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Griffin's Quest

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Thought I Was Dreamin'

September 6th 2008 9:35 pm
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I dreamed I saw my picture on the homepage of Catster.
It's true! I really am there today.

My diary was picked as Diary of the Day! Yaaay!

*Griffin runs to the bedroom, and dives under the bed....nothing there*
*Then he runs to the kitchen, and paws under the refrigerator....nothing there either....*
*Next he flattens out, and shimmies under the couch....ahhhhh....there it is!*
*pulls out a blue and white furry rattle mouse with only half a suede tail, and carries it to the computer desk.* PLOP.

Here HQ Diary Reader. This mousie is for you. Thank you for picking me today. I loves you.

Goodnight, have good dreams, I did!


More Birthday Memoirs~Making it Last!

September 4th 2008 8:03 am
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My 1st birthday was so much fun, I kinda hate for it to be over. I hope the new friends I have made will come and visit me sometime.

Last night I told you about all the rosettes I got as presents.
Tonight I would like to share all the special gifts and stars.

*Griffin jumps up and down*

Well, the first cat to send me something was my brother-in-love, Wally! We all love him a lot, but Sophie loves him the most. :)
Thanks for the hat and the C-O-O-L Kimi picture! (It's from Alfie and Teddy too.)
Next, our Uncle Oscar and his family sent a party hat too. That's good because I kinda chewed on the other one.
Our new friend, Mama Kitty, who just had her 16th birthday, sent me a cupcake. (licks icing off his whiskers)
And then I got another hat from our wonderful family friends, Oly, and her sisfurs and brofurs. Wooohooo! Party time!
The cutest birthday gift sender has to be Pixie, who sent me a cuppycake. She is too adorable for words. Don't grow up too fast, Pixie. :)
Then I got another birthday hat from Edgar, and his sis, Emily Felicity. Thanks guys!
Hold on to those party hats...the CAKE has arrived!!! *eyes grow large*
OMC! Thank you Queenie, Snowy, Rosie, Toby, Angels and young kits! I never saw such a BIG cake.
Just perfect to share with my BIG family!
And I also received a nice note, pretty picture and collar from Pooter’s.

That's still not quite ALL!

Wally, Alfie, Teddy Bearz, Angel Sydney Rose, Wally Angel, and Nikki Forever Loved, sent me a star to mark the day. They also sent me a special feast of FANCY FEAST (cases!) and my most favorite gift of all....Da Bird!

But I'm still not finished...See why it took three diary entries, MOL!

A beautiful forever diamond (my first) came from our treasured family friends, Mathis der Meowler, Antoine, Dusty, Belle, Figaro, and Entrechat Cat, Kragen, and Clara!

And last but not least, my brofur Zack's fiancée, Kiwi, and her wonderful family, including two outstanding Maine Coons, Loki, his littermate sis, Maggie, beautiful gal, Abby, and Angels Muffin and Peanut, sent a forever star with a picture of a tabby that looks like me! :)

I am on CLOUD NINE. This was a birthday with memories to last a whole year!!!

Thank everycat for everything they did.

~A humble and grateful Griffin~


My 1st Birthday~Part 2

September 3rd 2008 9:02 pm
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Hiya again!

Wow what a day it was yesterday!

Last night I told you about all the great cats who posted in the Birthday Forum to me. Tonight I want to thank all the kitties who sent rosettes!
Where do I start?

Frankie, Uncle Oscar's new brother, sent me a shrimpie! Yum!
Cleopatra, and her family sent a shrimp too! (can't have too many shrimps!)
Samoa, and her family sent me lemonade! (slurp, slurp) Thanks!
Angel Amelia sent a pretty red heart. I heart you too. :)
PeekABoo sent a beach ball to play with! Yipeee!
Miles Montgomery sent me a baseball, and a steak. (That sounds like a tailgate party to me, Mr. Miles!)
Snoop Dogg gave me a cherry drink. Thanks, I was thirsty!
Cinder-Fearless Fur Fighter sent me another shrimp! Maybe we can share a shrimp cocktail?
Karma Kitty and her brothers sent me a bright red heart. Love those.
Cuddles, my new pal, sent be a beach ball to pop, I mean chase!
Gimli and his family sent me another delicious shrimpie! How nice is that?

