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Flaca's log

URGENT! Furever homes needed for these kities NOW!

July 13th 2011 10:53 am
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Hello furriends! I haven't posted anything in my diary for a long time, but this is very urgent, so my fursibs and I are all cross-posting this in our diaries. Minda, Paula, and Merry are three wonderful kitties whose owner is dying of a brain tumor. The owner, Kathy, just went into hospice care and will not be returning home. Her house is going into foreclosure, so even though Kathy's wonderful neighbors (Catster pawrents of Albie and Mr. Silk) have been going across the street 2 or 3 times a day to check on the cats, this cannot continue much longer. These kitties have been declawed and must live indoors. PLEASE go to Minda, Paula, and Merry's page at the link below, read their story, and help if you can to save these lovely girls from going to a shelter. They can be adopted individually or together. They are located in West Virginia but transport to an approved home within several hundred miles could be arranged. Even if you can't adopt any of these girls, please share the link. Thank you so much!


"Flaca Facts"

November 14th 2008 9:58 am
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I've been tagged by my furiend Mathis der Meowler (Catster #526501). I need to tell seven pawesome facts about myself, and then tag seven furiends. Here are 7 things about me:

1. Daddy named me "Flaca" which means "skinny" in Spanish, because I was really, really thin when my pawrents adopted me. I got to keep my name even after I was no longer skinny.

2. My brofur Curly picks on me a lot because I won't play with him. I prefer to be left alone! (except by my hoomans...I love it when I get attention from Mommy and Daddy.)

3. Mommy and Daddy try to keep me indoors, but I love to run outside. Climbing trees and tracking gophers are two of my favorite pastimes!

4. For a little girl, I have a very deep voice. Mommy tells me I have a "Siamese voice", even though I am not Siamese.

5. I have allergies. Sometimes I have sneezing fits , sometimes my eyes run, and I'm allergic to mosquitoes so I can't go outside at all during mosquito season. (Daddy thinks my immune system was compromised when I accidentally got locked inside a repair shop for two weeks without any food before I was rescued and adopted.)

6. I prefer drinking water from a dripping faucet to drinking out of a bowl. (For the two weeks I was locked in that repair shop, I had to drink water out of the toilet to survive....Yuck! So now I prefer my water to be fresh from the faucet!)

7. I find the smell of my daddy's after shave cologne intoxicating! It makes me flop over and purr like crazy....beter than catnip!

Now I need to tag seven furiends. I will tag:

Wookiee (#64484)
Haley Ann (#90631)
Sunshine-Kitty (#95864)
Junior Fluffkins (#642792)
Ralph (#706827)
Dora (#739624)
Penny (#914402)

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