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My Life as a Mirth Monkey

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June 21st 2015 7:53 pm
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If you haven't read about this before, I have a nemesis. His name is Monkey and he lives next door. As he is allowed outdoors and I am an indoor cat, he loves flaunting in my face that he can prance around on *my* territory and I can't. :( When he comes up next to the sliding glass door I hiss, and try to get at him so hard that I bonk my head on the glass. Well I got back at him good the other day.
One of my favorite activities is Mom taking me out to the car and her just letting me sit on her lap with the door open. I am extremely well behaved and don't try to jump off her lap--under most circumstances. However, a couple of nights ago we were doing this and Monkey was on his own property asking to go inside at his humans' front door, but nobody answered. He then made the foolish decision to come over onto *my* lawn and stare at me. Mom doesn't know if it was her shriek as I flew off her lap or Monkey seeing me flying over after him like a Valkyrie (cue Wagner music) but he dashed like crazy away from me in terror! Haha! I got him good! The funny thing was that once I landed on the grass was that--as I am an indoor cat with little to no exposure to grass--I was completely perplexed with what this grass stuff was anyway, and didn't move an inch until Mom scooped me up and took me indoors. After all, rules are rules, and if I jump off her lap it's time to go indoors. However, in all other circumstances I might get grounded and not taken back out to the car for a week, but since it was Monkey involved she took me out to the garage afterwards as a treat. *giggles*


Nana's glad she let me stay . . .

January 13th 2015 10:05 pm
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Well at first Nana let me into her room to let me be able to be near her heater when I was sick, but she didn't know what she was getting into, and I mean that in a good way. Mom has noticed now that every time Nana talks about a vacation to the beach she talks of finding pet-friendly rooms! She never even considered taking us along before (though Mom has a lot!) And now Nana has the flu, and--even though I haven't been using the heater as often, and don't always stay in Nana's room all night--now that Nana has the flu I stayed on Nana's bed all night and kept my purr motor going to soothe her while she coughed. No wonder she can't imagine leaving without me now! MOL Mom knew that she couldn't imagine ever sleeping without Minnie, but it's a dream come true for her that Nana knows why finally, and can't dream of sleeping without me.



January 7th 2015 10:43 pm
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Just wanted to thank so much all of the well wishers and POP givers that have shown their support, not to mention a Buddie blue ribbon: my mom and I appreciate it so much!
I went on a different antibiotic at the beginning of December--something we had to fight hard to get our vet to try, making us want to find a new vet. Mom knew it was an infection, but he kept vacillating that maybe it was allergies or that we should just give her pain meds. But Mom prevailed, and boy did I start to feel better! I came back to being my own true self! The downside, though, was that though at first I adjusted really well to taking the liquid medication, over time I got more and more terrified of having medicine forced into me, almost as if I had PTSD again from one of my previous owners. (I wouldn't even let Mom and Nana near me at the same time, for fear of it being med time). Pretty soon the burden of my terror became too hard for Mom and Nana to bear seeing me go through, so even though the antibiotic course was supposed to be a whopping nine weeks long, they cut it short. Things seemed to normalize after awhile, and I even had fun joining in with Christmas festivities, and boy, did Mom ever work hard to make up for both of us having to take meds! (Minnie's on the same antibiotic course still, and doing fantastically.) She got us so many little toys, and interchangeable wand toys--it looked like she bought out the store of everything Christmas themed!
Now though, I'm beginning to get sneezey again, and Mom and Nana are getting nervous. If anyone knows of any antibiotic other than Convenia (what the vet used before, but the bugs got resistant to) that can be injected IM, but lasts 2 weeks please let Mom know. I just don't deal well with being pilled or given liquid medicine very long, but Mom doesn't know what else to try. She's thinking of trying to go to a cat-only vet, though, as the vet we have seems more comfortable with dogs.
Thanks again for all the support!


I need purrs!

