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Peeks into Peek-A-Boo's life

Good bye and Thank you dear friends

July 13th 2016 12:46 pm
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For all of our Dogster and Catster friends, today was a sad day in our lives. We received the emails that both sites will be shut down for good on July 18th. It advised us to archive or do screen shots of our pet's pages because they will be gone.We would like to take this time to say we thank you for your friendship and many hours of fun we had. We gained sooo many friends from those sites and we love all of you. We know some of our friends joined Facebook but many did not and it is sad we won't see or communicate with them again. But I have a hope and dream that some day when we all die, there will be a part of Heaven called Catster & Dogster Land where we will all meet up again with our fur babies and have fun and laughs together for ever. Until then, take care and remember us as we will you.


I've been tagged

February 19th 2009 7:27 pm
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My boy furriend, Spitfire, has tagged ME for a game! I love to play, so here's my diary entry!

(Note to those that I tag...Just copy the questions and delete my answers. Then tag four furriends to play along!)

Have fun!!!!

1)-What color is your collar? I am a reallll climber so I don't wear a collar.

2)-What kind of food do you eat? Friskies or 9 Lives Canned- Tuna flavor is my fave and Chef's Blend Dry food

3)-What are your favorite treats? I don't like kitty treats

4)-Do you have a Valentine or significant other? Ohhhh YES! My handsome man kitty is Spitfire (Peek blushes and bats her eye lashes)

5)-Do you get table scraps? Only at Thanksgiving and Christmas- mum boils the Turkey heart, liver and neck and gives us the meat cut up)

6)-What is your favorite toy? A bungee hanging toy with feathers that Ivan in Calif sent me

7)-When is your birthday? Aug. 30, 2007

8)-How many times a day do you get to eat? I get canned food 1 time a day but have dry food out all day long to nibble on

9)-Do you have a favorite color? Blue...

10)-Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary? Oh, I hope so.

My turn to tag!!! I will invite these kitties to play:

1. Paisan Paws-439444
2. Miracle Paws-804216
3. Christmas Angel Kitty-927415
4. mIcHiS-863133

Have fun, everycat!


What an exciting week

February 19th 2009 6:55 pm
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Ohhh, I have had such a thrilling and exciting week. First I got me a Valentine. His name is Spitfire and he is sooooo handsome. He zooms around in a Lamborghini. We exchanged Valentine's. Then he and I had our First Dates! His first date and my first date! My furriend, Georgie Girl, made us both some b eautiful pics in our Evening clothes to wear to the Purrs N Woofs Village Valentine's Day Dance & Party on Friday the 13th. I had this gorgeous pink gown and my handsome man kitty, Mr. Spitfire, was in a beautiful tuxedo. His mommy even let him pick me up in his Lamborghini. We had so much fun eating, dancing, and having good times with all our friends. He is such a sweet kitty and kissed my paw when he asked me to dance. It was like I was in Heaven all night. Then he brought me home and we smooched at the door. We are going to go on a Hawaiian Cruise together thru the C & D Cruise Lines in April.

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