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The story of 2 brothers...

July 5th 2010 8:44 am
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2 special kitties,Hobo and White Socks,though not actual brothers,the love, bond and caring they displayed for each other,all the way till the end,taught many,what love is....
The first to be found,was Hobo,A tiny gray kitten,running up the leg of his new chosen owner,away from cars,trains(hence his name) away from the cold rainy night,into a warm home,filled with food,treats,and love.....He grew and grew,into the most beautiful long haired kitty I had the pleasure to be the owner of,Many fell in love with his soft,quiet nature,his affection;How many times,friends would beg,"Can I have him"....we just laughed with a soft but polite,..."no,he is ours"...

Awhile later,I had the pleasure to find at my work( we were on site property managers)....White Socks,as we quickly named him,a half starved,tiny reddish patch of fur....aside from the fleas and dirt,he could not walk,dragging his backside,and,a tail that clearly had trouble written on it....after a brief bite of food,and kitten replacement milk(something that was a general staple in our home) a ride to the vet for this tiny guy.....I had told them,I found this little thing inside one of our tenants unit,and had wanted to keep him,but,clearly he needed medical attention...before I knew what was going on,cameras came out,reports were being made,and of course,my curiosity was peeked,...with me asking what was going on!...I was told, My little guy was clearly abused and a clear case,that they have seen many of in the last few months,a rash of abuse that I could not fathom....but,they told me the horrid,or,more like punks,putting firecrackers into kittens bottoms,and lighting them,hence why his tail was burned and rotting off,hence,why he could not walk...I had to sit down quick,before I fell down....I asked,what could be done for him,for now,I wanted him more then ever....Surgery was the answer and after that,just time and good food,and perhaps the 3 week old tyke,would have a chance...
Many months later,our little foundling,ran into another major situation,loving to explore,hide,and play...early morning as his daddy got ready for work,how much fun it was hiding and trying to stop,his daddy from tying his shoes,and the best place to hide,became a death trap....a double rocker/recliner,and as daddy got up,the springs got the kitty,that horrible sound forever is etched into my mind,as his daddy tried to pick up this monster of a double unit recliner,I was struggling with the steal spring,trying to release it,that was killing my baby,choking him,till right at the moment of his last breath and fight,I freed the spring from his neck,and he fell into my hands,where my next moments of thinking came from,I do not know,but I barked out orders....thinking,he must be kept still,in case of broken bones;"grab the wooden cutting board",and "get me some cloth",as I was ripping apart cloth,to tie him upon this cutting board,and before I knew more,I was doing CPR,breathing life back into this little one,making deals with him,with God if only he will breath,open his eyes,,and, prayers were answered,and before I knew it, he opened his eyes slowly...quietly laying there,a few more breaths,and a few more tie downs,not taking any chances,since he was not moving,I had feared the worse....I had his daddy hold him,as I got dressed,and I called our vet,which was still closed ,I was told to rush him to our animal hospital,which we did,everyone was waiting for us......they took over with his care.......and hour later,I see him being carried out,in the arms of one of the doctors.....looking at me,giving me a meow.....My doctors gave him a fine going over,and aside from a small dislocation of his jaw,which was not enough to even warrant surgery,he was fine,we can take him home....him and his now crooked little face....I was given by staff,much kudos and asked to help with a seminar being held there the following week, showing owners,CPR training to save pets...
5 years moved along,absent one recliner,and brothers were always together,slept,played and found ways to torment us with their crazy antics....and we loved every moment....and then,one day,Hobo fell ill,doctors checked him over,but could not find what was wrong,yet in 2 weeks time he has lost half his weight....a week after that on a Saturday,White Socks,suddenly became ill too,now we were both baffled and confused,2 kitties sick???
We quickly out ruled possible culprits,because they could never get to any of them,so we knew,it was not a poisoning,and since they could not,at that time find anything wrong with Hobo,we had no idea. We had thought,perhaps White Socks just had an upset tummy,but no. Monday morning,they both went into the pet hospital, for 5 days,both remained in intensive care,forced fluids,IVs drugs,testing....and results,Hobo's kidneys stopped working,White Socks had developed a small tumor, so small,it could not be felt, they had thought,with drugs and treatment,White Socks could go home that Friday,they had thought,being home may help him...They were wrong,he would not eat,get up,nothing,I called early Saturday morning,and was told to bring him back in,the small tumor,by Monday morning had ballooned into a massive sized one.....
We knew then,neither of our boys will be coming home again,and we both knew what we had to say and do....I had only one stipulation,they had to go ...together...brothers must stay together.
That Monday afternoon,two brothers laid side by side, in one of the rooms,with staff doing what they had to do,one doctor for Hobo and one doctor for White Socks;Hobo reached over and laid his paw,upon White Socks face......both closed their eyes,and slept.
Not a dry eyes remained in that room,not even the staff or Doctors,they too,had witnessed a love,between 2 brothers.
Their ashes to this day,remain,together.....2 brothers together.


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