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Tony's Tale

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I'm a purrround angel brother

February 13th 2014 10:26 pm
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Dear Furrrriends,

I am so purrround of my dear brofur Orion who finally asked the beautiful Charm to be his Valentine. After years of telling me how gorgeous Charm is, how sweet she is, how he loves every picture that has ever been posted, he finally got the nerve to ask her to be his Valentine on what was the scariest year of all, when Catster might go away, he realized if he didn't ask now he might never get another chance MOL!

Well I'm purrround of him for finally being a little brave little o!

I love you my brofur and happy Valentines day to all my friends!


2 Years

September 14th 2013 12:45 am
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Dear Tony,

It's been just over 2 years since you crossed the rainbow bridge. It's a struggle to write these entries, there are no words to describe how wonderful you were, how much you are missed. Every time I start to write, the words just don't measure up.

Know that Orion and I miss you so very much. And know that the little Theo kitten that came into our lives keeps 'Little O' company so that he's not too lonely. I know that you always kept an eye on him, and are still watching over him while you are up there in heaven.

See you in my dreams Tony!




Thank you and note from momma

June 22nd 2013 12:43 am
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Dear furriends,

Thank you so much for the pawmails and prezzies, to all my furriends for remembering my birthday!!

A note from Tonys momma:

Dear friends of Tony,
Its so hard for me to believe that my sweet little Tony has been gone just under 2 years. The first moment that I met Tony, was when he was a cute perfect little grey and while fluff ball kitten in a box with his brothers and sisters. I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. I never had seen a cuter kitten in my life. I was blessed to have him in my life for 17 years. It means so very much to me that he is remembered on his birthday Thank you so much for remembering my Tony.

purrrs from Tony's momma


A note from momma

January 8th 2013 11:26 am
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Dear Tony

I miss you so much. You took such good care of me for so many years.
You were truly a perfect kitty and I am sure you are
a perfect guardian angel. Theo is doing his best trying to be the kitty that
pulls the kitty family together. You always took care of me and Orion.
Now Theo and Orion have a boys club and Lily tries to be Theos momma.
Well I got a little off track but I just wanted to say I miss you my beautiful
And wonderful tony.



1 year old!

September 14th 2012 11:13 pm
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4 days after I crossed the rainbow bridge, a beautiful kitty momma had a beautiful litter of angel kitties. The beautiful momma kitty was Lily's sisfur. Me and Staush and Aryeh whispered in momma's ear, and in Lily's momma's momma's ear that there was a certain adorable little boy destined to connect with momma's heart. A little angel in silver sepia, with a beautiful pattern that momma was to learn later on looked like a dragon fro the top of him. Everyone knew his name should be Theo as soon as momma thought of it. And Theo came home and well....

causes lots and lots of trubbies and gives lots and lots of love
and does everything that the most perfect kitten should do. I have been there coaching him, although I have to say I have not told him to jump on the counters. Maybe that is Aryeh MOL!!

Happy Birthday Little Theopolis, Theo Pendragon who has a heart of a lion just like Orion!!! We all love you!!!


One year ago.

September 11th 2012 8:50 am
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Dear Furriends,
Today is the first anniversary of my journey over the bridge.
I was not feeling well, just didn't want to try anymore, and momma let me go while she cradled me, kissed me, and told me how much she loved me. it was a hard year for momma losing me and Aryeh within about a year of each other. Me, I had a lot of good years with momma, and while momma takes comfort in that, having a world without me is still hard for her to accept.

Now I spend my time watching over momma with Aryeh and Staush, and spending a lot of time with baby Theo who I try to teach how to take care of momma, how to take care of Orion too and what can I say, he's a cutie and a lovebug - just like me!!


Tony's First Birthday at the Bridge

June 21st 2012 12:58 pm
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This is Tony's momma.

My, it is amazing how many of my beloved furbabies have birthdays in June. It must be kitten month!

I have a sweet story to tell. It is about Tony.

