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What is really sad, you ask?

June 5th 2010 2:24 pm
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I'll tell you what is sad. This new Catster. All of the changes should be thrown into my cat box and buried. *folds arms stubbornly*

EVERYTHING is rediculous. It is completely catering to people looking for information. Nothing about it shows what Catster really is - or used to be, anyway.

And what is with the Community tab? I don't want to click 30 times to get to what I'm looking for.

There are still things I can't find.

And the carpet.... really Catster, REALLY? It is hideous and completely lacks creativity.

And all the white is killing Humans eyes - and shes only 18!

We miss the Catster Green. We really do. The blue and orange belongs on Dogster.

And what the hairballs is with NUTRO?! It needs to GO!

And now HQ seems to be turning aginst us. They took the Say NO to Nutro group off of the Most New Member's list (and it is THERE, trust me!)

They are ignoring everything that we say, and censoring our posts in the forums, when none of them are mean in any way. (well, mine may have been, but thats just the cat I am! I fight for what is right, and ain't no one going to tell me otherwise!)

It makes me very sad that Catster is turning aginst their community. Their egoes must be covering their eyes up if they can't see that it's the COMMUNITY that made Catster and Dogster what they are today, NOT HQ or its advertisers.

I guess their true colors are beginning to show.

Me and Human are starting to not want any part of this site any more. We've been here for 6 years almost, and we have loved this site since, but the love came to a stop when all these changes came about.

We wont be renewing Plus. We wont be buying Zealies. We wont be buying from Nutro or any of Catster's other advertisers either.

Purrs & Pounces,


If you don't like Nutro Ads on Catster or Dogster ... help us unite by joining in this group


Fire - minus the "ready, aim"!

October 30th 2008 7:58 am
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5:15 AM this morning of October 30th, a phone call woke everyone up. Human sleepily reached for the phone which said "Central Station" on it, and showed an 800 number. She rolled over thinking "stupid telemarketers" and attempted to drift off again, when she heard Human IIs phone go off. Its very noticeable, for the ring is the entrance to Metallicas "Enter Sandman". Suddenly out of the silence of night, a lone siren sounds. Human raises her head to listen. Soon another comes, then another.

5:30 AM, Human II gets a call from the gas station, that he and The Human work at. He tries to call them back, but no one answers. He gets up, says hes gonna drive by and see whats going on. Human gets up too, waking me up, and tells him shes going too. He refuses to let her and she stalks back to her room, disheartened.

5:50 AM, Human II calls Human and The Warden (formerly known as Granny) with an update. The station was on FIRE! There was 6 fire trucks, and guys on the roof hacking holes, and flames shooting out the top, and smoke everywhere! Human was stunned! This place, that she had been going up to for the past 12 years, that she had worked at for the past three, was in flame?

Human got up immeadietly, and phoned her friend, who works there too. Had that place not have been there, they would've never met, and now this place was burning to the ground! After she got off the phone with him, she called her mom. Not thinkin her mom believed her at first, but she became as gossip-hungry as anyone else, and as that goes, Human was - and still is - starving!

Of course, when Human was out making her calls, I escaped the room and wound up in the Wardens. Warden doesnt like me in her room so started complaining. Of course, I could sense the tension, and darted between Humans legs into the living room, around into the dining room then to the back of the house, while she chased me. We did that about four times. Human was glad I was there to lighten the mood, but I was just mad at her for getting up. I was asleep between her legs.

7:30 AM Human II finally came back (reeking of smoke, mind you) and they drove past the station. Everything was stained in smoke, and there was a gaping hole in the peaked roof. Human II says everything is ruined and will have to be wrote off. They'll all have to either be transfered to other stores, or find new jobs while it gets fixed.

Cause of the fire is uncertain, as of now. Very possible that it was electrical, but personally Human thinks the manager was smoking in the office again. Shes a smart one.

No one was injured, just shocked and stinky.

Human dunno what shes gonna do for a job now.

Purrs & Pounces,


We Remember . . . .

