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Home:Zion, IL  [I have a diary!]  
Sex: Female   Weight: 7 lbs.

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Hannah-banana, Hannah-bo-bana, Outdoor Princess

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Quick Bio:
-part feral

August 29th 2001

Orange & White Tabby

Being outside! Getting petted, and tip-toeing while being petted. Sun-bathing. And having other cats around.

When baby raccoons come on *her* deck, having to stay indoors, people taking their hands away to stop petting her, having her birthings interupted by annoying little boys (Toby), and getting trapped in garages.

Favorite Toy:
The cutest mouse she can find and kill in a manner that leaves absolutely no mark and bring to me as a present. = (

Favorite Nap Spot:
Anywhere on her deck in direct sunlight, or in her cat house failing favorable weather (Especially if her boyfriend Chibi joins her).

Favorite Food:
Being a feral, she's not picky! But even though it's the same brand as theirs the indoor cats think the dry food reserved for Hannah is extra-good and are always stealing from her stash!

Resistance to UV rays, previously kitten-mass-production, and the ability to not eat for 2 weeks and not only live but not have any complications from it such as liver failure!


Arrival Story:
She was born in Cali's litter, but she was very shy while outgoing little runt Cali loved people. Once when they were kittens I tried to bring her in for a sleep over, but she freaked out and ended up in the back of my mom's closet, and she clawed me up pretty bad while I got her out. After her first winter she started warming up to me though, and now she knows she can trust our whole family and has come to help us while gardening just like she were a normal house cat we let outside.

Hannah didn't have any kittens in 2002, so we thought she was sterile or something, because the female kitty from a littler born the same time as hers already had a litter in early summer. In 2003 she proved us wrong though, when she had Lucky, Maribell and Eleanor in May and then before we could fix her Nat and Heidi on Aug. 29th. She was a good mama to her first litter, before Eleanor and Maribell died and Lucky then developed runaway exploring-and-then-get-lost tendencies, and for Nat and Heidi's birth she came to me for comfort during labor and was a very sweet mom again, but as soon as they were big enough we trapped them and got them all fixed thanks to Spay and Stay. Then, later that winter, she disappeared for 2 weeks and had me very worried. Feral cats often go missing in winter, but this wasn't like Hannah who spent most of her day in her little house. Finally one day while I was calling for her she cried back, and followed the cries across the street to my neighbor's garage. She had gone in there two weeks ago, they shut the door not knowing, and the garage door broke. Though they sometimes thought they heard an animal crying in there she hid whenever they came out to check. When I caught them on their way home they let me in with my carrier and doubted I'd be able to get her out, but I asked to be left alone for a little while and see if she'd come to me, and after a minute of softly calling to her she started meowing back and peeking out from behind things. I tried to go pick her up but that scared her, so I called her more and finally she came to me! I gave her a big hug, the poor thing was so skinny, and shoved her in the carrier, which she didn't mind. I took her home and let her go inside, she was so happy to have food and love again that she happily recovered for a few days while we monitored her for signs of liver failure. Her health only improved, but she seemed to get depressed and spent more and more time moping in a closet than she did out with the family. I waited until she gained back a significant amount of weight and the weather was nice, and let her go, although I would have loved to keep her. She instantly perked up and pranced around her deck like an excited pony, it made me so happy to see her there again. She still lives outside now, and freaks out if you even try to just put her in your lap sitting in front of the open door, but she couldn't be happier!

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Outdoor Princess!

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August 22nd 2004 More than 12 years!

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Outdoor Princess

We've weathered the storm!

February 5th 2011 9:11 pm
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So on the 1st a huge blizzard rolled in very suddenly that lasted all night and well into the 2nd and Chibi, Mystery, and myself were caught up in it away from home. We had about 2 feet of snow dumped on us and it was blowing all around into massive drifts followed by a terrible super cold snap. When the snow stopped out caretakers went and cleared out what little snow hadn't drifted away from around our shelters and were very disheartened to find we weren't in any of them. All day on the 2nd there was no sign of us. On the 3rd there was a little food missing form our bowls but not enough for all three of us to have come and eaten so it may have been some other animal. Same with the 4th, a little food missing out of one of our bowls but mostly untouched. But tonight we all came back, we're warming our fannies on our heating pad, drinking from our heated water dish, and getting all the food we can eat! Not to mention our choice of 3 nice cozy shelters.

