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Lalo's Diary

URGENT! Furever homes needed for these kities NOW!

July 13th 2011 10:50 am
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Hello furriends! I haven't posted anything in my diary for a long time, but this is very urgent, so my fursibs and I are all cross-posting this in our diaries. Minda, Paula, and Merry are three wonderful kitties whose owner is dying of a brain tumor. The owner, Kathy, just went into hospice care and will not be returning home. Her house is going into foreclosure, so even though Kathy's wonderful neighbors (Catster pawrents of Albie and Mr. Silk) have been going across the street 2 or 3 times a day to check on the cats, this cannot continue much longer. These kitties have been declawed and must live indoors. PLEASE go to Minda, Paula, and Merry's page at the link below, read their story, and help if you can to save these lovely girls from going to a shelter. They can be adopted individually or together. They are located in West Virginia but transport to an approved home within several hundred miles could be arranged. Even if you can't adopt any of these girls, please share the link. Thank you so much!


I've been tagged by Antoine!

August 22nd 2008 2:01 pm
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My furiend Antoine ( tagged me to play this game. This is a bit easier than most tag games, because I have to tag only four furiends to answer the following questions. Here are my answers:

1. What is your favorite Olympic sport?
Gymnastics, because it's fun to bat at those humans flying around on the TV screen.

2. Which do you prefer—summer or winter?
I don't really like either one (Spring and Fall are best), but if I have to choose, I choose winter, because it's cozy inside the house. Summer is just too darned hot here in Furesno County!

3. What is the quirkiest thing you do?
That would be kind of a tie between laying on my back with my feet in the air, and kneading my toy lion or Mommy's teddy bear. (Neither of those talents is really that unusual, but I am told that they are both CUTE!)

4. Do you have a crush on any other kitties?
No, I'm too young for that sort of thing. My brother Curly developed a crush on Lily, and the next thing we knew....he was married! Yikes!

5. What is your favorite rosie or zealie, and why?
I like the butterflies because they are so pretty, and the beachballs because they bounce.

Now I will tag my friens Ernie, Diogi, Sprocket, and Aurelius.


I've been tagged by Baxter!

June 28th 2008 10:16 am
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I've been tagged by Baxter (Catster #758261) to tell six things in my diary that I DON'T like, and then tag six other kitties to do the same. This is hard, because I like almost everything, but here goes:

1. I don't like being lost and getting hurt, like I was last April. I never want to do that again!

2. I do NOT like big, noisy dogs who bark at me!

3. I do not like the vacuum cleaner. (That's putting it mildly!)

4. I don't like being closed out of the bedroom when Daddy's allergies are bothering him. (I just want to snuggle with my daddy to make him feel better, MOL!)

5. I don't like Mommy trying to hold me when I want to get down and PLAY!

6. I don't like having my nails clipped, although I tolerate it because I'm such a nice guy.

Now I must tag six other kitties. I tag:

1. Shadow (#496709)
2. Little One (#492197)
3. Madison (#648286)
4. Missy (#689274)
5. Meatball (#419222)
6. Church (#652932)


I've Been Tagged!

May 28th 2008 6:10 pm
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I have been tagged by Dusty (Catster #707559).

I need to tell 5 fabulous facts about myself, and then tag five other Catsters. Here are 5 fabulous facts about me:

1. I was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Furresno, California, where less than 20% of the pets find homes :-( , so I was one of the lucky few!

2. My hobby is kneading, and I am very good at it!

3. I went missing for three days in April and when I was found, my thigh was fractured in two places...Meowch!! (My pawrents won't let me go outside anymore...)

4. When my brother Curly first came to live with us I was scared of him because he chased me, but now he is my bestest furriend! (and I'm bigger than he is now, MOL!)

5. Out of my entire furmily, I have the LOUDEST purr!

I tag:
Lily (my brother Curly's fiancée ) (#647722)
Loki (#382301)
Giles (#288531)
Che (#546688)
and last but not least:
Haley Ann, Reine de Modesto (#90631)


Happy Camper

April 14th 2008 6:32 pm
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When Mommy picked me up from the vet last Thursday, she was surprised to see that I didn't need to wear a cast after all...I just have a whole lot of stitches! (I also have a funny haircut, but we won't talk about that, MOL!) Mommy and Daddy had been planning for months to attend a California Bluegrass Association campout this weekend, and Daddy had already gone on ahead with their travel trailer while Mommy waited for me to have my surgery. She wanted to be able to keep an eye on me all weekend and give me the medication the doctor prescribed, so she brought me with her to the campgrounds on Friday, and I spent the whole weekend being spoiled and pampered, and listening to lots of mewsic, too! Mommy put a video on YouTube that shows me relaxing in a camping chair and enjoying the mewsic: ( Mommy brought along my favorite stuffed toy lion for me to knead, and I got to sleep on a bed in the trailer. I also got petted and fussed over by a lot of nice people. Mommy and Daddy said that I was such a happy camper and so much fun to have along that they will continue to take me on camping trips in the future, even after my hip has healed! I think that will be fun, but for now, it's good to be back home and see my best buddy Curly. I really want to thank all of the nice cats and humans who have sent me good wishes for a speedy recovery!


Lost...and FOUND!

April 10th 2008 11:03 am
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On Monday night, April 7, 2008, I ran outside at night and got lost! I'm never allowed out after dark because we live in the mountains where there are dangerous wild animals like coyotes...but Daddy had opened the door to get something from the garage, and I darted outside before he could stop me! I was just being silly, and had no idea that anything bad could happen to me. Daddy tried to get me but he fell in a ditch and hurt his back! (poor Daddy...I'm sorry.) So Mommy went out to look for me, but that quickly, I had disappeared. I was very, very frightened. I can't tell Mommy if a coyote chased me, or if I got hit by a car, but I do know I was badly hurt and went and hid....for THREE DAYS! Mommy was beside herself...She put up "Missing" posters with my photo, sent a "lost cat" ad into the local paper, and alerted the neighbors to look for me. (This all makes me feel very impurrtant!)
On the morning of April 10th, Mommy got a phone call from her next-door-neighbor, telling her to come over right away. Mommy ran over, and there I was, huddled in the back of a doghouse! It seemed like a safe place for me. I was too scared and in too much pain to come to Mommy, so she crawled inside the doghouse to get me. She found that I had a big, bloody spot on my left hip and that my left hind leg was just dangling, obviously broken. She rushed me to the vet. The doctor took X-rays that showed my thigh bone was fractured in two places. He put it back together with a pin and two wire coils to hold the bone together. I will have to wear a cast on my leg for awhile, but it could have been SO much worse! I am glad to be safe again, and I purromise never to run outside anymore! Thanks to all my furiends for their purrs and purrayers...I know they helped me to come home to Mommy and Daddy!


Holiday Tag

December 4th 2007 5:23 pm
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I wasn't even planning on having a diary, but then my friend Odie (Catster ID649248) tagged me to play "All I Want For Christmas", and I don't want to be a party pooper! I list some things I want for Christmas, then tag 5 kitties to make THEIR wish lists in their diaries.
My five wishes are:
1. I wish for good homes for all the pound kitties and dogs of the world. (I was a pound kitty, after all.)
2. I wish that everyone would spay and neuter their pets, so less animals would end up in the pound.
3. I wish my big brother Stanley would want to play with me every time I want to play with him.
4. I wish Daddy would start letting me sleep on the bed again. It's not my fault that he's allergic!
5. I wish I could comfort all of the humans whose kitties have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

OK, now who can I tag? How about Tigress, Oreo, Pedro, Areyel, and Pepino?!

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