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thank you!!!

April 14th 2014 9:32 pm
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My dear furrriends!!!! you have overwhelmed this little O with your prezzies and happy birfday wishes!!! birdies, eggs, butterflies, cuppycakes, birfday cakes, hugs, shrimpies, baseballs, lady bugs, bunnies and easter eggs, this little O got so many birfday prezzies he doesn't know what to do with himself!!! I think we should all have a party, and have kitty birfday cake, play with the butterflies and ladybugs and birdies, baseballs,

I have the best furrriends, thank you so much!!!




Birfday Soon!!!

April 11th 2014 8:46 am
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Hi Everyone, momma says my birfday is coming up soon. She just said that there is no way that I can be almost 7 years old already. She said that it seems like just 5 minutes ago that I was a tiny little O!!! She says she sees my face and sees the same face of the baby little O!

We want to say thank you to catster for staying around, and letting us celebrate our birfdays here!

Only 3 more days!!!!

I wonder what momma is going to get me?

I hope I get my own can of fancy feast!! yummmmy!


I have a Valentine!!!!!!

February 9th 2014 9:45 pm
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Well I could not wait one more year so I finally asked the lovely and the sweetest girl cat muffin on the whole planet to be my Valentine.

And She said Yes!!!!!!

Yeeeehaaaa!! I am one happy little O.

Thank you Charm for being my Valentine this year.

Little O hugs to!


My Wish

April 27th 2012 10:19 pm
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Dear Diary and Catster furriends

My fondish wish (other than cuddling all day, I am a cuddle bug after all), is for all kitties to get loving furrevver homes. All kitties, no matter how old or young, big (no comments) or small deserve loving furrevver homes where their mommas give them lots of kisses, cuddles, food and other stuff that we need. Sending lots of little O cuddles to all of my catster furrriend, and purrrs and purrayers for all kitties in need.


Thank Mew!!!!

April 15th 2012 8:28 pm
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Thank mew to so many wonderful Catster friends for the birthday wishes and prezzies!
Thank mew so much for thinking about me on my birthday!

I celebrated extra today with momma and Theo.
We had cuddles!!! Yes I'm a cuddlebug! I love my brofur and momma!!

Hugs and cuddle!!




February 29th 2012 8:14 pm
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Please purr for little Angel. She's a very little kitty who is not feeling good. She has a fever and isn't eating good. She's always been tiny, and we are especially worried because she is not big and strong like ummm well..... You know....

Your little O


Ps concats to my friends who got catster honors today!!
Pps: momma must think it's funny to call me Lil O'rion!! Lil is my sisfur! Silly momma!!! I love you!


I'm feeling better!!

November 16th 2011 7:16 pm
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Dear Friends

Me and momma want to thank you so much for your purrs and rosettes and pawmails when I was sick. Momma was so worried. She says I'm a big piece of her heart and it hurts so bad to see me sick and not acting all sweet and cuddly and down and glum. No one knows what was wrong with me. Momma paniced the first day when I wouldn't eat and I was looking down. I had a nasty fever and she's so glad she took me to the doctor. They gave me shots and sub qs and I ate a little when I got home. The next morning I barely ate and I refused to eat and was acting nauseous again! And then on Friday night that week - oh nooooooo!!!!! bad litter box and barfing too!!!! momma started to freak out and took me in for an ultrasound. Guess what? my fever was gone and after more sub qs I was back to normal after being put on metronidazole. My doctor thinks maybe I got into some bad food. And Lily had bad dooods too. So maybe we both got into something bad. Momma says its hard enough to find a food that we'll eat and not have issues with, and then something sneaky happens!!!!

Ooops, hopefully the next time I write in my diary it will be about how Lily won't let me play with my feather toy and how Lily won't give me enough kissies!!

I guess I'll go get some kisses from momma!!!


Orion's momma here

November 5th 2011 11:14 am
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Orion's momma here-
Little O continues to not eat. He had nasty #2 and threw up last night. He's acting more like himself, I want to believe whatever he's got is working itself out - however being the worry wart proactive momma I have dropped him off for an ultrasound and to retake his temp (I tried that last night...). Depending on the outcome he may stay overnight on IV fluids or come home with sub qs.

A very worried momma who loves her little O


Silly Tigey!!

May 13th 2011 7:01 pm
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My sisfur is very silly. She knows I'm momma's special cuddle bug. How come when momma comes over to give me special cuddles and hugs and smooshies she runs over like she wants some?? Then momma doesn't know what to do. She wants to give us both kisses, cuddles and smooshies and hugs, and guess what?? It's cutting down on my quality cuddle time!

Well I'm officially a 'mancat' now, and I guess I have to let that little girl calm down a little, and then maybe Tigey will realize she should just come over and we can share momma! MOL!!! Silly Tigey!!


A Happy Birthday!!!

April 14th 2011 7:57 pm
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Dear friends,

One of my favorite letters is 'L'. Why you mays ask??

Well, it is the first letter of my name, "Little O"
and it's the first letter of that cute little fluff muffin sister of mine Lily's name!

2 reasons are good enough for me!!

Thank you to all my furriends for your birthday wishes and prezzies. You all make Catster so special, and momma, me, Lily, Tony, and angel Aryeh and angel Staush feel the warmth of your friendship and it makes us all smile so much. We are sorry that we're not on catster more these days. Momma's busy too many hours and computer challenged once she gets home! We all love you very much, and I am sending you all little O hugs and snuggles!! (momma calls them snugglebugs!! MOL!!)



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