September 11th 2008 2:53 pm
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Today, September 11, 2008, seems very dismal in Omaha. This morning, no sun shone through the clouds. Rain poured down, and continues to, as the evening progresses. It seems as though all the Angels in Heaven are standing together, greiving with the country as We Remember. Large tears continue to spatter the ground. Thunder rolls through the metro, as the celestial beings continue to sob. Dark clouds curl over white ones, consoling eachother, and banding together. Lightning shoots through the skies, as anger burns through the unified beings. We remember.

This passage is in memory of those lives lost on that wretched day, seven years prior, and for all those men and women who have banned together to support and help rebuild this country as life goes on. Not the politicians; but the American people, for without these great citizens, this country would not be.

Purrs & Pounces,


Update on 117 Cats Seized by the Nebraska Humane Society

July 26th 2008 8:51 pm
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As many of you know, I'm sure, Human volunteers out the Nebraska Humane Society. (NHS)

A few days ago, the NHS seized 117 cats, 1 Rabbit and a Raccoon from a ladies home in Council Bluffs, after she had been caught shoplifting over a $100's worth of cat food from the local Walmart.

For the full story click HERE

Human went in today, at 8 am, to help out. With the big raid, and it being a Saturday, Human figured they'd be swamped, but they were the exact opposite. However, by the time she got there this morning, 40+ cats had already been euthanized. Many are testing possitive for Feline Leukemia. They are also finding Upper Respiratory Infections in almost all of them, ringworm, ear mites, and Dental Disease due to the deplorable conditions they were kept in. Later though, she spoke with one of the vets, and they said they are actually going against protocol to save as many as they possibly can... Yay Vets!!!

When she was in surgery, she saw them spaying and neutering a few kits, one actually stopped breathing when she was in there, but they got it (not sure on gender, think it was a he) goin' again!

She only got to bring up 3 cats today, a 8 mos old tortoiseshell she named Kashanti, a Giant Black Cat that looked like me, just 20 times bigger, Simba, and a white with orange one, Chelsie. Had she named the black and white/orange one, the black would be Goliath and the white/orange Queso. *giggle*

Human was up there until five, helping out the Vet Techs and such. Had her mom not have been there, she most likely would've stayed another two or three hours, even after her already 9 hr day. She just wishes for every cat to be happy until they find their forever homes, and for some, it takes awhile.

We have two 13 yr. old cats there right now, whos owner had had them from kittenhood and decided she didnt want them anymore. Tears Human up. But they are sweet cats, and the Torbie plays peek-a-boo from under her cat bed. Teehee!

Anyway, so start Purrin' for Adoptions, kits! We have over a hundred up for adoptions, not including the cats seized, in Isolation, Maternity, Stray, Owner Surrender, etc.

Purrs & Pounces,


Freak Storm Hits Omaha... Over a 5th Left Powerless.

June 28th 2008 6:14 pm
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Hey Kitties!

