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Rockin' With Riley

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Baby Blocks Are Not Manly!!!

April 3rd 2015 11:54 am
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What have you done momma??!!
Okay, you say I was cute...maybe true.
You say I was cuddly...also true.
But BABY BLOCKS on my Easter page? Come on...seriously?
You can do better than that, can't you?
What's that? You say you like the hearts on the blocks because I was your sweetheart.
I guess I can stand it for a few days, but just because I love you too. Only PLEASE don't add any baby lullaby's or anything that embarrassing.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Peace, Love & catnip purrs,


Rainbow Bridge Anniversary # 5

December 7th 2014 6:48 pm
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As I watched from a billowy cloud, I saw momma wiping tears from her cheek as she and dad looked over my pictures on my Catster page. It's five years ago today since she helped me cross the Bridge. I think she would have carried me across herself and not gone back, but there are a lot of other kitties here that need her love and care. I said "Momma, I'm fine now." "Just close your eyes and I'm there, brushing against your face and cooing in your ear." Bridge Days can be filled with happy memories too. Then dad remembered that our old camera still had pictures they had never taken off. (The battery had failed) Dad worked on getting them off. So there are a few new ones of me that haven't been seen before. I hope my friends will enjoy them.

I'm going to spend the rest of the evening with my Angel family here. Zack put together a nice gathering. Flyin' off for now.

Peace, Love and Catnip Purrs,

Butterfly kisses to my love, Anna


My 5th Birthday at the Bridge

October 13th 2014 3:53 pm
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Today was the 5th Birthday I have celebrated here at the Bridge. I got an "Earth Day" birthday pass and spent the day with my beautiful gal, Anna. I have pictures but was afraid to add them for fear of the Catster Flea Monster eating them up!
Before I left on my amazing Earthbound date, *Riley grins and winks*, My angel family and a few special friends here threw me a nice party. For those of you who did not know, my brother, Queso, joined us here two weeks ago. We all teased him because he crash landed several times. It takes some time to master these wings!
But mostly I wanted to tell everyone how much I think about them all the time. Momma is trying to find her way back to Catsterland (I think the birds ate the bread crumbs) but if that happens, I'll visit a lot more.
Well, I'm off to round up some butterflies! It was great to be back, if only for a while.

Peace, love & catnip purrs,

P.S. *Blows a kiss to Anna*


Hearts and Happiness

February 6th 2010 8:03 pm
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Hey dudes...who's got the sweetest valentine on Catster? ME!
I asked this girl...fully expecting that she would politely say no...and to my delight, she said YES!
Not only will she be my valentine for Valentine's day, but she said she will be my Catster girl everyday!

*does back-flips*

Okay, have I left you in suspense for long enough?

My lovely valentine is Anna! *big sigh*

Now I know she's got a lot of admirers, and I am not the jealous type, so dudes, don't be afraid or shy to send her valentines too. It's cool.

And if you have a special someone who you have wanted to get closer to, then take a chance, put your heart out there.
I did, and boy am I glad I did.

Thanks everyone, for sharing my happiness.

Peace, love, more love, & catnip purrs,
Riley~the happy angel~


One Month Already

January 7th 2010 6:46 pm
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It's almost impossible that it's been a month since you left Riley.
I miss you more every day.
I have made a promise to myself to try to stop crying, and remember all the funny things that made me laugh about you. the way Cary would flop on top of you, and throw her tail around your face, like a boa. It often made you sneeze...but you never protested. You were the gentlest soul I have ever known.
...or the way you would reach your paw out to say "more" when I was rubbing your soft belly.
I teased you about that tubby tummy. I'm sorry sweetie.
...and the way you would clean and hold all the new kittens. All babies that join our house will never know your love now.
But I am so, so grateful that I did. For nine years you never stopped loving me. From the day we found you, you have been my Big Love.
I pray you have found peace, Riley. We'll have our special time again...wait for me.

Love forever and ever,


My Precious Boy...