December 10th 2014 11:09 pm
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Mom is hoping some of your purrs would help, as I'm miserable and she doesn't know what's wrong. She knows I had a URI going on, and antibiotics helped quite a bit--the sneezes are gone, and I sometimes come downstairs to visit now. But I'm nowhere near my usual goofy active self--I spend almost all my time curled up near a heater and don't come out for attention often except in Nana's room at night. Yup, you heard right--Nana's so worried about me she now lets me stay in her room at night to comfort me, something that Mom wasn't sure would ever happen! But Nana adores me now as much as Mom does, and with an even closer bond (Minnie took Mom, so I chose Nana to be my human, and I love her so!)
Mom is even considering changing vets to a Cats-only vet as my current vet is better used to dogs and doesn't seem to have a clue. Mom cries, as she doesn't know if she can ever get the real me back. :*(
Keep me in your purrs, please!


I Bounced My Sister!

November 7th 2014 5:55 pm
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Me and my sisfur had been really sick for a while with a URI, but Mom and Nana were so sick witha terrible cold and bronchitis for so long that they had a hard time getting me to the vet. They got my sisfur to the vet as she had it more severely (she got an antibiotics shot), but for a while I seemed stable. When things got much worse for me they finally got me in for a shot, and woohoo, was I a new kitty! While I was sick I was pretty much sleeping in my cat bed next to a heater (Mom was so kind to make sure I got one just for me upstairs), but it only took two hours after the shot before I was transformed. The vet was so concerned that he wanted X-Rays taken of my sinuses and lungs, but I must have gotten better because--during the dead of night, when Mom was asleep and my sisfur Minnie was curled up on top between her legs--I staged a ninja attack on Minnie! We got into a full blown tussle, and though Mom was annoyed at being woken up, she couldn't help but chuckle, as that was what Minnie used to always do to me. I hadn't tried to wake Minnie into a play session in ages, so I had a very happy Mom, and a happy Nana too once she heard the news!


It's cool to have a crafty Mom!

September 20th 2014 7:27 pm
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First of all, thanks so much for the birthday prezzies, and Mom apologizes for taking a month to send thanks: it's been a rough month for her. Plus I'm already hoisting me Jolly Rogers with glee: thanks so much!
When Mom does find the energy she's tackling beaded beads using polyhedrons as a guide for what patterns will work. She's been intrigued ever since she found that all of the beaded beads she really liked that she had basically improvised turned out to be named polyhedrons. She didn't know that, she just thought they looked cool. So knowing that she tackled the truncated icosahedron (soccer ball shape) which took 200 Swarovski bicone beads. It's about 35mm wide, and I decided it was mine! Mom kept telling me it was crystal and not good for me, but all I wanted to do was bat at it and nom it. In desperation Mom looked all over the internet for *acrylic* bicones, and found a really good deal on eBay, so she's going to try making me one of my own, though probably one of the smaller spheres, as the truncated icosahedron is pretty work intensive.
I'm so glad I have a mom who makes stuff for me!


I had an adventure (and scared Nana half to death.)

January 8th 2014 6:07 pm
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It was a blustery cold afternoon a few days ago, and Nana had come in from outside. She didn't push the door fully closed, but just enough that she knew we couldn't get out. The problem was that while she was around the corner a gust of wind blew the thing wide open, so I saw my chance. When she got back and saw the door open--and me nowhere to be found--she panicked! She closed the door and looked everywhere--she even went downstairs to Mom to explain the crisis--but I was nowhere to be found. It was a cold day, so Nana was really worried. Finally she went back to the door and opened it again, and there I was on the doorstep! She was very grateful I was okay. But now every time anyone goes to open that door I follow them trying to make a break for it. And I am impatient if Mom insists that I be carried outside instead of going out on my own like I want to. Mom tries to tell me it's dangerous with cars and dogs and coyotes, but I've got a rambling heart, and there it is.
Mom is seriously considering making me wear a collar, needless to say, although--thank heavens--I am chipped. Mom just has to make sure the tags on the collar don't make noise when they bump each other: the one time Mom put a collar with a bell on it I freaked out from the noise. So although it's nice to know where I am by the jingling noise, that isn't an option when you have PTSD.


Mom really does love me!

January 4th 2014 2:26 pm
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I knew Nana loves me, and Mom does come up each night to focus on me for Nana's tuck in ritual, but I really knew it when Mom made sure to keep the toys I really liked from Christmas presents upstairs in my territory, meaning they're mine and not Minnie's. Plus, she comes up in the middle of the night with Minnie, but she lets me sit in her lap and spends extra time focusing on me even though Minnie's around and trying to get her attention!
Here are the toys we got for Christmas I really love, and Mom is letting me keep:

Pet Stages Tower of Tracks: took me a little time to warm up to this one, but now I love it and use it all the time.