Oh my Kat…. Our power has just now come back on. No more withdrawal from internet! Yesterday around 4, Humans were up at Work. They work at a gas station. They watched this storm move in. The TV had said something about golf ball size hail coming with it, so Human II put the car in the car wash. As soon has he parked, BAM! The trashcan slammed into the side of the door. He fought his way out, getting drenched as he came back to the store. Human and her friend were standing by the doors, when suddenly the power went out. Scotty was talking to his mom on the phone, and had said “Oh my Gosh” when this giant wind hit, and then the line went dead… scared the poop out of her! Anyway, this guy came up seeking shelter and freaking out. The wind and rain picked up, and it turns out the gusts were over a hundred miles an hour! Suddenly, both front doors flew open, sucked by the powerful winds. Human II kind of freaked out, and we thought that guy was going to have a heart attack. Human II made everyone go into the office. Without the power, they were totally blind as to what was happening. The back door, which stays bolted shut in about 4 places, flew open as well… then everything stopped. Human was the first out, of course, and they saw the trashcans had flown everywhere, and plastic signs hanging on the car wash were shredded. There was a tree in the middle of the parking lot behind the store that no one knows where it came from. Human and Scott went outside once the rain stopped, and found piles of hail. They checked out behind the car wash and found a family of 6 baby bunnies, soaking wet. Poor things! Once a coworker got there, Humans rushed home to see if me, the rest of the animals and Granny were OK. As they drove home, they saw power lines lying on houses, and the gas station about half a mile from home, the canopy above the gas pumps is mangled and torn, and laying on the ground. They had to take a detour to get to our neighborhood, a mobile home park which was decimated. They fought to get through the area, and saw downed trees, flattened lawns, some of the trailers look like someone took a machine gun to it. The horror really struck when they pulled into the drive, seeing our tree lying on top of our neighbors’ house. Had it fallen the other way, Granny and I would be dead. Humans ran inside. Luckily Granny was OK… and so am I… but Granny said I was freaking out, yowling and clawing at the door to Humans room. (I have to stay in there when Human isn’t home.) Human opened the door to see me, and I meowed so loud… I jumped into her arms and just purred. Our neighborhood was definitely hit the hardest though. What’s strange is our neighbors’ tree is also down, and was in the middle of the road, but she had a jug of sun tea on her porch, and it was sill there… untouched. Our house has a busted window, and the skirting fell. There are also chunks taken out of the side from the hail. But other then that, we were one of the lucky ones. Down the road, some guys porch is on top of and through his roof… and another trailer was split in half by a tree... crazy weather. The Red Cross was driving around earlier, handing out sandwiches and chips. I still seem pretty shaken, as I most likely watched our tree go bye-bye, since it’s just outside the window. Normally I enjoy storms, but I wanted my Human! Me and Human have been dying of boredom until now. It was so dark around here, she could see stars outside through the window. STARS!

Purrs & Pounces,


Darth Chey To The Rescue!!!

May 16th 2008 12:04 pm
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I had to save my Human last night! Holy Meow!!!

OK, so it was about 11:30 last night, Human was laying in bed, and I just got up to go eat. She had her glasses off, and was talking on the phone with her friend. Suddenly, I jumped over her face, kicking her, and bounded over to the body pillows. I stood stretched out on my back legs, front paws on the wall, and started chirping, alarmed. She cant see well without her glasses on, but looked up where I was 'pointing' and saw a wisp of something on the wall.... suddenly, the tv sleep timer wears out and all goes black. Human freaked. She nearly back flipped out of her bed, and ran to the lightswitch. (and scrambled for glasses) Warily, she walked back to the bed, where I was looking up and down te wall. She had a feeling she knew what it was, and then she saw it. It looked like a funnel-web spider, except it was pure white. The sucker was about 3 inches long! (though to Human, it was more like three feet!!! And it was prolly closer to two inches, but I digress)

She was having a fit, glad her friend was on the phone to help her through the ordeal. I still couldnt see it (when the lights went out, I lost track of it) so bravely, my Human grabbed a box, and after rounding up all her courage, she hit the wall with it, hitting the spider. As she backed up however, the creature was not squashed, and instead retaliated. It leapt onto the box and made a dash for her hand. Human screamed, her friend about went deaf, and the box went flying.

How could she sleep now? The thing was lost, in her bed no doubt, and looking for revenge. Carefully, mustering all remaining courage, she moved one of her pillows. The spider sprang to the wall, and began running up it. This time, Human made sure to kill it. Then she had to clean it up though (yuck) and Granny was fussing cause she was gonna "come tthrough the wall".

After Human was finished, she killed the light, turned the tv back on, and resumed talking to her friend, laying in bed. She was wide awake, and shaking like a leaf. Spiders are the only thing shes afraid of, mind you, but shes no where near as bad as Human II.

I sprawled out across her, and began to purr, making sure she was OK, and letting her know I'd keep watch. After they hung up (around midnight) I stretched out, mumbled "Meeeet" (my way of saying night) and lay my head on her chest. I softly purred us both to sleep.

Purrs & Pounces,


February 11th 2008 6:31 pm
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I got tagged by, Tosca.

