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The more purrs that are put in my Purr Jar, the less chance- my lump is cancer. Right?? YES!

April 19th 2013 3:23 pm
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Dear diary….
It has been a while since I’ve written to you. How have you been? *giggles*

Okay. Trying to be a little silly here, despite my fear. I am going to be 12 years old very soon and I’ve been really lucky with my health. Until now. I was unceremoniously put into the “Port-A-Jail” and driven to the v.e.t. yesterday. Oh, how I howled my indignation and displeasure!

When we got there, I kept trying to bury my face in mom’s hand, ‘hiding’. I shouldn’t have though, as my doctor is a very good doctor. I’ve lost weight in the last few weeks. Almost 3 pounds… and it’s because I seem to have trouble eating. I had bad teeth 5 years ago, which were pulled, and it could be that I’m having more troubles. That in addition to my ear bugging me. Sheesh! When it rains it pours!

So, I am having my ear and teeth treated, but I have a lump. Mom got really quiet when my good doctor said that there is a chance that I might have cancer. Just a chance. We will NOT beliEVE this and will focus on positive energy! I have a lump under my chin that he didn’t like… however he said it could be enlarged lymph nodes from my toofie/ear infections. So I am having yucky drops put in my ear for 2 weeks, and I have to go back to the Place With White Coats next week. I guess they give me something to let me snooze while they clean me up and do a biopsy. Hmmm sleeping sounds really nice! Anyhow… as a result of this little bump in my road of life, mom is being really lovey dovey, MORE so than normal.

If you can spare a purr for me, I’ll put it in the Purr Jar. I think the more purrs I have in there, the less chance my lump will be cancer?? Yes, I think so! Pawsitive thoughts!!

Okay dear diary, I am sorry I’ve been so neglectful of you. I promise to stay I touch more often.



The art of banana hunting

April 6th 2012 4:55 pm
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Title CATch your eye? What.... you've never gone banana hunting? Let me share the best kept secret with you. Bananas are evil and MUST be hunted. I have been hunting bananas for many years now, and I am always successful with my catch. They tease and torment me, but I quietly sneak up on them.... tail up.... butt wiggle.... and..... POUNCE! Gotcha! I carry my prize to my mom, YOWLING loudly. Yes, I can yowl with the evil banana in my mouth! The world is safe as long as I continue to hunt these evil bananas. *PROUD PURRRRSSSS*

(mom speaking) Poo thinks he's a great hunter, and I praise him for it. Nobody hunts bananas like Poo does.... it is actually a plush banana toy that he "captures and kills" and brings back to me, yowling with pride. He yowls with this toy in his mouth MOL MOL It has been his favorite toy for many many years; its been through the wash, its been mended, and he just loves it. None of the others touch it. It is Poo's toy. I feel safe from the evil bananas that are trying to infiltrate our home. Thank you, Poo. I always graciously thank him as he drops his 'kill' at my feet.


Some interesting things I bet you didn't know about me!

July 23rd 2010 8:26 am
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I've been tagged by my goodest friend CHAI!

1. Do you ever wake your parent up in the night?

Oh yes, all the time. Right around 2 or 3 in the morning, it is playtime. Every night, as it should be. Whenever I “catch” a toy mouse or my favorite catnip banana, I yowl and YEEOOOOWWLLL with it in my mouth. I don’t know why I do this? It sure is fun making a lot of noise in the dead of night.

2. Do you ever tear up things?

OMC! Don’t get me started. I have a PASSION for toilet paper and paper towels. I go into a tearing frenzy when I get my paws on it. *giggles* thanks to ME, mom has no toilet paper on the rolls and has the paper towels hidden behind the coffee maker. Don’t tell her, I know how to open doors and drawers. I stand on my hind paws, put my front paws on the top of the door, and back up. Voila! Open door! Voila! Toilet paper at my disposal! MOL MOL MOL!