Wow guys, you really spoiled me!

and...I STILL have the stars and gifts to tell you about....tomorrow night! Got to get more sleep now that I have to keep up with the BIG cats.
Please come read tomorrow, and I will tell you all the rest of my amazing day.
Thanks once again for the PAWSOME birthday celebration!

RAWR, Griffin


My Big Boy Birthday! NUMBER ONE!

September 2nd 2008 6:55 pm
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Hiya !
I am ONE today!
I have had the very BEST birthday.
Listen to this....
Little Bit wrote, and sang me a song.

"Hey cool cats
I got somethin' to say
That handsome tabby Griffin
Is having a birthday Today!!

He's a real sweet kid
And we want him to know
It's his special day
He's the star of the show!

So let's get this pawty rockin
Now don't be a prude
Come on, shake your booty
And show some Tabby 'Tude!

Thank you Little Bit, I am laughing and laughing, it's grrreat!

And in the Forums, I got birthday greetings and good wishes from a lovely calico lady, Cleopatra, my Catster bro, Teddy, my brother-in-love, Alfie, sweet Sugar, my beautiful auntie, Angel Sydney Rose, another lovely angel, Beloved Angel Amelia, a new friend, Emily Felicity, the cute, PeekABoo, my sister's new beau, Miles Montgomery, his lovely sisfur, Princess Pooter, and brother, Kufu, and sisfur's Samba, Meme, and Cali, handsome Tuxman, great friends, Poo and family, beautiful Dusty and the Meowler family (kitty kisses), oh and darling pal, Laurie, and new friends K.I.T.T. Bush and the Bush family!!!

I haven't even begun to tell you about my rosettes and gifts too!

Mom says it's WAY past my bedtime, even for a grown up kitty, so I will continue this tomorrow!


Griffin the Birthday Boy


Wow! 4 x 4 Diary Tag!

May 28th 2008 3:43 pm
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I have been tagged by a most beautiful cat, our family friend, Entrechat Cat!
I am going to ask her if she will be my honorary Catster Aunt.
That would be c-o-o-l!
Now, this is what she told me do do on this new diary game...

~There are 4 questions needing 4 answers~

Four jobs that I have had:
I'm just a little guy, I haven't had to work yet, but here are some things I am good at.
1) I am a good paperweight, especially when dad is trying to read something.
2) I am a good pillow for Queso. He says I'm comfy.
3) I do a good job of waking mom by tickling her with my little whiskers. She thinks it's a bug, hahaha!
4) I have the job of telling mom when it's time to fix our canned food. Must not mess up this one! Since I'm the baby, she can't resist me.

Four places I have lived:
I can only do two...
1) With my first dad and real cat mom
2) With my current (and last) human family.

Four places where I have been:
1) PetSmart, that was w-a-y fun, and I got lots of nice petting.
2) My Vet's office, for the "big boy" surgery. That was N-O-T fun.
3) To see grandma, Dad's mom.
4) Out on the dog kennel with our woofer, Lizzy.

Four places I’d rather be:
1) Someplace cool, Texas is too hot. Maybe I'll move to Montreal with my best friend, Teddy!
2) Climbing a tree! I hear the sparrows calling!
3) Sometimes I wish I was still with my cat mom, and my brother, I miss them.
4) Back out on the dog kennel with Lizzy! I really like her.

Thanks, Entrechat Cat, for tagging me! Oh, and guess what?
I pull and chew on my mom's hair too! Want to be my "Aunt E"?

Now, I tag...

Pixie~ She's my brother's girlfriends little sister, and boy is she cute!

Princess Puddin Pop (P3)~ Oh boy, another real cutie!

LBK~ Bet you thought I would pick only girls. Nope! This guy is super nice.

Teddy~ Sorry bro, but couldn't leave you out! Just ignore this if you've already done it!




