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One Cat-tastrophy after another by Zack

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Meeps Tag Game

January 23rd 2015 11:16 am
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Our family made some new friends today, Meep and Bibi. They have been Catster cats for 7 years, don't know why we never met them before today, but we love new friends.

I agree with Meep that we need to put some fun back in Catster, so I'll play his new tag game
"Your cat eat's that!"

Mine is no secret but everyone thought it was weird...
jalapeno potato chips and jalapeno bean dip!

I tag by pal Paisan to play

>^,,^< Zack


The First Year Without Zack

May 16th 2010 1:04 pm
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I was watching mom as she answered some mail this morning. She kept wiping her eyes. I know she misses me everyday, but it is especially hard today, the anniversary of the day I left.

I want to thank my lovely fiancée, Kiwi, for the wonderful Angel Star and the special rainbow picture she made for me. Kiwi, you are my light to lead me back home. Stay well and healthy, my dear little love.

Wally, thank you for the beautiful Angel Wings. To me, you are "The Prince of Angels", no greater friend, or more caring Angel exists.

I also want to send a message to my best friend, Chef Rooster. Watch for my lizard today, Cheffy, he will be coming for a visit.

And my dear little pal, soc is celebrating his 14th Birthday today. Many Birthday Purrs to you!

Sir Sonny Bono's two beautiful sisfurs are having their 2nd Birthday today also. Happy Birthday Presley, and Paris!

More sisters pal, Hooch's sister, Callista (Baby G) is ten today. You don't look a day over five, Baby G.
And his sister, Princess, is 8 years old. Hope you both have fun days.

I was remembering something from my kittenhood...
I used to hide when mom came around the corner, then I would dash out and bite her ankles. (sorry about that now, mom)
But then the game would ensue. Mom would say "Zack! I'm gonna GET YOU!", and we would chase each other, I would run, then she would stop and I would chase her.
That was a lot of fun, aside from the bleeding ankles, I mean. hehehe.

I want to thank all my friends who helped mom get through this day, a year ago. I never sent proper thank you's, time gets away.
Enjoy every day, my friends. Friendship and Love, ahhh, is their anything better...except maybe tuna?

Love and purrs always,
>^,,^< Zacky


About Claire and Lucy

May 11th 2010 10:22 pm
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I promised an update on Claire, but I don't have a lot of news tonight.
Claire had her creatine tested for kidney values, and liver enzymes checked, and one was out of range. She was given a saline bag to get fluids tonight, and then she will have a sonogram in the morning. The vet suspected liver failure, but wants to rule out liver cancer. This is not good news by any means, but we don't have the whole picture yet.
Thank you all for purring for her. Mom let her start a diary to make it easier to follow her progress.

Lucy hasn't had time to write so I said I would post an update for her too.
She ate a good breakfast, a whole can of Fancy Feast, and a whole 3 oz can of Purina ProPlan tonight. She seems to find it easier to eat since the tumor burst. The vet explained that this was part of the tumor actually dying because it grew faster than the blood supply feeding it. The rest of the tumor is farther back and while it distorts her beautiful face, it does make it easier for her to chew. They are letting Lucy tell them when the time is right. She is active and alert, and that red-head spirit is not giving up yet.

In just a few days it will be the first anniversary of my crossing to the Bridge. I have been staying close to my family and I have seems lots of tears falling lately. Mom says she is sorry she has not been on-line more. There is just too much to deal with right now.

Thank you for being here for us in these tough times. That is the measure of true friends. They are there when you need them.
I send love and purrs to all, especially my love, Kiwi.

Goodnight purrs,
>^,,^< Zack


My Sister Needs Purrs

May 10th 2010 9:32 pm
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My friends, this is an urgent request.
My sister Claire is needing purrs and prayers tonight. She hasn't been feeling well for a while, and the vet thought it was her thyroid, and told mom to weigh her, and then they would check her again. He has been out of town and mom has been wrapped up with Lucy, and tonight Claire won't eat or drink and she cries when mom moves her.
Mom is very scared because this is how Riley acted before he died. It came on slowly, almost unnoticeable. All of the sudden she is really ill.
Please purr hard that whatever it is, it can be corrected with antibiotics or medicine. Claire does not have a diary, so I will update tomorrow after the vet sees her.

