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Fuzzy Diarys

my fur hubby

April 6th 2011 9:14 am
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My dear sweet fur-hubby, going to be making the trip to rainbow bridge today. I am feeling so sad and so hurt for his meowmy and pops & his fursibs...I just wanna hug them all so tight!
I love you Nello, you will always be my sweet angel and I am lucky to be your wifey!



March 9th 2011 10:15 am
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A great big THANK YOU to all the furs who have been or will be leaving me prezzies on my Catster page today! It makes me feel so wonderful inside to know you all care & love me!! I love you all very much back! I figured I'd do a quick diary entry just incase I can't get back to each fur personally - but I will try to do that too MOL!!!

Thank you again! So far today has been a very happy Purr day!



March 12th 2010 11:51 am
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Holy meow!!!! I'm a diary pick today!!! I'm am so pleased!! *blushes* I just turned 3 the other day and got so much love, now purrrrfect! Thank you to those who select all the special kitties for diary picks, cotd and's makes us furs feel so loved :)



March 9th 2010 8:36 am
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Today (3/9) is my 3rd Meowday! Tonight meowmy plans on giving me fancy feast, some catnip mousies, and lots of cuddles, I hope :) I'm so happy I've got my meowmy - she makes birthdays so special!

She remembers when I was born, and waiting all those weeks to take me home from my fur-mom's house! I was alot smaller then ;) but still just as cute MOL!!!


Feline Groovy...getting back to me!

June 17th 2009 2:04 pm
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Well I've healed up purrrrfect it seems from my spay -- and mom UGH she took me into the vet ONE more time to "booster" my FVCRP shot, but that went ok. Everything is looking A-OK, and I'm back to running Brutus around and hissing at the dog!
I did however have one "accident" in the carrier .... but hey you know what, they make you wait in that thing just far too long!!!!!!

Glad meowmy takes such good care of me I'm all happy and healthy! No more hormone swings MOL!

hmmm, think its time for some nip.....


whew glad that's over

May 27th 2009 11:39 am
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Well I am sure glad that Vet trip is done and over with! I am now all "fixed", vaccinated, and microchipped!!! I'm eating fine, getting back to my normal self! The whole trip was on Friday, so I'm really perked back up to my normal "Ra-ness" now :) I don't much think I ever wanna go there again though!!!!!!!
Thank you all for the purrs and love!!!



March 9th 2009 12:56 pm
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Thank all you wonderful furs so much for all the nice pmails, messages and rosies that have been left for me so far today! I feel very loved and special :-D It's great to have a birthday, but even more super to have furrrriends like all of you! I do so appurrciate it!!
Thank you!!!

I'm looking forward to see what fun the rest of the day brings...pssttt it better include Cat Nip!!! :)


Yayyy I'm 2!!

March 9th 2009 9:30 am
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Wahoooo its my 2nd birthday today! And I know meowmy will be giving me something special for dinner tonight!! I am quite excited :) I'm so happy I won over meowmy and dad when I was just a tiny kitten.... I knew I'd fit right in to the furmily :)


Love letter from my dearest Nello...

March 17th 2008 8:43 am
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With out you near in the stillness of night,
Laying alone looking out into the night
My heart heavy, Needing My Ra
A whole country seperates our bodys
My heart aches with need to hear the soft purr of My goldeneyed Caramea
As I look up into the night sky THE STARs My mind screams,
Once more Iam blessed By God in his Whole.
. MY thoughts scream out "LOOK UP MY DEAR"
Share the sight, you there me here It brings you near.
I pray you are looking, And sharing with me the site We are given.
My heart flutters as I feel My soul complete like you are near

I think of your eyes, Those Golden bright gems,
So bright So perfict So innocent Drawing Me in.
A warm breeze flows softly through the window open pane
It wraps around Me, It feels like your warmth
Where I need to be, in your arms I am at home
On the air is a scent , Roses I believe
I look around quick it is as if you are here
My claws dig in as I grasp tightly to the sill
Dear Lord she completes Me I send forth My will
Slowly I relaxe. I pray you feel the love I send forth
To surround you with My carma and warmth
I think of your fur. So soft and complete
It sooths Me so purfectly making Me surrounded by butterflys
caressing Me caring for Me I drift off to sleep
My deams are of you , holding you near
My God how I love you,,, Picola you make Me complete

I love you with all I can be with all nine lives I pray for eturnty to spend with
And when our time comes I will follow you into the next life we must share



March 10th 2008 8:53 am
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My birthday was wonderful, meowmy got me toys and treats and let me cuddle with her all day!!!

Thank ALLLLLL of you for the special rosettes! I cannot tell you how much I apurrciate it!! you all are the greatest furriends a cat could ask for!!


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