3. What is your favorite treat?

Chicken!!!!! I always know when mom is cutting up delicious juicy chicken. I have kitty ESP… I come a running out of nowhere when I sense this delectable treat.

4. Can you fetch something when asked to do so?

Oh, dear no. My human knows better than to ask me to do anything. I am so above that, as cats should be. I will carry my toys around in my mouth and take them where I please; it is MY toy and MY decision to do what I want with them; not the human’s!

5. Have you ever lived any place other than where you live now?

I sure have! I was living at the Martinez Animal Shelter in California when mom came to rescue me!!! I then lived in a beautiful little cottage, being an inside kitty always. I then moved all the way across the country to Minnesota where I lived in a townhouse for a little over a year, and after that we moved into our big pretty house where I’ve lived for the last 7 years. And I’m not done yet… I get to move back to California this fall!! Yippieee I love all of my homes!

I am going to tag REX, GIDGIT, PIGEON and MILO!



June 2nd 2010 10:56 am
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Tigger and I had a WONDERFUL birthday on Monday, day before yesterday and we wish to thank all of our friends for the beautiful gifts that they left on our pages. You've made us feel so very special and loved.

So why is the topic of this diary entry one of frustration? It is because of the "new" and not improved Catster. The Community Page will not load, it either crashes or takes forever to load, and we cannot get to our friends pages to write individual notes of thanks and appreciation. It is an unbelievably frustrating waste of our time. Catster has become more frustrating than it has been fun, and we LOVE Catster. All that we want is for things to he user friendly and to work properly as they used to. We know that the problem lies in the new Community Page and not our browser(s) for we've tried several, and all other websites we access work just fine.

Tigger and I are terribly embarrassed that we cannot get to our friends pages to thank them. Our friends are the most important thing in the world to us! (next to breakfast and dinner of course MOL)

We don't even read diaries any more like we used to, and we WANT TO! I wouldn't blame our friends for not attempting to access our diaries because of these changes.

Okay, I have ranted and I feel better for now.
*steps off of soap box*

Now I wish to thank my friends for the beautiful gifts!

To Orkney and the girls for the cupcake!
To Alfie for the party hat!
To Miss Sable Kitty and family for the delicious champagne!
To my GORGEOUS, STUNNING, ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL wife, Patchez for the big, frosted chocolate cake! (I love you so much!)
To Muppet and family for the cuppycake!
To Bo and family for the HUGE chokky cake!
To Tabby and family for the cuppycake!
To Dino and family for the cuppycake!
To Mr. Sam for the cool summer drink!
To Chai and family for the flag!
To Big Harry and family for the yummy shrimp!
To Charlie for the kite!
To Adam Dylan and family for the Flag!
To Aggie and family for the Heart!
To Wanda and family for the kite!
To Luna for the ladybug!

We love you all!
Happy purrs to our friends

Poo & Tigger too


My friend Sprinkles is not doing well

April 21st 2010 12:40 pm
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May the Power of the Paw shed its healing energy on my new friend, SPRINKLES. Her brother Donut wrote this in our MAN Cats at Work Group, reaching out for a little help:

My sisfur is sick. She refused to drink any water. Mama even tried to give her chicken stock, but she wouldn't drink any of it. She isn't playful. All she's been doing is sleep. Her gums which are normally pink are pale and sticky. Yesterday one of her pupils was bigger than the other. There wasn't any poo in her corner of the litterbox. She doesn't want to eat very much. Mama has been worried about her. And I am too. I love my sisfur. I need some mancats to purr for her. I know she is a girl cat, but still. She's my sisfur. She even protects me from the big noisy vacuum. She is going to be going to the vet tomorrow or Friday. Mama can't get off work. She's been doing all she can, so please purray for my sisfur Sprinkles.

We at Catster are all purring for you! May we show this family how cared for they are, and purr for them?