January 4th 2010 8:49 am
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Oh Riley...
How can I say how much I miss you baby?
We went into the vets office, to sign papers for Harry's cremation.
They had gotten in a new shipment of collars. One of them was bright colors, with hearts and peace signs. I thought..."Oh! I must get that for Riley!"
Then the pain stabbed my heart, as I had to remember that I will never hold your squishy, chubby body in my arms again. I will never feel those paws around my neck and your warm face cooing and purring against my cheek.
Please don't be gone...let me wake up from a bad dream and find you there still.
I miss you so much, Riley.

Love you forever,


DDP And Missed It!

December 13th 2009 4:47 am
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*Flaps wings excitedly*

Wouldn't you know it? I'm away taking flying lessons, and getting my orientation classes out of the way, and I get chosen as a Diary Pick! WAH!

Well, I send my belated thank you, Catster Diary Girl. I appreciate the kindness!

Thanks to my friends who wrote, commented, and sent gifts to my page. I've got an awful lot of thanking to do, and I've got a very slow staff, so bear with me. Purrrs.

Yesterday a letter came in the mail from my vet. It made momma started crying all over again. It was a card with my paw print, and had a little bag of my fur. Maybe there will be a picture to show you later. Don't cry momma, I'm OK now, I really am.
I do miss laying on your head, but the clouds actually are a lot softer. :)

I have been watching over the little kitten that my parents are fostering. I know daddy wants to keep her, and so does momma, but they feel she is adoptable now that she is getting more tame. Daddy carries her around in his jacket, like a kangaroo with a little joey. She purrs a lot now. I think she is good for their hearts.

Well, I have some angel errands, so I'm off for now, but I'll come back for a visit soon.

Peace, Love & Catnip Purrs.

P.S. You should see the catnip fields up here. Wowee!


From Riley's Dad

December 10th 2009 9:34 pm
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I wish to thank all who have expressed their sorrow at Riley's passing.
The past few days have been very hard on Teri. She and I loved Riley and have been greatly saddened by his absence. Fatigue and grief have worn Teri down to the point that she needs to take a break for a couple of days. So that no one worries, she is OK, just needing a short sabbatical. I've asked that Teri limit her time on here so that she can get caught up a bit on her sleep and have some time to accept that he left us far too soon. She will continue Hannah's Angel Stroll, as this is very near and dear to her, especially with the passing of Zack and now sweet Riley. Please understand that her heart is with all of you and she will return to be with her friends who have shared and continue to share our sadness.




December 8th 2009 10:02 pm
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The last thing I remember was clouds...
The next thing I knew, I was soaring through the clouds, lifted on the wings of so many of my friends who went to be Bridge before me. I saw old friends there, and many new ones, brothers and sisters of cats I knew. I saw my beloved brother Zack again, and my dear friend, Bubbie. It was incredible. They all purred in unison, and it was a true Choir of Angels.
And tonight I got my wings! My brother-in-love, Wally asked lovely K.C. to make a picture to show you all.
Aren't they great? I love these wings! They're even cooler than my VW, and a lot faster too!
And thank you too, to my lovely friend Twix, who made a beautiful picture of me. The colors just match my page.

Now I have to go for some flying lessons before I will get to come back to Earth for a visit.

I also have to hire a part-time secretary to help me with all the letters I want to write to everyone who helped me and my momma through these last couple of weeks.
My momma says she needs a little time, and then we will get started on that.

I love you all.

Rock on!
Peaceful Angel Purrs,

P.S. OMC! I almost forgot to say thank you to Catster HQ for making me the Diary of the Day! The computer stayed off today, and I just found out a little while ago!
I am very honored by the tribute, and send my thanks to all those who wrote and sent rosettes.



December 7th 2009 7:26 am
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The table was covered with a pale blue fleece blanket, with clouds.
When they shaved the white fur from his leg, it blended in with the clouds.
I saved it.

Our precious Riley is an angel now.

Both his vets were there. They assured us we were doing the right thing. Will I ever be sure of that?
I don't have enough words right now, to express all our gratitude to those who loved Riley.
I will try to write more later today.

With a heart filled with sorrow, but also with love,
Teri and David

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