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URGENT! Furever homes needed for these kitties NOW!

July 13th 2011 10:54 am
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Hello furriends! I haven't posted anything in my diary for a long time, but this is very urgent, so my fursibs and I are all cross-posting this in our diaries. Minda, Paula, and Merry are three wonderful kitties whose owner is dying of a brain tumor. The owner, Kathy, just went into hospice care and will not be returning home. Her house is going into foreclosure, so even though Kathy's wonderful neighbors (Catster pawrents of Albie and Mr. Silk) have been going across the street 2 or 3 times a day to check on the cats, this cannot continue much longer. These kitties have been declawed and must live indoors. PLEASE go to Minda, Paula, and Merry's page at the link below, read their story, and help if you can to save these lovely girls from going to a shelter. They can be adopted individually or together. They are located in West Virginia but transport to an approved home within several hundred miles could be arranged. Even if you can't adopt any of these girls, please share the link. Thank you so much!


Take my fur......PURRLEASE!!!

July 27th 2010 9:05 pm
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Hi Efurryone! I haven't posted a diary entry in a long time, but I think this is impurrtant, as it is an auction to raise money for The Cat House On The Kings no-kill pet sanctuary and adoption center.
Background: My mommy has been selling things on eBay for many years. She tries very hard to describe the things she sells accurately and she ships them quickly, but you just can't purrlease all of the people all of the time. Mommy had a purrfect 100% positive feedback rating on eBay up until a few days ago, when a mean lady gave Mommy a negative feedback rating because an old vintage dress she bought from Mommy arrived with some cat hair on it. (Mommy thought the dress looked clean when she sent it, but cat hairs can be sneaky, MOL!) The mean person (I refuse to call her a "purrson") left Mommy that nasty feedback before she ever even let Mommy know that she wasn't happy with the dress, so Mommy didn't even have a chance to try and make things right before her purrfect feedback score was ruined. (Mommy is still going to refund the mean lady's money when she gets the dress back; she offered to pay the cleaning bill if the lady wanted to keep the dress, but the woman told Mommy that she would never wear it!) OK...long story short...Some of Mommy's cat-loving friends on Facebook said that cat hair is an enhancement, not a detriment. Then my furiend Princess Kitty's mom (my Auntie Val) chimed in that if Mommy would auction off some of my fur on eBay, she would bid on it! Mommy thought that would be funny, so she got some of my fur with the Furminator (She had my purrmission, of course), and put it up for auction on eBay, with the bidding starting at just one cent. This started out as a joke, but now my fur has some real bids on it, so Mommy has purromised to donate all of the proceeds from this auction to The Cat House On The Kings. Along with the sample of my fur, Mommy will send the lucky high bidder a photograph of ME playing the banjo! So if you would like to suppurrt a very worthy cause AND win a swatch of my fur and a photo of yours truly, go to the eBay auction URL below and take my fur...PURRLEASE! MOL! 80538731387

(Please note: If this link doesn't work or if you get a message saying that the listing has been removed, it's just Catster fleas....Type in a search for Genuine Cat Hair from my Cat Curly (without quote marks) and it should show up.)


An early morning adventure

December 23rd 2009 9:01 am
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As many of you know, I am not allowed to venture outdoors anymore, except for an occasional supervised foray right outside the door so I can munch on a few blades of grass. Well, early this morning, my mom stepped outside to check the thermometer on the porch. (It was a chilly 27 degrees F.) I darted out the door, planning to grab a quick grass snack, when my eyes beheld a strange cat, a big gray fellow sleeping in the old birdbath-style scratching post on the covered porch. I know I should be more tolerant, as I myself spent many chilly nights sleeping there before I was adopted, but my gut reaction was to tear off after the tresspasser; after all, a cat must protect his territory.
Mommy went running after me but I was soon out of sight. I could hear her calling and calling, but I didn't answer; I was on a mission! Finally, she heard the other cat howling from the area in the boulders on the hill behind our house. Mommy climbed up there (mind you, the ground was covered with frost and Mommy was wearing her bathrobe and slippers), and she arrived just in time to see the big gray cat jump down from a tree where I had him cornered. He went running off, and Mommy plucked me down out of the tree and began to carry me back to the house. Too bad she lost her footing as she tried to navigate down the slippery hillside, all the while holding on to me. But she managed to get back up without ever letting me out of her clutches...She said she wasn't taking any chances on losing me. I was glad to get back inside the warm house. The important thing is, I chased the big gray cat away. Mission accomplished!


DDP 2 days in a row???

December 22nd 2009 8:04 am
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What an honor! Here I hadn't even added a diary entry for four months, and the day after I finally added another entry, I was a DDP! And then, the very next day, I find that I am a DDP again! How did that happen? I am very honored, and very grateful to all of my furiends out there in Catsterland who have sent their concatulations. This is a great way to celebrate today....December Gotcha Day annifursary!


Meowy Kitmas

December 20th 2009 8:28 am
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I haven't written in my diary for a long time, but I wanted to stop by and wish efurryone a very Merry Christmas. The holiday season is especially significant for me. December 22nd marks the second annifursary of the day my daddy finally agreed to let me become a member of our household. Back in December of '07, Mommy kept telling him that the only thing she wanted for Christmas was ME, and Daddy finally gave in and agreed to let me live indoors. Daddy wasn't too enthused at first, but the other day when Mommy told Daddy that I was the best Christmas present she ever got, Daddy gave me a hug and said that I am "the gift that keeps on giving!" Can you imagine that??!

