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Home:Omaha, NE  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 12 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 9 lbs.

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Show Name: Cheyanne Celestial Starlight Chey, CheyGirl, Cheyannabelle, Kit, Meow-Meow, Chirp-a-dirp, Kitters, Kittikins, Kit-Kit, Missy Miss, Kitten, Cheyster, Kitstles, Psycho, CheyBaby, CheyChey, Kittles, Ch-Chey, Cat Of 10,000 Nicknames

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Quick Bio:
-mixed breed-part feral-cat rescue

June 14th 2004

Black Smoke

I just love to play and run. I love to go for rides in the car and go visit Humans friends or her mums family. I like to walk outside on my leash, and to chase rabbits and birds. I love to pester the Human, so she cant sleep and cursors and balloons rule!

HAIL! Every since the big June 29th storm and the hail that busted the window, and the wind that took the tree away, I spazz when it hails out. Other storms I love though. Fish is gross. Pink is icky. Hello Kitty scares me. Oh, and I dont like male dogs!

Favorite Toy:
I'll play with anything really.... I like to steal those panty-hose thingies, and to play with my mice! My favorite has to be the "Flippy-Things" though..... you know, feather on the strings and such!

Favorite Nap Spot:
My cat tree is the best, I'll lay on my back while in it! I also sleep with Human, and on her bed, and in my bed.

Favorite Food:
BEEF JERKY!!!!!!! Chicken, Rice Krispies cereal, bacon, hot dogs, french fries, pizza cheese...num! whipped cream, and those big ol' sandwhiches Human II makes! Yum!!

I can wave, hi 5 (Chey-5!), sit, lay down, come, and heel/walk on a leash, destroy anything my paw touches... I've recently learned how to sit up and scratch on my post, I also jump on command. My new special skill is I can play Blackjack with Human.


Arrival Story:
I have a unique story... my humans german shepherd, Dallas had just died, and human wanted another pet. That day, she got a call from her aunt. Her aunts rottweiler, Sunny, happened to see this little black thing in the yard and picked it up. She brought me inside, and put me in her bed, and tried to nurse me - even though she had never had pups before. It was 90 degrees out, and I was just a baby. Skin and bones. My human thinks my mother either abandoned me, or was killed. Anyway, I was very sick. Half dead, Humans aunt rushed me to the vet where I got some nasty medicine. I was inseperable from my human from that day foward! Rescued by a dog, I think I am a dog, and walk on my leash, fetch, and have alot of other K9 characteristics. I was found the day Dallas died. Human thinks that is more then just a coincidence.

I live my life on the high road. I'm always on the move, sleek and powerful like the mighty panther I am, Im the queen of the roost. I dont care what people or cats think of me. I'm me and its who I am. Learn it. Love it. Live it. I'm a master of mischief and creative chaos. Always on the move, I find and explore new fun everyday, and always get into trouble while Im at it! However, I always pause to smell the roses. I may not be the brightest crayon in the box at all times, but I know my way around certain things, and I know that I've got some good pals, and some good humans. I have a good nature and a big heart. I love everyone. Spayed: August 21st 2006 __________________________________ _______________________ Humans turn. Cheyanne is a very smart cat. She took to her harness and leash immeadietly, like she had been wearing it for years! After I put it on her anyways, but it was a brand new one, so maybe the old purple one smelled like the other cat. She was afraid of it though. Her Royal Chey-ness will also let me know when her water is dirty. She'll slide her little nose under the edge and slide it off the dresser. She'll also do that if its too low. She hates when she drops a piece of food too, as she will move things to get too it, even though her bowl is full. She does that when something is in her way too.... off the dresser it goes. She knows how to jump, sit, wave, shake, lay down, and hi-5 on command. She'll also give kisses if you ask her. She used to claw her way out from under the bedroom door, until we nailed a board in there. She has to stay in my room when Im not home cause shes my cat, and shes "destructive." *sarcastic*I wonder why. Shes a CFA Household Pet. She began her show career in May 2007. We need to work on cage training her, because she kept trying to escape while being judged. She kept doing 'pity me meows', which are the most pathetic mewls you'll ever hear. But oh, she melts everyone when she does, and the judges just love her! A good thing. Shes a very good kitter, and when that horrid day comes (God forbid it) I dont know what I'll do with out her. I just love her to death!!! ~Dawulf~ UPDATE : Never have I met, or heard of for that matter, a cat as smart and witty as Cheyanne. A certain look or meow (be it mew, chirp or yowl) tells me exactly what she wants. It is almost an unearthly thought, and if she had thumbs, she would be ruling the world. She has an obsession with buttons, and knows how to work the remote, laptop, and stereo. Granted, she doesnt do much with them. The remote, she turns the tv on and off, knows how to put on the star trek DVD (which I usually have in the DVD player) on, and changes the channel. Once, she was out of food in the middle of the night, so she turned the tv on, and turned the volume all the way up. With the stereo, she'll turn it on and off, and she knows how to stop the music, or skip to a song she likes. On the lap top, she 'helps' me play solitaire, by pressing the enter key and flipping cards. She also likes to 'write'. I hold the pen (or pencil) and she will swat and nose the top of it, causing it to scribble. Last time she did it, there was what looked to be a heart shape, a "S", a "K" and a "B". I wish I could teach her to do my homework....