My Brother Forgot Me

March 19th 2008 8:32 pm
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Hiya Friends,

I have been gone from my house, a couple of days. Did you miss me?
I was at the vet...having my "Big Boy" surgery.
Piece of cake! I'm a tuff guy.
My bum is a bit sore, though. :(
The real problem is my brother, Pete. He seems to have forgotten who I am.
He hissed and spit at me, like I was a total stranger.
What's up with that?
Everybody else remembered me. Anyway, I hope he gets over it fast.

Did you see the cool picture that my best bud, Teddy, made for me?
I love it, but I don't think I'll be doing too much hoppin' for a couple days....:)

See ya!

Griffin~Growing up fast!



March 5th 2008 11:18 pm
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Hi Ya'll!

Got something to tell you about straws tonight.

First straw story...Mom says I drew the long straw. Does anycat know what she means by that? Here is what Zack told me. Tuesday I was supposed to visit the vet to uh, know, the boy thing. But I didn't go anywhere! Zack says the vet's office called, and they got overbooked with surgeries, so they asked that any non-essential ones be postponed until next week. YEAH! That was a close call.

2nd straw story....I just discovered how fun drinking straws are! Not only can you chew 'em, but you can bat them around, and they spin, and you can carry them around too, and hide them for later. Mom wasn't too thrilled with the one I poked her with, under the covers. She can move pretty fast when she wants to.

Last straw story....Mom keeps saying "That's the last straw Griffin." What? I'm just being a kitten (grin). Not only do I run outside every time the back door opens, but now I run all the way outside, jump on Lizzy's dog house, and stretch up until I can chew on vines. Mom found this out when the vines didn't like me as much as I liked them. Oh, my tummy hurts.
But I'll do it again tomorrow.

Night ya'll, sleep tight.
The Griffer


Half a Year Old!

March 1st 2008 11:32 pm
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Hiya guys!

Today (March 2nd), I am six months old!
My friend, Mathis der Meowler, calls it a "Half Birthday". I like that!
Do I get half a cake???

I heard Mom telling Daddy to let me enjoy the day, because Tuesday something happens. I asked my older brother, Queso, what she was talking about, and he only snickered. What was that about? Then I remembered what just happened to my best friend, Teddy. YIKES!
But Teddy seems fine, so I won't worry... much.

Also I wanted to tell ya that the big dog and I are buds! Every time I run out into the garage, we touch noses. One day I went outside, onto her kennel area, and she growled at me. I ran and hid under a work bench. Mom thinks Lizzy was trying to tell her that I had gotten too far afield. But just the same, I give Lizzy alpha status outside.

Well, I am gettin' sleepy, so I am going to go attack a few feet until I fall asleep.

'nite friends...

The Griffer


Sound Sleeper

February 12th 2008 6:24 pm
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Hi Ya'll!

Last night, mom came to bed late, or early I guess, it was nearly three am.
She had to make cats move, so she could find a place to lie down.
I was sleeping with my brother, Riley. He is a pretty big guy, kind of like a mushy marshmallow.
Momma picked me up....I was stretched out long, and limp. I didn't budge.

So she moved me again, with both hands under my long, lean frame.
Nothing, not a stir.
Her heart began to beat faster, and little prickles ran down her spine. She lifted my limp limbs up against her chest. Thoughts raced through her head, had Riley smothered me?
Panic started to set in....
Then I yawned.
Whatcha all teary about momma?
Oh man, now I got "squished" again, this time by mom.

Sleep tight now...(wink)

The Griffer



February 4th 2008 12:38 am
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Hi Ya'll,
I saw my picture on Diary Central. It was in the column called "Active".
Hey, no one has been to my how do they know I am active?

Oh but I AM! I have so much energy and curiosity. Momma calls me her little explorer. Whenever a cupboard, or door is opened, I'm IN!
I especially LOVE to run out into the garage. (Mom says bad words, guys)
The first few times I ran face to face with the dog, Lizzy, my tail puffed up like a bottle brush! But now she's cool. She even lets me push her away from her dinner, and doesn't growl at me. Tonight I helped her finish her Mighy Dog. You don't think that will make me bark, do you? I think it would be ironic to bark before I purr...
On that thought, I am going to bed. If Dad falls asleep too fast, the "foot game' isn't as much fun.

See ya!

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