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Bear's Daily Chronicle

MEow? COTD? OMCness! Thank you Thank you!

February 3rd 2010 3:34 pm
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OMCness! Mommy just got home from work to tell me that I am a STAR! ME! COTD! What a very special and terrific honor HQ, I cannot thank you enough!!!!!!!
I have SO many purrs to thank, fur SO many things!

I do want to take this VERY special day to offer a tribute to a very special furriend, Alfie, who went to the bridge FAR too soon... Our hearts are broken by this loss, and our thoughts and purrs are with his Mommy and furblings... One of the nicest furamilies on Catster...........

Mommy has to feed us dinner, but HAD to write fur me furst! I am SO honored, thrilled, beyond happy to have this special honor, THANK YOU again HQ!!!!!!

More soon!!!!
As my wife Odie would say, MeeeeeeeeWow!

I can't wait to visit my fun groups tonight, see you soon!
BearCat, in the spotlight!



April 16th 2009 7:22 am
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What a special honor, a DDP! Thank you HQ!

I would like to take this special day and ask that everyone say a special purr fur MUPPET and her furamily.

She has had such struggles in her life and was diagnosed wif a brain tumor yesterday. We love you Muppet Head.........we are purring and praying fur you and your furamily.

I would also like to ask that you purr fur my little brofur and sisfur, Madi and Mojo. Many of you know about Madi's ongoing health problems. She is back at the sPAW today as her poor little bottom is in very bad shape again. It looks like maybe she is leaking urine, which has caused the sores under her tail to fester. Her doctor is going to do an exam, run a UA and consider maybe a tuck fur Madi because she has a fold that prevents her from cleaning herself. They may also either staple or suture the sores under her tail so that they can heal once and fur all. Well, when it rains it pours. My little brofur Mojo is also at the sPAW today wif Madi. Last week he had a growth removed from his cheek. It was biopsied and came back as low-grade melanoma. Skin cancer......It was a pretty big lump that grew very quickly. Once they found out it was cancer, they decided to go back in and be 100% sure that they got ALL of the growth so that he nevfur gets sick again.

I would like to thank my Mother-In-Law fur all of the wonderpurr information you gave to my Mom. You are an angel and all of your guidance has helped so much.

A special shout out to my wife, I love you Odie-O, so very much and am blessed to have you in my life. You are my sunshine, each and evfurry day.

Sending each and evfurry one of you much love and happiness this spring. Please keep our furamily and furriends close to your heart.

With much love,


My wife

April 7th 2009 10:21 am
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I just posted a picture of my wife, the 2nd one on my page. I am simply amazed and stunned by her beauty. My heart melts when I look at her. She quite simply is the most beautiful creature that ever did exist. I love you Odie!


The Olympic Tag Game!

August 21st 2008 7:29 am
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Heeheeheeee, licka licka lick!
I was tagged by my dear furriend Karma Kitty - Here are the rules!

Answer these five questions, then tag five other kitties, purrty simple, right?? Have fun!

1. What is your favorite olympic sport? High Diving, I am a kitty that LOVES heights, one day I would love to stand on one of those boards! (furget the water though, MOL!)

2. Do you prefer summer or winter Olympics? SUMMER!

3. What is the quirkiest thing you do? Who ME(ow)?? Nothing! I am a VERY laid back BEAR....heeheeheeeee! (Like my tongue??)

4. Do you have a crush on any other kitty out there, if so who?
OH YES!!!!!! My lovely bride - ODIE-O!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. What's your favorite rosie and why? Hmmmm, I really like the PoP rosie.....It is very special. My sisfur Madi is active in the group PAWS that this rosie was created fur. I think it is important to send the PoP to all kitties in need!

And now.......I tag:

1. Chief Snausage:
2. Shadow:
3. My BFF, Cavie:
4. Galin:
5. Ginny:

Hope you will play with me!
licka licka lick
Bear Bear


I am getting married!!!!

March 29th 2008 7:31 am
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What a lucky purr I am, the oh-so-beautiful Odie agreed to be my wife and we have finally set the date! We will be getting married in Maui (Catster Forums) at 2:00 pm (Catster time) on Sunday May 4th!!!!! I am SO excited and am quite literally the luckiest purr on the planet to be marrying Odie. I love her with all of my heart and cannot imagine my life without her in it. ALL purrs are invited, so purrlease mark your calendars!!!!! Hope to see you there!!!!!


I've been tagged! wOOt! wOOt!

March 13th 2008 2:39 pm
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Chief Snausage of CSP tagged me - so, here are the rules!
I reveal seven secrets about myself, then I tag seven others - If you get tagged, you must (okay, not must) but you can if you like....write seven secrets about yourself in your diary and tag seven others! I hope you will play with me! MOL!!!!

So, my SEVEN secrets.....I think I will start at SEVEN and work my way down, just to be different! MOL!!!!!

7. I am a BIG BABY. I couldn't hurt a fly and I cry like a baby when I want attention.

6. I am a sheriff, yes - really, I am. I do a lot of under-covfur work, and I like to call myself the under-covfur-brofur.

5. I sleep with my Mom every night - Right next to her head. It is MY spot - I am there to purrtect her.

4. I am SUCH a good boy. My Mom can give me baths, cut my nails, brush me, whatevfur and I don't put up a fight. *pats himself on the back*

3. I sleep, ALOT.....*dozes off while he is dictating this entry!*

2. I HAVE to, HAVE to go in the shower after the hoomans are done using it. I lick up all the water, it is a ritual and I am VERY fond of my rituals.

1. Do NOT lock me out of a room, or I WILL break the door down. Period - NOT up fur discussion!!!!! *thinks about that one, and realizes it contradicts his FOURTH secret.....giggles*

So, now I tag.....

Benny Grunch
Midnight (new to BCCP!)

Purrlease, share those secrets!!!!

Bear, who is a sheriff, a good boy, sleepy, snuggly, shower hog, ritualistic Mama's boy! MOL!


CCL Purrs

March 4th 2008 8:56 am
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Dear Diary,

My Mom and some of her furriends are Crazy Cat Ladies. Black Magic’s Meowmmy Donna created a beautiful piece of art fur the Mom's - It can be seen above - THOSE are the purrs of the CCL's!!!!!! wOOt Donna! wOOt!!! Thank you SO much!

Over and out,
Bear, under-covfur-brofur


All I want furr Christmas - YIKES - Tagged Twice!!

December 5th 2007 3:20 am
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Hello all purrs!

Yes....this IS my furst diary entry.....*giggles*....AND I am so fury excited to write it!!

I have been tagged, not once but TWICE!!!

First by the bridge baby Kukla and then by the lovely black beauty Abbey!

The rules of the game are as follows.....I list what I want fur Christmas and then tag 5 kitties to write in their diary about what THEY want fur Christmas!!!

Since I have been tagged twice, I will be tagging 10 kitties!!! Wooohooo!!!

What I want fur Christmas....

1. I would like fur Odie to be my girlfriend
2. I would like fur all purrs to be spayed and neutered so we can stop the overpopulation problem
3. I would like all purrs without homes to find furever homes
4. I would like ALL animal abuse in this world to stop
5. I would like to end poverty
6. I would like to know that evfurypurr out there has plenty of food to eat and fresh water
7. I would like fur my sister Madi to not be sick anymore

And now, I will tag....

The Bunny
Karma Kitty
Punkin Pooh
Busby Renee Graham

Purrs of love to all my furriends,

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