Toys-R-Us Pop-Up Tri-Tunnel: Mom kept it upstairs! We both like it, but it's a perfect shape for the living room, so Mom's keeping it there. She even went to extra effort to replace the elastic toy ties I chewed through with the jingle ball at the end, so now I can chew on the new cord without chewing through it.

Cat-It Design Senses Super Roller Circuit: Okay, at first this was a bomb, as the hilly portions made it hard to play with: the holes on top were too small to allow our paws in to get the ball over the hills. Mom was taking it apart to give away, but I kept hanging around with Minnie as she did so, and seemed very intent on it. So Mom held up one of the track pieces up to me and said that if I rubbed my face on the track piece she would know I wanted it and could keep it. I not only rubbed my face on it, but gave it a nibble. Mom then got the brilliant idea of taking the hilly portions out and making a small circle out of just the flat pieces. Now both of us love it, but Mom says it's really mine. Mom jokes that maybe she needs to donate the circle she made of the leftover hilly portions without a ball to the Inhumane Society. Talk about a Sisyphus cat toy!

Davison Whack-A-Mouse: I love this, not because it's inexpensive (which it is) but because it gives me quality one-on-one time with Mom. It's low tech: there's a plush mouse on a wooden stick that Mom puts through the side of a box with holes in it, making the mouse pop up through them. First thing after we got it I bit the nose off! MOL It's really fun, though we prefer that Mom keeps the open side of the box towards us, because she's not fooling anyone if she thinks that we won't notice that she's the one holding the stick that makes the mouse move.

Finally, Petlinks Systems Flash Dance flashing ball. Mom ordered this early, but it turned out that the one she ordered first had a dead battery, so she ordered another one from a different vendor, as she knew we'd like it. The first time she put it in front of me I immediately swatted underneath the couch. Mom retrieved it and took it away because she thought that maybe she should take it somewhere it wouldn't go underneath furniture so easily. But the next time she went into the living room, I kept swatting underneath the couch in the desperate hope I would find it there. Mom took the hint and brought it back up, since it meant so much to me. Obviously, within 20 seconds of bringing it back I swatted it underneath the couch again, but Mom patiently retrieved it and I've loved it ever since.

Probably by now you see why we had such a good Christmas, and a better idea of what some of the toys out there are like. I'm kind of timid, and don't like the motorized toys as much as Minnie, so these are good for a quiet but playful cat.
Finally I've got my very own room full of toys that Minnie can't take!


Monkeying with Birds

October 13th 2013 6:35 pm
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We had a nice Fall day about a week ago, so Mom took me out on the deck. Minnie has in hibernation-mode somewhere else. It was just me, so Mom wasn't paying close attention. We have a tray bird-feeder on the deck, and we love it, but she has to be a party-pooper and warn the birds when she finds out we're in stalking mode. This time she wasn't paying enough attention. The one thing I didn't know about jumping onto bird seed is that it's kind of to cats like marbles are to humans. After Mom saw me dash (the bird got away) she yelled "Penny!" at me then cracked up laughing. I was in the feeder flattened with legs splayed out in four directions! Not my proudest moment, but I learned something, or at least Mom hopes I did.


The real thing made me appreciate the Catster version!

July 10th 2013 8:47 pm
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Just want to make a quick note on behalf of my sisfur Minnie, myself and Angel Bliss to thank *everyone* who sent the lovely silent sploding fireworks on our pages. What a display!
Actually I had a bit of a bad experience with the real thing. When Mom first got me the breeder said I was terrified of fireworks and should be kept as far away from the noise as possible, like the basement. But as a mark of my progress, I was brave enough to want to be out on the deck to see them. Mom saw that I was okay with the booms and thought I would be alright. I was until the shrill whistle came on and terrified me! I tried desperately to get inside, but the door was closed, so I was in a panic. Maybe it was a monster bird come back from the dead in retribution for . . . well, I don't know what, staring at it or chasing it away from the bird feeder?
Anyway, Mom got to the door really quickly, and I made it on the second attempt. Then I was fine, but I like this version better!

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