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Happy Independence Day!

July 3rd 2011 5:17 am
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Hi efurryone,
I know today isn't quite the day but I want to let efurryone know that there is a sale on at the store, -- everything Made in America is 20% off! The sale is on through Monday the 4th.

Everyone have a safe and happy Independence Day weekend!!

Whisker kisses
Tethys Fluffkins


Happy Cats' Dads Day!!

June 19th 2011 6:45 am
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I want to wish all the Daddies a Happy Day. I don't have one so we decided to celebrate by having a sale at the store -- all Cat Supplies and More products (except Omnipets Art products) are on sale with a 15% discount. You can shop for your daddies by getting the discount coupon code here:

Also, we have added some great new treats!! DO YOU LIKE BACON??? Go to the store at and search for bacon. You'll glad you did!

Have fun!!

Whisker Kisses,
Tethys Fluffkins


New entry in the Cat Supplies Review Blog

June 4th 2011 1:09 pm
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Momma just updated the store's blog:

Here is a link to the Cat Supplies and More store:

If you go to the blog, you will see that I'm there to say Hi!!

Whisker kisses,
Tethys Fluffkins


Happy Cats' Moms Day!

May 8th 2011 10:06 am
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Happy Cats's Moms Day to all the Cats' Moms!!

I hope you kitties are showing some luv. I brought Momma two fur mousy toys from upstairs! Junior got on the table and gave her smoochies!

We want to let you know that if you want to buy your Mom something wonderful, like new catnip toys, some anti-hairball-barfing stuff, or a figure-8 harness and leash so you can go on walks together, Cat Supplies and More is having a 15% off sale today! Here is the link to the discount coupon:

Mouse-o ver "View Product Categories" to start shopping!

And remember, a portion of all purchases goes to animals in need!
Tethys Fluffkins


Mixed messages??

December 31st 2010 10:11 am
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So Catster is sending a message to my Momma to NOT LEAVE HOME. And she's not getting it. She thinks it means to leave home without us. Here's the deal: on the day she had to drive 9 hours to Niagara Falls without the confuser, Junior was COTD!! Well, she did take her confuser and pulled into wifi spots along I-90 MOL!! Then, when she was in England this summer with very little confuser access, Junior was COTW. And now this week, she was away and I was Tabby In the Spotlight over at Tabbies with 'Tudes (a really pawsome group, BTW!!). That happened on Tuesday and we only found out about it this morning (Friday)!!

So Catster is saying, stay home so we can celebrate our honors. She thinks it means, leave home so that we get honors. *Tethys scratches her head* No no, Momma, it means don't go away!!!! We would rather have you here even if it means we don't get honors.

*Tethys sighs*

Well, Happy New Year to all you furiends!! *Tethys waves* I want to wish you all a pawsome 2011.


Synchronized Magic

November 9th 2010 4:57 pm
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Hi Efurryone!!

So. Normally Junior and I pretend we don't get along. Once in awhile, we really irritate each other. But a lot of the time, Mom talks about this Me and Mini-Me thing (I have to admit, I am Mini-Me). Well, just to amuse Mom, we planned something for her -- or so she thinks, because it was too magic to be spontaneous. While she was out, we each took up position in our round Morgan's beds that are on the side of Mom's bed. We both curled with our backs to the near wall, leaned on our right elbows, tucked the left foot in, tail covering the feet... and when Mom walked in and turned on the light -- there we were!!! Synchronized Magic!!!

But wait, that wasn't all. So we both blinked together at the light, and we both opened our mouths and yawned, and put our ears back, in perfect Synchronized Magic!! Then we blinked together some more, and we both got up together. Perfect Synchronized Magic.

And of course, we look alike! Not that I look like a ManCat!!!

You can only do this when you are linked by some Cosmic Force of Magic Synchronicity.

By the way, we SO amused Mom. It worked. We are Magic!!!

Well, I just thought I would share that. A rare moment of me and Junior in sync MOL!!

Tethys Fluffkins


A Sad Day in Catster Land

October 1st 2010 5:17 am
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Dear furiends,

Today would have been the 5th Birthday of Sir Alfie Kneads-a-lot, Alfie the Orange Lovebug, Alfie the Kimi Prince, Alfie Precious Child forever in his mother's heart. Alfie left us much too soon. He was a furiend to so many cats and a favorite special friend to me. Alfie's kimis were/are everywhere because he was so generous with his time in making them for efurryone. Alfie was a big presence in Catster and in my life, and he left his Mom much, much too soon. We are purring for his Mom today.

Meanwhile, Junior is writing another Sad Day today diary...

Tethys Fluffkins


This is a good story

September 18th 2010 4:09 pm
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We found this on the I Can Has Cheeseburger site: y-mother-cat-thinks-hes-a-kitten/

I particularly like the squirrel learning to purr!!

I hope it makes you smile.

Tethys Fluffkins


I've been tagged, and other stuff

July 31st 2010 3:45 pm
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Dear furiends,

First, I want to apologize for my page being so very very out of date. Mom keeps promising to do something about it but she's a bit inundated, she says. My patience wears thing quickly so this had better change soon.

Second, I want to thank all the furiends who have stopped by while Junior and I celebrated our Gotcha Days this month. It is so special to have such great furiends to help celebrate.

Now, to the nitty-gritty: my friend Lila Mae Bush tagged me. So I here it is:

1. Do you ever wake your parent up in the night?
Yes, sometimes she hears me bringing her mousie toys from upstairs or getting in front of the window shade, but that is usually in the morning. Otherwise, I wake her up when I bring up a soggy hair snake, as I did last night.

2. Do you ever tear up things?
Only the chair I'm allowed to use to sharpen my claws.

3. What is your favorite treat?
Strangely, I don't do treats. Not even Greenies interest me. I guess the closest thing is that since we aren't allowed to have dry food, Mom gives us two or three kibbles a day and I like that.

4. Can you fetch something when asked to do so?
Please! I'm a cat! And a Goddess!! I only "bring" things if I choose to bring them as gifts.

5. Have you ever lived any place other than where you live now? Yes, but I can't tell you where. I was about 7 months old when my Mom found me as a stray and I don't know where I was before that. I can tell you this, having celebrated my 4th Gotcha Day this month: I simply have to be so much more loved wherever I am now than where I was before!!

I'm now off to tag my new friend Sprinkles. She is new here so I thought maybe she could tell us about herself.


My 4th Gotcha-Day Anniversary

July 19th 2010 6:35 am
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Hi furiends,
I'm celebrating my 4th Anniversary Gotcha Day today because Mom was away on the 17th, the real day. I can't believe I've been with my Momma for 4 years! That seems like such a long time and yet Momma says she remembers it like it was yesterday. She says she got lucky that day, but I know it I who got lucky.

The 22nd is Junior's 5th Anniversary Gotcha Day so this week is a very special week. And did you know he is COTW until tomorrow? Junior gets all the attention but then, he is kinda special.

Well, Momma says I'm the special Girl particularly right now.

Headbonks and whisker kisses, my friends!

Tethys Fluffkins

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