No sight of Jigsaw or Gulliver yet, but Jigsy only stops by once or twice a year as it is and was already spotted just a week ago and Gulliver we only see a few times a month. He's an unaltered tom cat always on the move- as soon as he gets settled the people are going to try and trap him an get him fixed to hopefully put a stop to his roaming ways. The important thing is that we made it, and to be honest Chibi is old as dirt for an outdoor cat, so if he made it most young and fit cats will have survived as well.


Brrr.... It's almost winter!

December 19th 2004 3:16 am
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It's been getting very cold lately, and with Yule just a few days away, I don't think we'll be having anymore of those nice short Indian Autumns! I'm keeping warm enough, havn't felt the need to sneak into a neighbor's garage, break their door, and starve quietly for 2 weeks waiting for Lindsay to rescue me. I'm really not that keen on my house right now though, I only go in there when I'm really really freezing. As if the styrofoam/ductape wall treatment wasn't tacky enough, she's been throwing in this big neon pink disc covered in an icky tan handtowel and it get's real hot and messes up my natural cedar flooring! I guess it does keep the place warmer, but I hate having my roof opened up every night for her to put it in! She is messing up the routine, she is supposed to feed me, replace my ice bowl with my water bowl, and then pet me while I tip-toe around the door but won't come in until she freezes.

Speaking of messing things up, some horrible men have come and torn down the little forrest I prefer for frolicking. I've brought all my kittens in there at some point, and it was a very important part of my territory! Lindsay says the small rectangular hole in the ground they are building might be for a very small house, and she is worried that if someone moves in they might complain about me going about in their yard... Well it was mine first! And I shared it with a lot of strange woodland creatures, too... now all the annoying raccoons and pesky little rodents and even Icarus the skunk (eew!) are crowding around behind my humans' house... How am I supposed to live like this? I thought I was the Outdoor Princess, can't anyone come fill up the hole they dug and re-plant the trees?


Hello, Diary(on the internet which is accessed by the- computer which is inside where I'm not?)

October 10th 2004 1:46 am
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Let's review some recent happenings. Lindsay has reinsulated my house, and although the walls look nicer in the styrofoam-white finish, I'm really not too keen on the whole duct tape trim... And before she put new bedding in, she cheated and put down plastic sheets so she can take it all out at once this spring! It's might save her hours of work, but it makes funny sounds sometimes and looks just tacky with my decor! Don't be so lazy! I've raised 5 kittens and you never found me... umm... putting plastic underneath them so I could throw them away easier in the spring to make room for new kittens... Okay, bad analogy, but the point is she was lazy and now my floor is crinkly!

Laziness aside, I love Lindsay! So yesterday when I found an adorable little bird I thought I'd bring it to her as a present! I meowed and meowed until she came and saw it... but you know what? She reacted funny to my little gift... it was almost as if she didn't care for it! And I worked so hard bringing it up the stairs for her. She just kept muttering, "It's so... cute... Why?" Then she left it laying there and got a shovel and some paw covers and I don't know what she did with it after that... Human just don't know good toys when they see 'em!

Pat came by tonight! Yeah, he's been gone for what, 3 weeks now? He was in big trouble, because last Sunday Lindsay spent 7 hours fixing 57 little cats like me, and she *wanted* to fix Pat but he was no where to be found. If he had showed up just one week earlier she would have given him the works at the vet and played with him while he was under anesthesia! I don't even know who got to play with me when I was getting fixed, but if I knew Lindsay was going to, I'd get fixed again in a heartbeat! (The not having kittens thing is nice, too!) Lindsay still gave him the magical potion that goes on your shoulders and kills fleas and worms and things, although I thought that was only for good kitties who hang around all the time and comply with getting fixed? I guess it's not as special as I thought, but he DID get a lecture! Hehe!

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