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Good bye and Thank you dear friends

July 13th 2016 12:44 pm
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For all of our Dogster and Catster friends, today was a sad day in our lives. We received the emails that both sites will be shut down for good on July 18th. It advised us to archive or do screen shots of our pet's pages because they will be gone.We would like to take this time to say we thank you for your friendship and many hours of fun we had. We gained sooo many friends from those sites and we love all of you. We know some of our friends joined Facebook but many did not and it is sad we won't see or communicate with them again. But I have a hope and dream that some day when we all die, there will be a part of Heaven called Catster & Dogster Land where we will all meet up again with our fur babies and have fun and laughs together for ever. Until then, take care and remember us as we will you.


Dear Friend

December 19th 2010 2:13 pm
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The last few days have been hard ones. I have stayed with one of my dearest and bestest friends from Catster, Mr. Vladdles Tepse. He is gravely ill and may be making his way to the Rainbow Bridge. So it was important to me to stay with him and calm any fears he may have and keep him comfortable with my Heavenly radiance. I would like to ask all of you friends who know him to say a prayer for him and stop by his page and let him know you are thinking of him:


Cleo and My 1st Annifursary-Reflections

February 23rd 2009 11:40 am
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Today my Cleo and I celepurate our 1st Wedding Annifursary. It's hard to believ e that we have been married a whole year. Boy time flies when you are having fun. I can remember Oct. 2007 when I just met my beautiful Queen and we were just dating. We met at Big Leo's Stray Cat Alley and we'd go on car cruises and play in the Cats vs Dogs snowball fights. Then we went to our first Dance and I fell head over heels for that purrty Russian Blue girl. For Christmas 2007, I got her the most beautiful engagement ring and I worked up the courage to ask this gorgeous Queen to be MY Queen for ever. I was so happy and shocked when she said YES and I think I danced all over Catster and Dogster telling effury one who would listen that Cleo and me was getting Married! We set our wedding date for Feb. 22, 2008 and made all our arrangements for the Bridal Party and where to hold the ceremony and reception. Naturally we thought it should happen at the group we met in and all our friends there who had opened that group would be in our wedding. But things never run as smooth as you'd like. First I got very sick with upper Respiratory Infection, then our friends and the group we met in were gone from Catster and the kitty making our wedding clothes disappeared. So my mum and Cleo's mum had to redo all the arrangements as well as work very hard to help set up the new group known as Cobblestone Square to replace Big Leo's Alley. Mum spent many hours each day for weeks inviting furs back to the new group and combing thru pmails and emails to find a lot of the lost members. Somehow, like a Miracle, every thing fell into place and I was even getting better from my illness. On Feb. 22nd, I stood at the front altar of the Cobblestone Chapel and watched my gorgeous bride walk down the aisle to become my wife. We sped away by helicopter that night for a cruise to Hawaii on the C & D Cruise Lines which now has the Maynard & Cleo Honeymoon Suite. What a beautiful day and following week we had. These memories were to last me for my life time as sadly I took a turn for the worse and passed away ten days later. I watch down on my sweet Cleo every day and thank her for the most wonderful and glorious times of my life.


Small Town Boy Goes Global- Catster

March 13th 2008 6:06 pm
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So I am laying in my favorite spot napping away, and the human lady comes to me and says, "Maynard, we are opening a Catster page for you." I open one eye and yawn, thinking to my self -What is she talking about? What is Catster? And what is Global? Does it mean I have to get up and move or do something? If it does, can I just stay a small town kitty? So I hear her clacking away at this funny looking thing with a screen in front of her. Mind you, I haven't budged from my spot, I just rolled over on my back and hung my head down. HHHMMM, it is amazing what the world looks like when you view it upside down. Now pretty soon I hear her say to me, "Maynard, what groups do you want to join?" What on Earth is she talking about? Surely, she doesn't want me to run with the neighborhood group? I mean, there's some rough cats in it. They do a lot of screechin and chasin girls all hours of the night. She says to me that she has gotten me in the groups: For Love of Cats and Dogs, The Power of Purr and Prayer, and Big Leo's Alley. Now that I understand- the alley is behind the house and I like to sit there and wait for the men with the big noisey truck that steals stuff from the back of the garage in these big cans. They come every week. So this sounds like fun and some thing I can sink my claws into. Well, she starts telling me all about the group's members who have welcomed me into the groups. There's a cat named Simon who is quite a funny Orangie from Washington. There's a cool Siamese cat named Theo who she loves the way he talks. There's an other Orangie named Mr.D who has been missing recently and every body is praying for him to come home. There is an interesting gent named Alfienchat who speaks with an English accent that just makes her chuckle because he is soo cute. There's a group of Jersey guys named: Zeus, U-man, Archy, Hoboken Fats, and Leo. They are really funny and guys who are street smart cats. They have a sisfur named Venus, who is quite a lady. There's some California cats : Brutus had to have eye surgery, and his sisfurs- Ra, Isis, and Cleopatra. There's a real fun furmily from Florida: Maggie, Aggie, Sedoso, and Ralphie that are the most fun to be with. I think I have figuired out the word global, it means that all of us kitties from all over the world can be friends, play, and have good times together. Now, I like that idea! We would meet up in the Alley and go on car cruises together, have snowball fights, and just "hang out". As the weeks go by, I find myself falling for this beautiful Russian Blue girl named Cleopatra. She is sooo purrrty and makes my little engine roar. Every time I see her, I want to Yowl out to the world that I am going to make her mine. So for Christmas, I surprised her with an engagement ring and I put on my saddest eyes and sweet face look to ask her to marry me. Ms. Cleo said, "Yes" and I was the happiest guy in the world. Life is so Grand on Catster! Where else could a small town boy like me have sooo much Fun!