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9 of 9

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Welcome to the Darkside

What is really sad, you ask?

June 5th 2010 2:24 pm
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I'll tell you what is sad. This new Catster. All of the changes should be thrown into my cat box and buried. *folds arms stubbornly*

EVERYTHING is rediculous. It is completely catering to people looking for information. Nothing about it shows what Catster really is - or used to be, anyway.

And what is with the Community tab? I don't want to click 30 times to get to what I'm looking for.

There are still things I can't find.

And the carpet.... really Catster, REALLY? It is hideous and completely lacks creativity.

And all the white is killing Humans eyes - and shes only 18!

We miss the Catster Green. We really do. The blue and orange belongs on Dogster.

And what the hairballs is with NUTRO?! It needs to GO!

And now HQ seems to be turning aginst us. They took the Say NO to Nutro group off of the Most New Member's list (and it is THERE, trust me!)

They are ignoring everything that we say, and censoring our posts in the forums, when none of them are mean in any way. (well, mine may have been, but thats just the cat I am! I fight for what is right, and ain't no one going to tell me otherwise!)

It makes me very sad that Catster is turning aginst their community. Their egoes must be covering their eyes up if they can't see that it's the COMMUNITY that made Catster and Dogster what they are today, NOT HQ or its advertisers.

I guess their true colors are beginning to show.

Me and Human are starting to not want any part of this site any more. We've been here for 6 years almost, and we have loved this site since, but the love came to a stop when all these changes came about.

We wont be renewing Plus. We wont be buying Zealies. We wont be buying from Nutro or any of Catster's other advertisers either.

Purrs & Pounces,


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Fire - minus the "ready, aim"!

October 30th 2008 7:58 am
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5:15 AM this morning of October 30th, a phone call woke everyone up. Human sleepily reached for the phone which said "Central Station" on it, and showed an 800 number. She rolled over thinking "stupid telemarketers" and attempted to drift off again, when she heard Human IIs phone go off. Its very noticeable, for the ring is the entrance to Metallicas "Enter Sandman". Suddenly out of the silence of night, a lone siren sounds. Human raises her head to listen. Soon another comes, then another.

5:30 AM, Human II gets a call from the gas station, that he and The Human work at. He tries to call them back, but no one answers. He gets up, says hes gonna drive by and see whats going on. Human gets up too, waking me up, and tells him shes going too. He refuses to let her and she stalks back to her room, disheartened.

5:50 AM, Human II calls Human and The Warden (formerly known as Granny) with an update. The station was on FIRE! There was 6 fire trucks, and guys on the roof hacking holes, and flames shooting out the top, and smoke everywhere! Human was stunned! This place, that she had been going up to for the past 12 years, that she had worked at for the past three, was in flame?

Human got up immeadietly, and phoned her friend, who works there too. Had that place not have been there, they would've never met, and now this place was burning to the ground! After she got off the phone with him, she called her mom. Not thinkin her mom believed her at first, but she became as gossip-hungry as anyone else, and as that goes, Human was - and still is - starving!

Of course, when Human was out making her calls, I escaped the room and wound up in the Wardens. Warden doesnt like me in her room so started complaining. Of course, I could sense the tension, and darted between Humans legs into the living room, around into the dining room then to the back of the house, while she chased me. We did that about four times. Human was glad I was there to lighten the mood, but I was just mad at her for getting up. I was asleep between her legs.

7:30 AM Human II finally came back (reeking of smoke, mind you) and they drove past the station. Everything was stained in smoke, and there was a gaping hole in the peaked roof. Human II says everything is ruined and will have to be wrote off. They'll all have to either be transfered to other stores, or find new jobs while it gets fixed.

Cause of the fire is uncertain, as of now. Very possible that it was electrical, but personally Human thinks the manager was smoking in the office again. Shes a smart one.

No one was injured, just shocked and stinky.

Human dunno what shes gonna do for a job now.

Purrs & Pounces,


We Remember . . . .

September 11th 2008 2:53 pm
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Today, September 11, 2008, seems very dismal in Omaha. This morning, no sun shone through the clouds. Rain poured down, and continues to, as the evening progresses. It seems as though all the Angels in Heaven are standing together, greiving with the country as We Remember. Large tears continue to spatter the ground. Thunder rolls through the metro, as the celestial beings continue to sob. Dark clouds curl over white ones, consoling eachother, and banding together. Lightning shoots through the skies, as anger burns through the unified beings. We remember.

This passage is in memory of those lives lost on that wretched day, seven years prior, and for all those men and women who have banned together to support and help rebuild this country as life goes on. Not the politicians; but the American people, for without these great citizens, this country would not be.

Purrs & Pounces,

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