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Mom put us in jail yesterday!

June 20th 2010 7:37 am
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.....well.... not jail EXACTLY, but it sure felt like it. Yesterday morning mom was acting abnormal (SHE is abnormal MOL) We pick up on anything that is different; something new in the house, a feeling, something changed. Well, mom was putting all of our things in her bedroom (?!) Food, water, toys, Rescue Remedy, catnip, even a... a litter box!? In her bedroom?

So being naturally curious kitties, all 7 of us followed her to inspect everything, as kitties do. Next thing we know, she slips out and has locked us all in her bedroom!!! OMC! What is going on?? She put us in JAIL for the day!

Mom tried to explain to us (but we don't listen very well) that "visitruders" were going to be at the house all day long, putting in our new carpet. She didn't want to risk the Visitruders inadvertently leaving a door open for one of us to slip out, so she claims she put us in jail for our own safety.

*glares at mom*

Of course what is on the other side of the door is ALWAYS better, right? So we all had our noses to the bedroom door, wanting to be on the other side, and we spent the whole day here in jail.

Well.... I suppose it is a good thing. The visitruders were scary, we don't know them so we would've hidden anyways... plus they made a lot of noise banging around and doing whatever it is that hoomans do.

So finally at 11:30 p.m. (we'd been in JAIL for practically 18 hours!).... she set us free! Bail was made MOL MOL MOL! She opened the door and we all RAN downstairs.... and FROZE!! What on Earth?? Wait... there is new funny fuzzy brown stuff on our floors, where it used to be bare concrete? WHAT is this stuff? So we all cautiously did the Kitty Creep.... walking in slow motion, butts low to the ground, checking out every single inch of this newness. (Mom was MOL MOL MOL'ing at us)

*glares at mom again*

Mom, you should know we were making the territory safe for YOU. Hmmmpphhh. When we'd determined that all was safe and well and that the new fuzzy brown stuff wouldn't hurt us, OMC it was pawty time. We all rolled around on this new soft stuff in utter bliss! Combined with the fact that the visitruders were gone and that we'd been sprung from jail! This is GREAT! It always pays to be safe.

So if any visitruders invade your homes, take precaution. It is worth it to go to jail and be SAFE!

Happy purrssss!!


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Purred by: Rex (Catster Member)

June 20th 2010 at 4:20 pm

That was a long time to be in jail, but glad you have some soft brown carpet to roll in.

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