Thank you all~
Loving purrs,
>^,,^< Zack


Diary Pick, Thanks

December 27th 2009 9:28 pm
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I did not know I was a diary pick today, until several friends wrote.
We did not come to Catster until very late. It was an unexpected honor, which I am very grateful for.
I read all those kind and wise comments to mom. She cried a lot of tears, but through them she kept telling me how wonderful all our friends are, here on Catster.
We are one big family, and together we will get through the sad and hard times, and celebrate together through the happy times.
Thank you all for everything you wrote.

More Loving Purrs, >^,,^< Zack


Holiday Happiness?

December 26th 2009 9:41 am
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I've been asked to send a message from my family.
I've always been the head of the household, so now I get to hold that position from Heaven.

A month ago, we had plans of a wonderful Christmas. We had hopes for a bright New Year. We had many, many friends to visit and wish Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays.
But things weren't merry, and nothing seemed bright.
Riley's sudden death has affected everyone here more than mom can get past, right now.
Sadness, mixed with guilt, and the tormented wish that he was not gone, has kept momma from doing all the things she wanted to do for everyone here, this holiday.
We would like to ask your forgiveness, and ask if it would be okay that some Christmas cards arrive late, and some rosettes still send wishes, however tardy. There are also so many pmails, not answered yet, but we promise to get to each one.
Hannah is passionate to complete her angel diary stroll by the end of the year, and she feels terrible that she has let many down already, but wants to see it to completion, and hopes that everyone will understand.
More unhappiness is certain here. Harry is hanging on, but his days are drawing to a close. He has lived far past his predictions, and that is a blessing, but he is slipping away.
Jack has become feeble, he is an old man, nearing 16. We fear he will not be with us a whole lot longer either.
Lucy has developed a lesion in her mouth. It was treated with antibiotics, but is not responding, and she will most likely require surgery very soon.

We hesitated to write all this, not wanting to dampen the spirit of the holidays, but we felt we had to explain our absence. Mostly we want everyone to know that you all mean so much to my family, despite that it might seem we are being distant. Please accept our apologies, and our deepest love.
We all sincerely wish for everyone, the best, and brightest, New Year, filled with hope.

With Loving Purrs,
>^,,^< Zack and the Texas Wild Bunch


More Kitten News

December 21st 2009 7:05 am
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The tiny tabby is now being called Riza. (thanks Normy!) Great suggestion.
This is for Ri-ley and Za-ck. We still have her here, but that may be drawing to a close.
Mom has stressed and worried about whether or not to give her up. She says she needs a push, one way or the other, so she knows she is doing the right thing. Well, Saturday, she and dad took Riza up to be weighed again, and to show our vet how much tamer she has become. She gained a little, weighing 1.7 pounds now, from 1.5. The vet was out, but his wife was there, so momma carried her into her office to show off. (she is really precious)
The vet's wife said her oldest daughter (married), had lost her very loved cat of 12 years, just a couple months ago, and was still greiving. She asked mom if the kitten needed a home.
Mom hestitated, and the lady immediately picked up on it and said, "If you change your mind..." Well, mom thought about it all weekend. They can give her everything she could ever want. But more important, she could give this girl the love she needs right now. This is going to be an exceptional kitten, she is smart, sweet, playful, and will make someone a wonderful lifelong companion. The vet's wife said she would question her daughter about whether or not she was ready. So mom is going to offer her to this family. This is a hard thing to do...
But If they say no, then maybe she was meant for us, all along.
Thank you all for following Riza's story, and for all the helpful comments.
Going to go and sprinkle some angel dust on my fiancee now. In Maine, that will be like sparkly snow! If I don't get back here again, for a bit, have a wonderful and very merry Christmas.