Here are the rules: When you get tagged, you post in your Diary (1) The Rules of the Game (just copy and paste these if you like), and (2) Seven Pawsome Facts About Yourself. (3) Then choose 7 kitties to tag, and list the names of the 7 kitties you are tagging. Don’t forget to purr them a pawmail informing them that they have been tagged and notifying them to read your Diary, or, send them a fun Rosette announcing that they've been tagged!

1. My newest obsession is playing with buttons.
2. I follow my Human into the bathroom when she takes a shower, and will skip songs on the stereo to songs I like. When she skips back and I get frustrated, I just plain shut the stereo off.
3. I like to help Human play solitare on the computer, by pushing the enter button to flip cards.
4. I have a white hair on top of my head.
5. Lately when Human comes home, she finds me sleeping under her blankets.
6. I dislike male dogs.
7. When Human says "C'mon, Chey" I will follow her wherever.

Kitties I'm Tagging!
Anubis Rex "Bunny!"
Truman "Tru"


Feline Christmas Carol

December 21st 2007 8:24 pm
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Knocking around the Christmas Tree
at the Christmas party bop
Streamers be hung where you can see
Ev'ry kitter tries to swat

You will get a kitty cat-ish feeling When you hear
ornaments swinging, then they're fallin'
Rock the halls with meows who're callin'

Knocking around the Christmas Tree
Have'n a happy meow-liday
Everykit's pouncing merrily
In a new and rockin' way

Knocking around the Christmas Tree
Let the Christmas Spirit ring
Later we'll have some pizza pie
and we'll do some yowling.

You will get a kitty cat-ish feeling When you hear
ornaments swinging, then they're fallin'
Rock the halls with meows who're callin'

Knocking around the Christmas Tree
Have'n a happy meow-liday
Everykit's pouncing merrily
In a new and rockin' way


Mrs. Wild Child!

December 11th 2007 8:35 pm
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The wedding was beautiful and went so smooth! I couldnt be any happier!

Big thank yous to Aragorn, for stepping up to be preacher cat, and to the Fiends, for working so hard on getting everything ready for our special day!

Thank you to all Bridescats, my lovely Maid Of Honor, Marina, and to the grooms toms who all made it, and especially to you, Simba, for being the bestest Husband a Kitten could ever want!!!

Thank you for the Pizza Oven, Raypod and fam - it will be put to good use!
Thank you for the Cat Condo, Zoe and Roxanne, and for the bowl Miranda and Gysmo!!!
Thank you for the Vicuna fur blankie, Trip-M!!! I'm glad it didnt cost 600$!!!
Thank you for the Zealies, Uncle T!!!!
Thank you for the House, Mouse and Family!!!!
Thank you for the Kitty Treats, Bootzie!!
Thank you for the picture, Tibbs!!!!

I know I'm forgetting something......



Purrs & Pounces,
~Mrs. Wild Child~ "Chey" *giggle*


Little Bitty Kitty!!

November 30th 2007 8:41 pm
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Have a little dove in a little kitty dish
Gotta little somethin on the furry wips.
Little bitty pounce and a little bitty play
Little Bitty stuffie for me to day.

Well it's alright to be a little kitty
Little hometown annexed by a big ol' city
Might as well stare, might as well style
This kits gonna be 'round for 'while!

A little bitty kitten with a little bitty crown
But I done growed perfect 'mount of pounds.
Big silver car and my head hangin out
But a little bitty bug flew up my snout.

Well it's alright to be a little kitty
Little hometown annexed by a big ol' city
Might as well stare, might as well style
This kits gonna be 'round for 'while!

I know I've got a condo and a little chirpy chick
Whole pack of 'nip and a mousie set
Little bitty world goes around and around
Little bit of silence but a whole lot of sound

If my Human falls for some durn guy
In his face he'll get a pie,
Aint gonna be chocolate or cream
If ya'll catch my drift, you know what I mean.

Well it's alright to be a little kitty
Little hometown annexed by a big ol' city
Might as well stare, might as well style
This kits gonna be 'round for 'while!

Well it's alright to be a little kitty
Little hometown annexed by a big ol' city
Might as well stare, might as well style
This kits gonna be 'round for 'while!

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