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*Purrings of a contented kitty*

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OMC! Thank you Catster for my Teddy's honour!

July 29th 2008 12:55 am
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*Amelia Rose can't stop purring and jumping up and down on all four paws*

Oh my kitten!!! Not only is it my Teddy "luv"Bearz's birthday, but he is also the Catster COTD!!

Thank you SO much HQ for this most special gift on his very first birthday - you ROCK!!!! *AR claps her tiny pink paws* And how special that he & I were both COTD in the same week!!

Happy birthday luv bearz & concats....I am so furry proud of you & luv you and I hope you have at least 20 more birthdays to come!! Teehee!

And purrlease be sure to pop by TEDDY'S SURPRISE PAWTY all day today! : )

Whiskerkissies to everypurr,
Amelia Rose

~ * ~ * ~

A special thank you to everyone for making my day as COTD soooo special!! I will update my previous diary entry and send out purrsonal thank you's when meowmy has some time, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU for how much each and every pmail, rosie, giftie and furriend request meant - you are all so wonderpurr and I luvs you!


OMC!!! Double dose of good news!!!

July 25th 2008 1:42 am
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First we received the wonderpurr news that sweet Mr. D who has been missing for SIX months is home!!!!! We got the news about 11 pm Catster time and ran around spreading the good news!

Then I popped back to the homepage and saw my photo...but it didn't register...thought it was my pic on the 'my account' page...when it settled in that I am on the home page...and I AM ON THE HOMEPAGE!!! *squeals and giggles and purrs* I am the COTD!! YAY!! *does a happy dance*

Oh thank you HQ thank you!! And thank you to all my furriends for sharing this pawsome day with me - I am so honoured that a itty bitty girl like me can be COTD, and I sure feel special!! EVEN A DOGGY wrote me a pmail to say concats!!!! His name is Hobo and he helped to make me feel soooo special to know that even a doggy saw me on the homepage!

And a special thank you goes out to my Teddy 'luv' bearz...I luv you so much and can't think of a more special purrson to share this day with!

I luv you all and I luv Catster!!

Amelia Rose

* ~ * ~ *

Thank you's to the whole Texas Wild Bunch for the trophy and also dear Aunty Sophie for the star from her & Uncle Wally and Griffin for the adorable lady bug!! Thank you also to Kittanna, Zilla, Taillee, Lilly & angels Henry and Tigger for the cute birdie - he looks yummy MOL! I also received such a purrty rainbow star from Tina, Paige, Pedro, angel Isaac, angel Dexter & Cajen too!

More pawsome gifties came from dear Gizmo & angel Max who gave me a twinkling star , another purrty star to shine furever on my page from the family of Kiki, Mouse and Catsy, a love-ly *giggles* heart from Punkin Pooh, Karma Kitty, Bobbi Boi & Charlie Clarence and some yummy catnip catpagne from sweet Miles Montgomery to celebrate with - a glass for me and one for Teddy!



June 2nd 2008 12:40 am
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My handsome, sweet Teddy Bearz (and by the way - check out his new diary entry - he likes cherries! *giggles* You are way too cute Teddy!) and my sweet furriend Laurie tagged me! YAY! *claps paws excitedly*

Here goes!

Here is how you play:
There are 4 categories; each category has 4 things to list, the last of which is 4 furriends that you want to tag. Then you send a pmail to each of your furriends & ask them to read your diary to find out how to play. But I am doing the last bit differently ;) So here goes.

Category 1: 4 Jobs that I have:

1. Keeping the 3 boys in line!
2. Licking the boys and making sure they are clean - meowmy says I am the grooming princess!
3. Polishing the tiles under the sofa with my back fur when pulling myself around with my claws while lying on my back *giggles*
4. Ensuring all bags are Amelia Rose checked and approved!