Love & purrs,
>^,,^< Zack


Kitten Dilemma~Advice Needed

December 15th 2009 9:29 am
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Purrs, my friends.
The baby kitten is doing great. She passed her FIV and FeLV tests with flying colors.
Her little belly is as round as an orange. No more hissy fits, only purrs. In fact, she makes mom laugh because when mom baby talks to her, she plops over on her back and wiggles her legs. It's so funny. And when she sees the food dish coming, she stands up on her back legs, and waves her paws in the air.
So, the dilemma. You see, it's Tuesday, and she is still here. She should have gone to the shelter on Monday. They weren't ready to say goodbye yet.
Now who would have guessed this might have happened?
The question is whether or not to listen to their hearts or their heads.
Mom knows that if she lets her go, she will always regret it. But she also knows that many people could give her a home with better conditions.
So they are going to keep her until the next drop-off date for the shelter, which is Friday.
That gives them a little more time with her, and more time to search their hearts.
We would like to have our friends opinion, pro or con, it will be valuable in making a decision. Thanks for reading today.

Angel purrs and lots of love,
>^,,^< Zack and Family


Attic Kitten

December 11th 2009 7:23 am
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Just wanted to let everyone know, the little attic kitten is doing well.
She still hisses and trembles, but "Hiss-Hiss-Spit" has been replaced with "Hiss-Mew-Purr".
She spent a long time last night, inside daddy's jacket. If I didn't know any better, I would say he is sweet on her. She is going to stay through the weekend for more rehabilitation, and should go to the shelter (a very nice no kill), on Monday.
I heard momma praying for enough extra work this weekend to keep her, but that probably won't happen, If Riley were here right now, he would be cuddling her, and letting her "nurse".

Flying off now. Kisses to my girl, Kiwi, and love to my friends.

>^,,^< Zack


Kittens In The Attic

December 9th 2009 10:38 am
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There is a sad story here, but we hope it will have a happy ending.

Next door, we have some very nice neighbors, but they are not particularly fond of cats.
There are very few cats that roam freely in our neighborhood because we are near two busy roads, and also have a field that once was home to a coyote. They mowed the field, and we haven't see him around lately, so he might have moved on.

Better get your coffee, this may take a few minutes...:)

Anyway, someone's cat...nobody is claiming into their attic and had kittens. We think five or six of them, and they are probably about six weeks old now. The family heard noises, and thought it was rats. Thank goodness they did not put out poison!
Mom and dad did not know anything about this until the man told mom, yesterday, that he had trapped the momma cat, and two of her kittens, and taken them to a car wash a mile away, and put them out! Mom almost freaked when she heard this. She called daddy, and they raced up there, but no cats were found. A little later, back at home, they heard a cat crying and calling to her kittens. The mom-cat was on the neighbor's roof. She had come back, searching for her remaining babies. Mom about cried. They went next door, and asked if daddy could search the attic for the babies. He crawled around and around, but only found one kitten. It hissed and spit, but he handed it to mom, and told her to do an "Ellie Mae" on it. This is a private joke between them. Ellie Mae was the girl on the old TV series "The Beverly Hillbillies", who always was surrounded by her wild "critters". Mom always has a calming effect on stressed animals, and this little one calmed right down and snuggled against her. We think it is a girl, but are not certain. It is a little brown tabby.

Daddy called the shelter they volunteer with, and they said their quarantine area was full, but there would be a spot on Friday, for this little one. So Tiny Tabby will stay here for a few days. We wish it would be forever, but we cannot take in another, right now.
The mother cat has disappeared, and we hope she has those other two babies with her.
The weather is cool, but not cold, and today it is cloudy, but not raining.
We wish everyone would realize how special each animal life is, and they are not disposable items to be thrown out, like trash.
My family will be purring for the mom and missing babies, and for our little TT border to get a loving home.

Love & Purrs,
>^,,^< Zack & family

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