2009 has been a difficult year for my family. My puppy Sasha went to the Bridge in February, and my brofur and best friend Lalo followed her there seven months later to the day. I have really missed Lalo especially, but now I'm trying to step up and am cuddling with Mommy and Daddy more. (That used to be Lalo's job.) I have some big pawprints to fill and may not be able to completely fill them as I'm not polydactyl like Lalo was, but I'm giving it my best shot.

My baby sisfur Rayna, who joined us the end of March, has been a welcome addition to our family. She is very good company and snuggles with me the way Lalo used to do. (She is about half Lalo's size so she takes up less space in the kitty bed.)

I'm sending purrs to all of my friends in Catsterland, and I hope that you and your families have a very happy holiday!


I'm in a contest ... Purrlease vote fur me!

August 17th 2009 8:18 am
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My dear furriends, I have great news! Even though my hooman messed up and missed the deadline for the Monty Q photo contest (, Monty Q and his Mom Bean are very kind and are allowing me to be in the contest anyway! Thank you so much, Monty Q and MomBean!
I would so apurreciate it now if my blogging furriends would vote for either or both of my pictures! I have reprinted the instructions below on how to vote. My two pictures are in the "Full Monty" and "Monty Q" categories. (The "Full Monty" is the one where my legs are straight up in the air.)
Please remember that only kitties with blogs are eligible to vote. Thank you for your suppurrt!!

Here's what you need to do, head over to the contest blog ( and peruse all of the entries. Then write down your favorite for each category and send them to You don't have to enter to vote, either -as long as you have a blog you can enter.

Best Monty Q and Full Monty
Viewer's Choice
Best Interpretation on a Theme (Have you done a Q With a Twist? Or a Half-Monty?)
Silliest Q! Category-sponsored by Parker & Co.
The Curly Q Tail CATegory is being handled by Victor, so send yer bribes his way. ;)
Voting will be open until August 31st, and MomBean can be bribed with powdered sugar doughnuts.


Purresident Curly's Town Hall Meeting

August 15th 2009 12:15 pm
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As some of you know, I'm active over on Facebook, where I have my own page. A couple of days ago, I decided to set up a non-purrtisan town hall meeting for cats. Here is the link, and I hope to see my furiends over there! 7097903705&ref=ts


Peacock feathers!

July 27th 2009 4:58 pm
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I want to tell my Catster furiends about peacock feathers! I already had some prior experience with feathers, but they were generally small, and got kind of boring after the first few minutes. But peacock feathers are in a class by themselves!
This past weekend, Mommy and Daddy went to visit the mom and grandpawrents of my furiend Guido the Italian Kitty ( Guido's grandpawrents live on a ranch with a whole bunch of peacocks roaming the grounds. Now, I already had some knowledge of peacocks because our neighbors across the road have just one of those big birds, so I know that they make a loud meowing sound like a cat! But I never got up close and purrsonal with our neighbor's peacock, so I didn't know what the deal was with those tail-feathers. It seems that the big birds shed their feathers so they can grow new ones, and that's what was going on when Mommy and Daddy went to Guido's grandpawrents' place. So my pawrents picked up some of the feathers off the ground to bring home and put in a vase. (I thought vases were for flowers...I really don't understand humans.) But they did let me have one that was a bit scraggly, and I'm having a blast with it! (With the help of my staff, I have added a picture to my page that shows me playing with my feather.) If you're looking for a good time, I would highly recommend peacock feathers to all of you.


First a puppy, and now a new kitten??!!!

May 27th 2009 5:32 pm
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I think I'm a purrty patient guy, but how much is one cat supposed to take?? I've been training my puppy for two months now, and he still hasn't learned to respect me. And now I have to endure yet another insult....My mom brought home a kitten last night! The kitten is very tiny...Mom says she's eight weeks old but she looks more like five or six weeks to me. Mom says that's because she was the runt of her litter. Her name is Rayna, but I think the hoomans should just name her "Runt"! That's what I'm going to call her, anyway. Who does she think she is, coming into my house and trying to take over in the cuteness department?! Sorry, furriends....I just needed to vent.


Curly updates

April 23rd 2009 7:57 am
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It occurred to me that ever since I started blogging (, I have really fallen behind in keeping up my diary! Nearly efurry time something new and exciting would happen in my life, I'd post the story in my blog instead of in my Catster diary. So I will try to recap some of the stories that I failed to post here over the past few months.

First, my pawrents adopted a puppy (Sasha) last December. Sasha and I were becoming very good furriends when she lost her life in a tragic accident in early March. I was really grieving and missing my doggie furriend, so my pawrents got me another puppy one month ago. His name is Pen, and he is a goofball. But I am training him and, little by little, he is learning that cats rule. My furmily and I still feel sad about Sasha and always will, but we are happy to have Pen to help fill the empty space left by Sasha's untimely passing.

Second, my video in the Yobi.TV contest, which made it to the semi-finals, was eliminated last week. I want to thank efurryone who voted for my video. Mommy says I'm a winner, regardless.

Third: Last month, my pawrents got to meet the mommy and grandpawrents of my furriend Guido the Italian Kitty in purrson. I wasn't there, but mommy brought along "Toy Curly" (that silly stuffed toy that looks kind of like me) as a stand-in. There are photos of that visit in my blog.

So, that's about it fur now. I wish all of my Catster furriends a sunshine-filled springtime!

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