My Life is Great

March 11th 2008 5:07 pm
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So I have told you how I came to live here and make these 2 wonderful folks my pawrents. I razzled and dazzled them and just look at me- who could resist that sad face and eyes????? I am like the cat, Puss'N'Boots, in the Shrek movies. Now that I have these 2 humans wrapped around my paw, I see I have another conquest to make. There is a strange human that comes to the door every day with a big bag over his shoulder. He stops and fumbles through the bag and rattles this box on the house and then leaves. I should approach him and give him my Guard Cat attitude. So I pretend to sleep on the wicker chair until I hear him coming up the steps, then I hop down and go over to his feet and lay down on them to roll around and over and over. HHHMMM, this person reaches down and rubs my head, AAHHHH that is sooo nice. I give him some gentle head-bonks on the leg and a rub up against him. OK- that problem is solved, I have showed him that I am the Main Cat! Next, I see we have some vehicles pull up and some people go in my house. I must check out these cars and what's in them. Soon the people come out and they have this furry little creature that barks at me. They walk towards the car and I see my chance to investigate this matter. The door opens and I climb right in the back seat with the "hairball" on a leash. I hear the humans talking and all of a sudden, my human lady reaches in and picks me up. "No, Maynard. You can not go with them," I hear her say as she carries me back to the porch. So my name must be Maynard?? I wonder what a Maynard is?? But as the car pulls away, she lays me on my chair and rubs my head and scratches behind my ears and my neck. AAAHHH, life is great here!


My New Life

March 10th 2008 8:51 am
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Mum has meant to start a diary for me for a long time. Time is something we all take for granted. With the 10 grown Sibes and a litter once a year, running her own business out of the house, and them many cats that call this their home, time is a precious thing. I showed up at this house over two years ago and chose it to be my home. They have these kitty houses made of fabric on every porch chair and the roofs of them make neat hammocks to sleep in the sun on. There are winter houses on the porch that have heated beds. There is a dry food feeder that is always full and a heated water bowl for winter and a constant refilling toilet bowl for summer. That is truly neat to drink out of the toilet and watch the bowl refill from behind with fresh cool water. Every morning, mum brings us out a bowl of canned food and changes out water. Life is Grand here. We can come and go, there's these Hosta plants that are all around the house and fence to play in and get under when the sun is really hot. There's a rose garden and 2 dwarf pine trees to play in and a big juniper bush that's fun to hide in. What a great place I have found! The first day here, I decided to introduce myself to the 2 folks who live here. I know they are animal people because I've watched the dogs through the fence and have seen how they care for all of God's critters. I walked right up to the lady when she came out with the food and started speaking. Meow, meow, murrrrr ,meow, meow, murr. At the same time, I was rolling around all over her feet and giving her headbonks and whisker kisses on the legs. She sat down on the step and I climbed up and started leaning and rubbing against her with more of my incessant chatter. She started rubbing and petting me and said, "My, what a beautiful Maine Coon boy you are!" My inside engine was just a roaring with purrs. "Let me get you a bowl of food of your own", she said as she got up. She opened the front door to go in the house and I walked right in. HHHMMM, I don't smell or see any cats, but there's a lot of doggies. I sat down in the entry way and looked around. Soon she came back with a bowl of food- Just for ME! She went back out the door with me following closely behind her. She sat the bowl down and I started digging in while she petted me and rubbed my head and neck. AHHHH, I have found me a HOME!

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