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My birthday wish is to make my friend Sugar well again

May 20th 2014 3:29 pm
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Today is my birthday. Today started out so happy, yet took a very sad turn. I just found out that my cousin at heart, Sugar, may be journeying to the Bridge soon to embark on her 10th life. I have no reason to celebrate my birthday now. I have my health and everything else that I could ask for. My birthday wish is to make my friend well again. My birthday wish is to have cancer eradicated.

Sugar had feline mammary cancer and had successful surgery to remove it. She has been cancer free for just over a year. Her cancer has now come back and it metastasized into her lungs. She cannot have surgery. Her family and mine are devastated… My brother Poo and Sugar both went in for surgeries on the same day in April 2013. Ironically, they both had cancer yet thankfully, Sugar was blessed with another year of life. Ironically, they are both grey tabbies, ironically, they both were 12 years old.

WHY????? *hangs head and lets the tears flow*

Can you please spare a prayer and a good thought for the grieving family; we all know all too well what it is like to go through this and fight this evil disease. A kind word, a gentle touch of the paw, a hug or a prayer will mean so much.

On a secondary note, thank you all for making my birthday such a special and happy one, despite the tears. The bond that Catsters form is so very strong, unique, loving and rewarding.

****UPDATE 5/21/14******
Dear Sugar will be gently helped to the Bridge on Friday 5/23/14. Please hold good thoughts for her and her grieving family... soft purrs

Click here and you will be taken to Sugar’s page: SUGAR BEAR


I snuck into the Top Secret Men’s Club today!!

February 6th 2014 1:20 pm
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*giggles* I am one naughty girl, and if Catster is going away, I am going to take my Naughtiness to extremes! I was able to sneak into the Men’s Club today… MOL!!! I fashioned a key out of an elaborate Q-Tip sculpture and jimmied the lock, when to my OMC eyes, the door opened! It was during lunch while all of the man kitties were out on the patio having lunch and no kitty saw me. I staked out a secret spot behind a large planter so I could SPY. Oh it is so much fun spying on my brothers and their guy-friends! MEN! *rolls eyes*

Hey girls!!!

C’mon, you want to sneak in and see what boys do all day?!! I’m giving free rides in the PumpkinMobile Cruiser and I have the KEY! It is something called Dreamy Mancats or something like that… its where they become DREAMBOATS! All of my brofurs just became dreamboats, so naturally I was curious. Our good buddy SAMOA made them dreamy dreamboats and even PooToo is a Dreamboat in training!

Love, naughtiness and Q-TIPS!


Thanksgiving Day DDP! MUCH to be thankful for!

November 28th 2013 6:55 am
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Thank you HQ for choosing my diary to be featured on Thanksgiving Day! Although I tend to have bad catitude at times, I am truly and humbly grateful. And, I am very thankful on this Day of Blessings for so many reasons.

I am a very lucky kitty surrounded by warmth, love and wonderful family. (even though I still don't like PooToo... MOL!) I am well fed and cared for and wish to take a moment to offer my thanks.

I wish for all animals and hoomans alike to be as blessed as I am... there are so many unfortunates out there who are sick, cold, hungry, neglected and worst of all, abused. I wish them all peace and love.



I am NOT getting nervous!

November 20th 2013 12:52 pm
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Okay. Well maybe just a little. *coughs* (glares at mom)

Mom is making me write this. Well, I have been mean to my little brother PooToo ever since he joined our family. He’s been with us for just over TWO whole months now! As he says it, “TOO” whole months now. (rolls eyes… little brothers are sooooo annoying) so that makes it a total of three whole months he’s been with us, for he was outside for an entire month before dad brought him in. He should have just been left outside.

(mom) LILY! *GLARES at Lily* you keep writing young lady…

*sigh* so anyway, I have never been nice to him… I still give him warning yowls and if he gets too close I swat. *giggles* but I let him sit next to me while we eat because food is MUCH more interesting!!! MOL MOL

So here’s the deal. He is now 8 months old and he is big. And getting BIGGER. He is going to be HUGE! His paws are already bigger than mine, and I have huge paws. Am I worried…. Well…… maybe just a little bit. I’ll see how much longer I can hold out with my bad attitude. I mean, soon he'll be the one traumatizing me, don't you think? I suppose I deserve it...

