted a
ad in the paper for kittens free to good home. Momma come to see me and
my siblings, luckily I was the only female so she picked me. I went to my new
home where I was spoiled rotten, I can't remember a time that I wasn't happy.
(well except when I went to the vet to get spayed) We lived in Denver for awhile and then we went to Kentucky and worked for awhile. I got to travel all around
the USA with momma and daddy, I really love to ride too. We finally settled
down in Columbus where I ended up getting me a new sister. I wasn't at all happy
with this new situation at first, because I was used to getting all the attention
and then I had to share it with another kitty. After awhile I came around and
finally gave into the idea of having a sister. Then it happened again, momma brought home this puppy that was extremely hyper, her name is Skeeter. Once
she realized that she shouldn't bother us everything fell into place. We are all
one big happy family now, well pretty happy with old age I have developed a mean
streak. Then again I have always been pretty hateful towards everyone, but luckily
momma still loved me and to this day I am still her precious baby girl.

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