I have destroyed the evil monster that lives in my house

March 9th 2010 7:39 am
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I see it watching me… it is taunting me. I see it laughing, mocking me, inviting me to attack. I just can’t help it… any time I see toilet paper I get the Kitty Crazies and must attack and destroy this monstrous invader! I must purrtect my family from the Evil Toilet Paper Monster!

Mom knows how dangerous this intruder is. She keeps it safely caged away inside drawers. She knows that she can’t keep it out in the open on the roller thingies, for I MUST defend my family and shred the Toilet Paper Monster to little bits!! Mom doesn’t get it, but it is all in the interest in purrtecting my family. I’ve learned that the Toilet Paper Monster is just as dangerous while lurking inside its dark drawers… it is evil and I KNOW it is in there! I put on my invisible superkitty cape and open those drawers… yep, all by myself. I stand on my hind legs, put my front paws on the drawer front, and back up… pulling the drawer open, exposing the MONSTER that lurks within. With a deft swoop, I snatch the evil being and claw it to pieces! I bunny-kick it into submission and leave little tatters all over the bathroom… but WAIT! I’m not done! It’s still after me, so I pounce and shred it more! I spread shreds of the Toilet Paper Monster all over the house!!! OMC! I am a hero! I bet mom will be really proud of me when she gets home, knowing I saved the household from the Evil Toilet Paper Monster. Maybe I’ll get extra treats and praise tonight for being so brave!


Today is my first anniversary!

October 12th 2009 8:10 am
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Today is my first anniversary! Happy anniversary to the love of my life, my beautiful wife PATCHEZ. This has been the best year of my life; you fulfill my life to the fullest and our love continues to blossom and grow every single day. I am grateful for all that you are and all that you do; your gentleness, kindness and thoughtfulness never cease to amaze me.

I love my beautiful HAZEL LUCY tranquility blanket that you gave me! It is stunning against my fur and it is so soft and cuddly! We continue to purr for your dear brother HOOCH and all of the sick kitties and humans in your family and I understand that they are your familys top priority. Sending my softest purrs to my wonderful mother in law~

Dearest Patchez, I know you are furever in my heart even when you are quiet; I feel your love and presence.I love you with all of my heart; happy anniversary, and many many more to come!


Halloween tag!

October 7th 2009 8:57 am
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I've been tagged to play Halloween tag~ I just name my favorite things about Halloween and then tag some friends.

Thank you for tagging me, Edwina!

1. Trying to figure out why Lily sits in a pumpkin all the time??
2. Being warm and safe inside while it’s cold and scary outside
3. The funny Halloween things that mom hangs in the window that are motion activated… fascinating
4. The smell of a slow cooking roast in the crock pot
5. A warm, soft blanket
6. Watching the leaves falling and purrtending they’re prey

now I tag~

1. Abby
2. Tucker
3. Quinn
4. Little Bit
5. Daphne
6. Preston Sunny Paws


My brother in law is very sick and I'm very worried about- him

July 1st 2009 12:24 pm
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My brother in law Hooch is in the hospital and not doing very well. Please read his diary, visit his page, and show your support and love, please~

His family is very worried about him; can we all purr quietly for him, light a candle and purray for his recovery~ the Power of the Paw truly works miracles, I've seen it. Let's gather in a group of strength, love and support for Hooch and make a miracle happen.

Dearest Hooch, stay strong, my dearest brother in law! I love you! I love you my beautiful wife, Patchez; stay strong for your brother~


Yummy Ice Cream!

June 29th 2009 10:10 am
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I've been tagged by my dear furriend Justin to play the ice cream game!!

I have to say if I was an ice cream, what flavor would best suit my purrsonality! Then I tag 4 furriends to play the game with me!

Here I go:-

I think a good flavor for me would be mango tango, because I am always dancing… doing the sideways-arched back-dance (MOL)~ happy dancing when breakfast and dinner are served~ and dancing just out of mom’s reach when she has the nail clippers in hand!

I'm now going to tag 4 of my furriends. They are:-

Little Bit
Baby G

Purrs and happy dances! Poo

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