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Fluffy's Adventures

Fluffy's TV Debut

December 22nd 2007 10:16 am
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Mom had a dream to get me into TV commercials. She was so proud of me that she wanted to share me with the world! Mom worked at a gym so she knew many people. She wanted to have a video of me doing my tricks but she didn't have a video camera. Her friend, Bob offered to come and tape me. He loved cats too. My training sessions lasted about 15 minutes or so and we trained almost every day. Bob taped the whole session. Mom also knew a reporter named Tara Mergener. She worked for channel 8 news in Portland, Maine. Mom let Tara borrow the tape. A few days later, Tara told mom that channel 8 wanted to do a story about me! WOW! Tara came over the house with a man who had a big, professional camera. They set up all sorts of lights and a big white umbrella. I managed to stay focused and did all my tricks. Mom even taught me a special trick just for the occasion. I learned to sit in front of the TV and watch a Friskies commercial. The news crew was there for four hours! I was exhausted but I kept doing my tricks because I knew it meant a lot to mom. Mom realized how tired I was and decided that a life of fame and fortune was no life for me. It was too hard on me. I did get on TV though and lots of people saw me! You can see the news clip right here on my Catster page! Mom's friend, Bob, also made a website for me. It is old, but it is still active. Go to:


Fluffy's Tricks

December 21st 2007 3:57 pm
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I think that I was about six months old or so when I started to learn to do tricks. By this time I was already trained to walk on a harness and leash. I liked going for walks outside with mom. Our back yard was fenced in, so I could go off the leash and run around and play. I like to chase butterflies.

I really liked tuna so mom used that to teach me to do tricks. She had a small clicker that she would use to let me know that I did the trick right. My first trick was to sit up on my back legs and beg. Mom would hold a small bit of tuna above my nose and say "beg". When I sat on my hind legs and begged, mom would click the clicker and I would get the tuna fish. It wasn't hard! After I realized that the clicker meant that I did what mom wanted and that I would get tuna, I learned very quickly. I could do many tricks: sit, stay, come, beg, give my paw. wave, lay down, roll over, give kisses, nod "yes", shake "no", jump up on a platform, jump between platforms and jump through a hoop! Mom also bought me a special car seat so that I would be safe riding in the car. The seat belt attached to my harness so I could either lay down or sit up and look out the window.


Fluffy- The Early Years

December 20th 2007 4:24 pm
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The diary is a tribute to Fluffy's life. She will live on in our hearts forever.

I had an extraordinary life with my human mom. The beginning, however, wasn't so wonderful. In fact it is a miracle that I even survived. My feline mom was a feral cat. I was born in July of 1998 in a small utility shed in Epping, NH. There were five of us in all. I had four sisters and one brother. Mom would have to leave us often to hunt for food. One day, when I was about four weeks old, mom went out to find food and she never came back! It was cold and raining outside and we were scared! My brother crawled out of the shed to go and look for mom. He cried and cried for her. A human lady found my brother on her lawn. He was soaked through from the rain and he was very cold. She took him inside the house and tried to warm him, but he was too weak. My brother went to the bridge, so I guess he did find mom after all. The lady, whose name was Diana, and her husband brought the rest of us inside the house too. Diana's husband said that he had seen our mom dead on the side of the road. I was very sad. A few days later, Diana put me inside of a carrier and took me for a ride in her car. That was when I met my human mom! Mom had a bed for me, a litter box, food, water and lots of toys. She introduced me to my older sister cat, Pippen. I don't think that Pippen was too happy to meet me at first. She hissed at me. We became friends after awhile.

Mom took me to see the Vet a few days later. That was when I met Dr. Martin. I loved Dr. Martin right away! I was so tiny that he couldn't give me my vaccinations right away. I was only about four weeks old and weighed about one pound.

Mom soon realized that I liked to ride in the car. She started taking me with her on errands. She bought me a little kitten harness and started to teach me how to walk on a harness and leash. My training had begun.


All I Want For Christmas Is.....

December 18th 2007 4:24 pm
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My Christmas wish is probably very different from most. Since I am no longer with Mom and Dad, my wish has a more spiritual flavor to it. My wish is that all animals on this planet can live their lives free of abuse, torture, fear, pain and suffering. I know this is a tall order and probably won't happen for a very long time, but I know in my heart that humans are good and compassionate. One day I envision humans and animals living together in harmony and peace. There will be no more hunting or fishing, no more factory farms and no more animals killed for their fur. One day the earth will be restored and nature will be in perfect balance. As a kitty angel, that is my dream and my Christmas wish. Peace on earth and goodwill to ALL!
Merry Christmas!


Happy Thanksgiving

November 12th 2007 1:53 pm
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Hi, my name is Fluffy. Even though I am no longer with my human Mom, she still wanted to start a diary for me. Over the years we had some incredible adventures. Mom will post some of them in this journal. Look for future entries.

Since it is almost Thanksgiving, I thought I would start my diary with some of the things that I was thankful for.
#1 Being saved by Diana after my Mom was killed by a car. I was only a 4 week old kitten when I lost my Mom. Without Diana, I would not have survived.
#2 Having 8 special years with my human Mom. We had a unique bond that will continue forever, whether we are physically with each other or not
#3 All the wonderful experiences I have had with Mom
---Walking along the seashore
---Going on outings in the car
--- Selecting my own pumpkin for Halloween
---Being on TV for my tricks
---Meeting strange animals like horses and goats!
---Walking outside on my harness and playing in the backyard
#4 Becoming a Reiki Healer
#5 Being a Doctor with the Furry Federation
Yes, I have a lot to be thankful for. My life was full and rich and I was loved beyond belief.

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