Category 2: 4 Places I have lived:

1. In meowmy Rosie's tummy when she still lived outside.
2. In meowmy Rosie's tummy when meowmy and daddy took her in.
3. In the study when it was the kitten-nursery.
4. In the whole house now :)

Category 3: 4 Places I would rather be:

1. With my beluved Teddy! :)))
2. At work with Meowmy so I could snuggle in her lap.
3. At work with Daddy so I could snuggle in HIS lap!
4. I think you get the idea! MOL!

Category 4: Tagging....

Well, since I was late in purrlaying I am not going to tag 4 furriends, but if you read this and want to purrlay consider yourself tagged! *touches screen with her paw*

I luvs you my furriends! I luvs you my dear, sweet, cherry-thief *giggles* Teddy!

Amelia Rose


Look what my Teddy did!

March 26th 2008 6:32 am
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Oh I am such a lucky girl kit!! Take a look at my Teddy Bearz's page and tell me I am not the luckiest purr in the world!!

*giggles and blushes and smiles and purrs and runs off to look at his page again*

I luvs my Teddy!!!

Whisker kissies,
Amelia Rose

PS: A package came!! Meowmy got the slip and she is going to pick it up at the post office! I hope it is the package from Teddy I have been waiting for..... :)


I'm ready for easter!

March 18th 2008 3:38 am
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Thanks to my Teddy bearz I am ready for easter! Just take a peek at my main pic, and also at his - we match! And we look cute, right? *giggles* We even have personalised bows on!

Thank you my sweet Teddy, I luvs my pic and I luvs you!

Happy egg hunting furriends!

Whisker kissies,



March 9th 2008 7:28 am
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Just take a lookie at all the snow over at my luv-bear O'Teddy's home! It looks like somepurr has been purrlaying with a container of powdered sugar!

*giggles* Teddy says that he wants to come here to visit since he doesn't like the I say YES PURRLEASE!! Just be sure to put enough postage on you parcel...don't want you to end up halfway here in the ocean!

*AR starts grooming in case her funny, brave and zany enough Teddy actually goes ahead with it*

Whisker kissies,


Oh dear!

March 6th 2008 10:41 pm
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My O'Teddy has been naughty....he tripped his meowmy! Sorry Auntie Eva! *blows kissies to her shoulder* But.....I think my luv-bear was trying to purrtect you! Purrhaps there was something in the kitchen! A bug! Or a....a spider! *Amelia Rose thinks hard to try and cover for her Teddy* Or...or...a dustbunny! *giggles*

Speaking of my Teddy....did you see his new main pic? *blushes* He says I am his pot o'gold....his EVERYTHING! Oh T-Bearz! I luvs you too! You make me smile and purr and dream sweet dreams and giggle and happy and I am such a lucky little girl!

*blows kissies to the screen* Purrlease...try and not purrtect your meowmy so much so you don't go to kitty jail, ok?




March 5th 2008 11:38 pm
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Did you see my O'Teddy's page? *giggles more* He has a St Patty's jibjab with me doing all the girly dancers and Sir Nigel the boy! It is so cute!!

Thanks sweet O'Teddy for including me in the fun....and you are my best furriend and my sweet luv-bear too! I luvs you! *puts her paw on his pic on the screen*

And speaking of O'Teddy....did you see we found the pot o'gold? :)



St. Patty's Page!

March 4th 2008 3:57 am
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Meowmy finally helped me to make my page all green and St. Patty-ish! YAY! *claps little pink & white paws* I just had to celebrate my Teddy giving me my first St. Patrick's rosie! Thanks Teddy - I luvs you my Luv-Bear aka T-Bearz aka most handsome kit on Catster *blush*

But we searched and couldn't find a girly St.Patty's pic to use as a background, so meowmy made my layout instead, with curls and flowers to make it more girly!

But....I can't wait for Easter so my page can be pink again *giggles*


The special date is here!

March 3rd 2008 12:26 am
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Today is my aunt Sydney Rose's birthday, her first at the bridge and her 6th in total!

*claps little white paws* Concats sweet auntie....I luv you always!!!

And I luvs you Teddy!! *waves and blows a kiss* (Teehee just HAD to get that in... :) )

You can also concatulate her HERE!

Happy purrs and whisker tickles,

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