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Doom the Destroyer Part 6

April 18th 2008 9:12 pm
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Hi, it’s me Doom and I am back.

I was sitting in the living room looking out the front window, and then the bedroom window, when I started wondering what outside was actually like. Not the outside out front, that is way too noisy and there are just too many cars and trucks going by. The outside from mom’s room looks a bit better and I can see some birds, but the outside in the back of the house looks great and I can see the squirrels!

There are lots of trees and a really big deck and so many leaves blowing around but it’s the squirrels that I am concerned about. They are on my property, running around on my deck, my grass and in my trees. I think they are teasing me. I am Doom The Destroyer and I can’t let that happen. My only problem is, how do I get outside? Now, mom opens the sliding door when it gets warmer outside and I am hoping it’s warm now, it sure feels it from the other windows. Here she comes now and yes, she is opening the door. I better play it cool though. I will walk away and pretend not to care.

I think I have waited long enough now to make my great escape. It looks easy enough, I will just slide this screen open and out I go. I will just shove this over with my paw and, well now, that’s not a good sign. It’s not moving, I think its stuck. It’s not going to be as easy as I thought. Looks like I will be doing this bit by bit, inch by inch.

First things first, I need to see how much this will move. I will just stick my paw in the crack and push a bit. It moved a tiny bit which means I am going to need some force and something bigger than my paw to get this open.

My head, I will use my head. I will just stick my nose in this crack and push really hard. It moved, not a whole lot but it still moved. If I just keep this up, and my face holds out this might actually work. Just a few more shoves and yes, it moved again. Now I have enough room to fit my paw through, then my head and body and I am so getting me a squirrel.

I am out! What the heck? Mom just caught me and I was so close. I had 2 whole paws on the deck. I was so excited I forgot to check on mom first. She is now closing the screen and blocking it. Maybe it is just as well, I am not feeling that great and I am a bit tired. I think I will save the Great Escape for another day and just go bug mom in the living room a while, wait I can hear her calling me.

“Doom, come here sweetie, I have something for you”, she yelled from the other room.

Normally I would wait a minute or two but I was a bit curious so off I go. What is that on the floor? It’s a container with something inside. What is that smell? It smells funny but I can’t seem to stop sniffing it. I feel all tingly and a bit silly. I need to investigate this a bit closer. Time to tip this thing over and check it out close up. One little swat is all it should take.

There I have some out, it sure smells good whatever it is. It feels kind of crunchy under my paw. I think I need to dump this all out and get a really close look. One more swat should do the trick. I was wrong, I am feeling kind of lightheaded and that tingly feeling is getting stronger. I am trying to flip this container but I can’t seem to get it, I just keep pushing it around the floor, concentrate Doom. Finally, I flipped it and it’s all over the floor. Now for a closer look, and some paws on investigating.

I give it a few sniffs, boy that smelled good. I shoved it around with my paws. What was this stuff? Why can’t I stop smelling it? Why is mom laughing at me?

“Doom, are you enjoying the catnip?”, she asked.

So this was catnip. I have heard a lot of things about this stuff. It is supposed to make kitties all crazy. That’s fine for normal kitties but I am Doom, The Destroyer and nothing controls me. I was so wrong. The rest is kind of a blur. I remember lying down to get closer to it, to investigate. Then something came over me, I had to roll in this wonderful stuff. I tried to stop myself but it was no use. The nip had me and I wanted, no I needed more. I reached for the container and pulled it towards me but it was empty. Then I was rolling again. I could not get close enough. I wanted it in my fur, between my toes I wanted to bath in this wonderful stuff. I couldn’t of stopped even if I wanted to, but I didn’t want to. I was covered in catnip from the tip of my nose to the end of my tail. I was swimming in it and having a great time.

Suddenly, I was dizzy and not feeling so well. I think I might of overdone it. My mom called my boy to come and watch me being all silly. My boy laughed at me and then started to clean up the catnip. No, it’s mine, mine.

I swatted his hand and he laughed a bit more. The race was on. I needed to hide some before it was too late, but where? The carpet, I would hide it under the carpet. It works for my q-tips and this is a lot smaller. Now to lift it a bit and start shoving. Here comes that dizzy feeling again. I have to be quick my boy already has half the container full. Maybe if I shove it over again it will distract him. That did the trick, just a few more shoves and mission accomplished. I would of tried for a bit more but I am just not feeling up to it. Mom took me to the doctors the other day because I am not feeling well and they gave me medicine. I am not hungry anymore and I get tired fast. I think I am going to go take a nap.

Viva La Tissue!


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