Til then dear diary, I will continue about my business, which is all about Q-Tips and sparkle balls. I’d better go now, before I stick my paw in my mouth any further and make the typist mad. MOL!

*skips off, tail high, flicks it at mom and zooms off in a POOF of pink Q-Tips*



October 15th 2013 3:31 pm
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Oreo and I are teaming up in pre-meditated, pre-planned meanness. Yep… we are ganging up on our little brother PooToo and mom knows it and sees what we are doing. We are AWFUL, but have a good plan, I’ve gotta admit.

I don’t like PooToo. I loved Poo so much… maybe I just miss him too much? Mom is trying to keep the peace in our household and the only time I really get close to PooToo is to sniff his butt or to eat meals together. But boy if he so much as looks at me, I give him the warning bell. Well, warning mrrrrrrooowwrrrrrrr.

(mom rolls eyes at how juvenile Lily is)

Oreo isn’t too fond of him either, but she is a little bit nicer. Then there’s Odie. She used to be on our team, but she is a total sucker. She’s being NICE to him now. She used to be in the Mean Girls Club with us. *sticks tongue out at Odie* She’s just milking it because it’s her birthday today. Sheesh!

So this is what we do. *evil giggles* Oreo and I strategically place ourselves in the path to the litter box, to where bratty little brother can’t get by without an altercation. Oh don’t get me wrong; we don’t get into fights or anything, we just need to show him who’s boss. So with this minefield of cats in his way to the litter box, he is afraid to pass by us and has no choice but to pee on the little kitchen rug. Mom knows it is just an accident and never punishes him, nor tells dad, but she started noticing this tag-team pattern between Horrid Us. MOL MOL! So this morning after breakfast, the time that he usually does his business, she shoo’ed both of us away, strategically placed in his path, and CARRIED him to the litter box. OMC, she carried him! Sheesh!! And he did his business. I mean, I want him to get in trouble and it isn’t working. We re-formed our Lily-Oreo Mine Field, but she shoo’ed us away again ….and again. I’m afraid our strategy is beginning to fail.

Meanwhile, PooToo is getting big. And bigger and bigger.

Mom to Lily: You’d better play niiiiice, little girl! He’s going to give you a run for the money when he’s BIGGER than you! HAHAHAHAHA it’s called karma, kiddo! BTW… I put away all of your Q-Tips until you can play nicely. I WIN



June 5th 2013 4:43 pm
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OMC DOGS!! Whoever coined the phrase “cats rule, dogs drool” was right on! You won’t believe what I saw my doggie sisfur doing this morning!

Normally she is chomping at the bit to be let outside first thing this morning to do her business, and mom couldn’t find her. So she went upstairs (I showed her the way) and guess what we saw??? Berkeley was helping herself to snacks out of my litter box! OMC is that groooo-o-o-o-o-ooosss or what! Talk about bad breath. MOL MOL Mom and I about harfed on the spot.

GRO-O-O-O-O-SSSSS!!! Ptooey! *shudders*

So mom decided to be funny and tell Berkeley to go over to daddy, who was still sleeping, and give him KISSES! MOL MOL MOL! Berkeley got right in his face but mom held her back laughing, telling dad what she did. No wonder cats are superior to dogs. *WE* dine on tuna and chicken. Dogs want to eat *THAT*????

I love my sisfur to death and she knows I say this all in love :) I mean this in love to all of our doggie friends too.

*zooms off in a cloud of pink Q-Tips, looking for trouble……


Spring has SPRUNG!

April 8th 2013 3:39 pm
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MeoWOW! Spring has SPRUNG! I need to get myself out and about even more not only with beautiful weather, but with my beautiful friends tagging cutest ME! MOL
Thank you cutest Greystone, for tagging me. I will keep the tag going.

Here is how to play, I will name five things I like about Spring and then "Tag" fur furiends to play!


1) The first day we can sit at an open window and smell all of the outside smells

2) being crashed out on the couch in a warm sunpuddle

3) hearing the birds chirping and purrtending to hunt them

4) fresh homegrown LETTUCE!!! I love love love LETTUCE! MOL

5) a young woman’s fancy turns to love… and I love my husband Curly :)

Whoever wants to play along, feel free! I love all of you!


