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Come oon.

Danks for a Rosedde!

November 9th 2006 2:49 pm
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Someone gaves me a rosedde Tuesd'y.. The catmail said "Wallingford" bud now the dadabase is broked and they can't figure out what it said or find their page! So thank you to whoever Wallingford was. And thank you to Cooper who gave me my udder roseddes.

Please votes for me at da' 2nd Annual World's Coolests Dog and Cadt Show!

Still dost but keepin' in toudch,


I goots dost company!

October 29th 2006 8:18 pm
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My hyoomans found anudder lost cat. But it's nod me. They don't know whose id is. It's a brown/black tabby with pwetty swirly patterns in id's coat and gween eyes like mine. If you read this and you know anyone who dost a cat like that in the northeastern corner of Illidnois then you should send me a pawmail ride away! Or, if you know of some good dost'n'found sites for cats dat dey can posts the cat on. They goots a real nice picture of him eading 'cause he came close enough to be touched but not to ketch'im. Well, dey don't know if id's him or her. Id's keeping it's tail down a liddle 'cause id's still scared. Hannah and Chibi is hissin' ats him and noot bein' very dice, so we hopes we can get him back to his homes as soon as pawsible!



D'ost even still!?

February 25th 2006 9:01 am
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I hates to disdappoints everyone, but I gots to give all my friends an update. Thank you for all your concewn, but deah; I'm still d'ost. A whole loots has happened while I's been away on my adventure. The cute little old lady who always wiv'ed with us downstairs got willy sick and she passed away. I'm sad I wadn't there to help keep my humans happy with my smoolin' face. That was really hard for them and it made 'dem misses me eben more. And I'm pwetty sure dey misses me a loot 'cause theys is always dooking for me and thinkin' 'bout me and sometimes dey cwies 'cause I guess without enough smoolin' and wavin' around peoples gets real sad.

Dyoo know whad else changed? Dey gots two new kiddens! From anodder country! And I hear they's is really nooty. I thinks it's funny when other cats is nooty, I'd like to watch 'dem. And if they gets too nooty I could helps out by siddin' on them or sumthing? Pworto Reeco... I wonder where dat is? Dey speaks a loot of Spanish there, and we only d'now English. I hope they can understands the other cads okay. I wonder if they'd be able to understand me?

You d'ow whad else happened while I's been gone? M'diece Chibi came back after she'd been missin' for tree years! She's diven with her daughter Hannah now and theys is gettin' 'long real dice. Hannah loves it outs here, but I bed she gets donely when she don'ts goots friends to plays with. And Chibi's is willy fluffy so she must keep her real warmb ad night! Chibi duddn't wants to come inside withs mah people 'cause she forgots how to be pedded. She thinks ids okay to btes the people when they's peddin' her! Dats so nooty! She used to tell em that running away from the dice peopels was nooty, but now she's bein' real dooty and biddin' 'um! I hopes that when I gets back home I remembers how to be pedded.


Deah, you guessed it, *STILL* dost!

July 8th 2005 5:21 pm
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My 15th day! What am I thinkin'? I hear them calling me, I smell the tuna they throw all over the driveway, and the dirty the clothes they put out and hope the neighbors don't think they are nuts so I can catch their scent... but I just haven't felt like coming home yet! Yeah, dey is worrying all the time, and has deir garage door open 24 hours a day where anyone could walk in and takes deir stuff (or our cat food!) and little birds are hanging outs in it and the baby 'possum comes in and eats the food they leave out for me... But.. I'm on holiday! Okay, so even my humans has never been on a 15 day holiday, and I'm just a little kitty all by his lonesome who shouldn't reawy be gong out on his own like this, but... I don't rilly have an excuse for this behavior... I guess I'm just very nooty! Oh well, dey'll keep looking, and then one night I'll surprise them and just shows up! I'm sure dey won't be mad at all by then!

(A side note from Jürgen's human companions- There are at least 5 feisty raccoon toddlers out there and you had better come home before you get into trouble with them, Jürgy! And we will most certainly still be mad, overshadowed by relief and happiness to see our little sunshine, but still very mad!)


I'm still dost!

July 3rd 2005 12:21 pm
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Oh dear... As of 'bouts a half hour ago I's been dost for 10 whole days! Dat's a pretty long vacation for cat, hopefully I'm getting da' wanderlust out of my system! It's been very hard for my people, dey haven't seen me once since I ranned off, but neighbors have spotted me a few times. In fact, da' last time I was ratted on I was in great aunt Bertha's yard! Dat's kinda funny, but Patrick and Hannah likes to go there and sometimes dey get special treats like used corn cobs and dat sounded like fun to me. I feel bad, Dindsay can't stops crying she misses me so much, but I'm having fun, 'dis is a new experience for me! I'll come home whens I ready. In the mean time I'm dwinkin' out of bird baths, eating whatever I can find, scoping out new hiding places, willy living dife on 'da "edge"! Dast night, peoples was makin' magical sparklies everywheres! It was willy loud, almost as doud as Dindsay calling for me and scraping the tuna can with a fork, but it was so pretty I didn't even get very scared.

Hey! Guess what else I saw'd? A baby possum! Well, yeah I's seen dots of bunnieds and chibmunks and mices, but I know Dindsay will be happy to see a possum since we didn't sees none since Petunia went missing. Maybe this is Petunia's gwandaughter or somethin's? Dat would be deat! Oh doe... Dindsay prolly' dinks I'm being nooty writing about rodents and marsup'yals when she's so upset about not seeing me for more than a week, so I better go and enjoy myself before I come home and I'mb in BIG twouble!


I Got Dost!

June 23rd 2005 11:21 pm
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Yeah... it's twue. Today the back sliding door was weft open, and me, Nat, Toby, and Scooby were kinda havin' a party out on the deck. Lindsay wadn't so happy when she found us so she came and corraled us back into the house... except the other three went the way she wanted and I went the wrong way, and while she wad gettin' all of dem in the house I got scawed and when she came back a garbage truck went by and it was just too mudch for me! I wan, and wan, and wan, and before Lindsay knew she didn't dow where I was. In fact, now no one dows where I am! I could be anywheres! She wooked and wooked, and bugged all her enighbors giving them pictdures of me, but no one sawed me! Will I be found? Hopefuwwy. Windsay thinks she saw me a few times tonight, but if she did I was still so scared I kept wunning. At weast I still gots my clues, and they haven't been twimmed lately. Wish me duck on my adventure to find my way home!

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