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"King of My Jungle"

We Miss You Romeo

May 29th 2011 10:05 pm
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It's Memorial Day and I know it's a day for soldiers but today I think of my Romeo and what I wouldn't give to have you back. You are truly missed and loved. We love you Romeo forever...........


I miss you Romeo

May 16th 2011 5:26 am
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April 14, 2011 has been two long years since my beloved Romeo passed to the Rainbow Bridge. All I can say is that I miss him so very much and think of him every day. I have his picture as my screen saver and everyday I see him and wish he were here with me.


Today is One Year since the passing of my beloved Romeo

April 14th 2010 6:28 am
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My heart still aches, even after a year of my Romeo's passing, I can't get him out of my mind. I look at my other two cats, Zsa Zsa and Mr. Hollywood and they just aren't anything like my Romeo. When will this pain go away? There wasn't a day that went by that I didn't think of Romeo and how mischievious he was and how much I loved him. My little one, Mr. Hollywood was his best friend, and now I'm his best friend. I'm still very sad to this day that I lost my Romeo at the age of 8 to kidney failure. I love him so very much.


My Mama Misses Me

August 11th 2009 1:19 pm
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She said there isn't a day that goes by that she doesn't think of me, she's so sad that I'm gone. When she gets on Catster and looks at the pages of the other cats that have gone to the rainbow bridge, she listens to the songs playing on their pages and she cries. There isn't anything she wouldn't do if only she could have her beloved Romeo back with her.



May 9, 2009

May 9th 2009 5:22 pm
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It's been almost a month and still my MaMa cries when she thinks of me. When will this nagging pain ever stop?


April 30, 2009

April 30th 2009 7:42 am
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Today is over two weeks since I went to the rainbow bridge on April 14, 2009. My MaMa is still very sad, there isn't a day that goes by that she doesn't shed a tear when she thinks about me. I didn't want to go, I made a bed on the floor near her bed where she sleeps for the last 4 days of my life. I started loosing weight fast and that is when she took me to the vet, she thought I just had a virus, until the vet told her I was lucky to be alive. I was severely anemic and my kidneys were failing. The only other alternative was to have blood transfusions and the vet said I was gone so far that even that might not work for me. In a split second that felt like a life time she gave the o.k to put me down, crying desperately as she handed me over to the vet. For hours she was numb, empty on the inside, hollow and very sad. She has my two brothers, Mr. Hollywood and Zsa Zsa but she whispers to herself, "There will never be another Romeo", and she cries herself to sleep. I'm at the bridge and have made alot of friends, I wish she would recover from her sadness and remember the wonderful times we had. She says it is so hard for her but I believe in time she will remember me as the one who always made her laugh out loud. Someday soon she will smile again. Someday.


Got the Blues today, January 9, 2006

January 10th 2006 12:49 am
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Our buddy, Punkin crossed over the Rainbow bridge this morning...She was one couragous kitty! Yes, I got the blues today...


May 25, 2005

May 24th 2005 11:07 pm
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To get on with my story, like I said, My Jungle consisted of my brother, Zsa Zsa and the dog with the ponytail (Bear), UNTIL..... My Mom had to pay yet another visit to the breeder and sure enough I hear she's planning to add another kitten to our cabana! I sure hope this isn't an epidemic with her! Well, three months later the doorbell rings. I heard a voice that sounded very familiar. Yep, it was Heather, the breeder carrying a little kitten. She knew who I was and I can tell she was pretty impressed at how I turned out. It turns out the kitten was the new addition to my jungle. My Mom named him "Mr. Hollywood" and I could see why. I took him under my wing and Zsa Zsa and I kind of drifted apart. Now it was Mr. Hollywood and me against the world! I know Zsa Zsa felt slighted but Hollywood was so darn cute and he really wanted me to show him the ropes, so I did. I taught him every trick in the book and he followed me everywhere. We were inseparable and my Mom couldn't even get Mr. Hollywood's attention. I would hear her say, "Oh Mr. Hollywood, you're such a movie star", but 'lil Hollywood paid her no mind. He was old reliable, my new partner in crime. I felt pretty darn good being the leader of this pack. Mr. Hollywood felt very safe with me, and I don't blame him.

My Mom is a camera nut. She has thousands of pictures of us and keeps taking more. We're on her calendar, her screen saver, in her photo collection she has on the one really big wall. She really loves us, but like I said earlier, I'm the apple of her eye. She babies Zsa Zsa, caters to Mr. Hollywood but she spends most of her time talking to me. "Romeo, you're the King of this jungle and you know it" is how she put it. There isn't a day that goes by when she doesn't say, I'm number uno, the best of the best, her scholar and so on. Doesn't she know that I already know I am?

Our yard is huge, with a high fence that covers the entire property. Mom only lets me out on the deck, guess she's afraid the other two wouldn't know how to act. I suppose I could climb the high privacy fence, but she would flip out if I left. Besides, she's cool, probably was a cat in her past life. I like music and she has a stereo that really cranks. I find it very relaxing when she puts on that sultry music and before I know it, I'm snoring. Speaking of snoring, it's way past my bedtime. Nighty night! (To be continued!)


April 6, 2005

April 6th 2005 7:31 pm
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Come on, I really do want to write my diary! I have been busy being "the supervisor" around this place but now I can kick back and tell my story. The lady of this jungle (she calls it her house) is crazy about me. I could tell that the first day she ever laid eyes on me. She paid a visit to a breeder and there I was, and she fell hard. I have a canine brother, a funny looking guy with a ponytail, I think she said he was a Shih Tzu. Anyway, his name is Bear and when I stepped foot in the door, his life changed forever. We spent hours chasing one another, upstairs, downstairs, 'round the coffee table and so on. He didn't like me I could sense that. He had nerve to bark right in my face so I just outstared him 'til he nearly was hoarse, then as though I was a gymnast, jump right over his head. Did that freak him out! As time went by, the lady of the house, my "Mom" paid that breeder another visit and bingo! I had a baby brother, a real partner in crime. She named him Zsa Zsa, very odd name for a guy but I heard her say he looked like a Zsa Zsa, whatever that means. So here we were, Zsa Zsa and I against the world but he was like my 'lil baby boy. I kept an eye on him, gotta look out for the little guy. My "Mom" said I was a bad influence on him but hey, I'm the "King of my Jungle" and she knows that. Things were going pretty smooth, just me and my new little brother. I thought to myself, for being only six (6) months apart in age, I definitely am the brains of this cabana.

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