About 18 years ago, a friend of a friend had adopted a pregnant calico cat. She was truly a beautiful kitty, with lots of red on her. One night, and actually I was there that night, she started to give birth. It was during World Cup Soccer. USA was playing in it. I don't know if Tony was born while I was there or not, but there were 4 perfect babies born that night. A little tortie girl, a grey stripey girl, an orange striped boy, and Tony, the only long haired kitten in the litter who was a grey and white.

Maybe a month later I got to visit the kittens who were hanging out in their kitten box - not sure how old they were... but I saw Tony and it was love at first sight. He was the cutest little grey and white fluff ball!! I never thought I'd be 'owned' by 2 kitties. I had adopted Staush and I had been told he was not good with other kitties. Well like I said, the moment I saw Tony, it was love at first sight, and to make it more obvious, he was the one of the litter to jump out of the box while I was there.

It wasn't for a few more weeks that I was asked if I would adopt one of the babies. I said yes, but didn't say which one I wanted. To be honest I felt that any of the 4 would be a blessing. In my heart I think I wanted Tony though :)

One day, when the kittens were being brought to their new homes, guess who was in the carrier for me?? It was Tony! It was the happiest day of my life. What made it even happier was that he was perfectly healthy.

Guess what else?? He was truly the perfect kitten. One squirt of the bottle and he never did another thing wrong in his whole life (well maybe a few things, but I could never ever be mad at him). And Staush and Tony got a long so well. In fact I was jealous because Tony was really Staush's kitten for the longest time. And Staush who was shy came out of his shell and was a much friendlier cat after Tony came into our lives.

We all lived very happily together. And guess what, Tony absolutely loved Orion. He took care of him since Orion was basically a baby. I knew at 17 I was lucky that he had lasted 5 years with kidney disease. I kept praying that I would be lucky enough to have him for a while after Aryeh's early crossing, but it was only meant to be for another year. Orion and I miss him horribly.

Anyway, That's our story. I love you Tony Kitten, and I miss you very much. I will always keep you in my heart.


Guess What??

December 25th 2011 12:27 pm
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Well, The kitten is out of the bag so to speak!! I thought that Orion needed a new buddy who would give him the cuddles and kisses he needs when momma is not around, and Aryeh thought that his Lily needed someone to play with more, and Staush thought that both momma and Orion needed a little more love bug action so.... a little dragon has landed at Momma's place. His name is Theo and he has a little dragon marking on his back - well actually a big one. So momma's calling him Theo Pendragon MOL! what a silly momma.

I miss my momma so much, and so do her other angels. We hope that the three muffins take good care of her and each other and that she has a happy house for a very long time.

Me and the other angels will be watching and snuggling with them always.



2 months - Tony's momma again.

November 16th 2011 7:51 pm
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It's been just over two months since my Tony Kitten crossed the bridge. I am still having a real hard time believing he's gone. We shared 17 year full of love, and it's something to celebrate. I guess I'm only human in that I am still just really sad that the time came for him to leave. I never was lucky enough to be able to share that length of time with my other kitties that crossed previously, and I pray that I will get at least that long with my younger 'babies'.

Tony was a bit understated, but he was and is so dearly loved by myself and the other kitties - especially Orion. I hope someday we will all be together. I love you Tony kitten, and we all miss you very much.


A week

September 21st 2011 7:55 pm
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A note from Tony's momma:
Just over a week after my Tony kitten crossed the bridge, his ashes have returned home to me, his momma. Tony was really the perfect cat. It was love at first sight when I saw him as a kitten. He learned quicker than any to only scratch on scratchy posts, etc. He was my longest companion, and I can't begin to say how much I miss him. My heart is very heavy over the loss of my special sweet boy.

Thank you to all of his catster friends for all of the notes and kind words that you have expressed.

To my Tony Kitten- I love you and miss you sweet boy. I will love you always and always will treasure the time we had together.

I pray we meet again.

Love, your momma

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