Springtime tag!! Let's get out and socialize!

April 5th 2013 3:10 pm
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My friend Emily tagged me today. Thank you, CUTEST Emily!! If you would like to play, copy the questions and put them in your diary with your answers, then tag some furiends!


1. Describe one thing your pet pawrent does that you think is REALLY CUTE.

*scratches head* well, I think I’M the one that is really cute MOL MOL!!! Okay, I’ll play the game. (glares at typist) Um, well, um… (I can’t think of anything) *giggles*
Oh, OKAY, mom. Sheesh!!! Mom plays pom poms with me and I love it. She throws the pom pom and I fetch, just like a doggie does. I run after it, skidding sideways on the floor, and carry it back to her in my mouth, dropping it at her feet.
There :) I did a good job at turning that back into how cute I am MOL MOL!

2. Describe one thing your pet pawrent does that you think is REALLY LAME.

Well now, HERE we are talking!!! Hummmm, boy the list is so long…. *glances sideways at mom who is glaring back at naughty daughter* Teeheehee. Well, she seems to think we all need to be on DIETS and doesn’t let us eat and eat and eat until we either harf or gain ginormous pounds. I mean, REALLY. If I’m a teensy bit, plump, then there is more of me to LOVE! I love you all!

Now I'm tagging 5 friends and hope they want to play!


I bet- I KNOW- you can help save a life by reading my diary!

March 6th 2013 4:03 pm
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Come on in everyone, welcome to my diary! I have not written in quite a while. The recent unfortunate events among friends has prompted me to help spread the word. I am the biggest talker in my family, so I purray my diary will get more hits.

I have many very special friends. ALL of my friends are special. Right now I have two VERY special friends fighting cancer. One of whom is my cousin SUGAR BEAR, who recently had successful surgery for breast cancer. Although her surgery was a success, she is by no means out of the woods as yet, and her loving family is diligently watching over her and all of her siblings for the rest of their lives. They have created a very special website called Sugar Rub. If you click on the name, you will be taken to the website! Here you will learn about feline and canine breast cancer and what you can do to detect it in time, educate yourself, and even donate toward research. Cats and dogs are just as susceptible as humans, and it is not a widely known fact. Let's spread the word! There are really fun Sugar Rub bracelets available from this great site too.

My other very special friend is my sisfur Oreo’s best friend, AGGIE. She was recently diagnosed with a a very large cancerous tumor behind her soft palate. Her vet didn't take a biopsy, she said she was afraid she would make matters worse, so she took a needle aspiration and they will wait and see what type of cancer it is. She said she hopes it's lymphoma because it responds well to radiation.


Doesn’t that sound horrible? Hoping for the best of a bad thing. This is why we need to fight and help find a cure for cancer so that our loved ones won’t have to go through such anguish and grief. We are purring and praying for all in need. I love you Sugar Bear and Aggie, I love you all! I beliEVE!

Prayer for the Animals
by Albert Schweitzer

Hear our humble prayer, O God, for our friends, the animals.
Especially for animals who are suffering; for any that are
hunted or lost or deserted or frightened or hungry;
for all that must be put to death.
We entreat for them all Thy mercy and pity,
and for those who deal with them, we ask a
a heart of compassion and gentle hands and kindly words.
Make us, ourselves, to be true friends to animals,
and so to share the blessings of the merciful.


I don't fit!

October 10th 2012 9:06 am
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Omicatness, I am looking back on my diary entries and the last time I wrote was nearly an entire year ago. And my photo op of cutest ME in my Famous Punkin was taken nearly... SEVEN years ago. Goodness my typist needs to get with it!

So we pulled out our Howloween decorations and imagine my delight and surprise when mom set out my Famous Punkin! Ohhh I was just beside myself with excitement. I wanted to hop right into it. But I couldn't. I don't fit any more!! I was able to get my head into it... (MOL) but that was about it. I then stuck my head into it and pushed as hard as I could, trying to get in... I only succeeded in pushing it across the kitchen floor. Mom was MOL MOL'ing at me. Hmmmmph. I will get that punkin yet. Meantime I think I'll un-decorate her decorations for thinking this is so funny.

*giggles and starts making baskets of orange Q-Tip bouquets for her friends*

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