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Rambling Ricki

Hello From Kitty Heaven....

May 27th 2006 3:23 pm
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Hi to all my friends on Earth,
First of all, thank you to each and everyone of you who sent me a ROSETTE....I was covered with them and still am...they last a long time, thank goodness! Second, thank you to everyone who wrote to me....mommie told me she would answer each and everyone when her eyes stop leaking so much.
Friends, it is not bad up here at all...Angel introduced me to Big Boss and he sort of liked me....guess because Angel is so special to him. Anyhow, I am learning the ropes and soon, I was told, will have enough points to attend sister McKenna's wedding to Handsome Mel on June 10th.!!!!
They are still working on what type of job I will be assigned...Big Boss said it would be one of the 'harder ones' but he is doing that because he knows I can handle it...he said I was a strong little boy.
Hey, guess what friends??? I am whole again and have fluffy fur and it is shiny once more...I also can run, jump and roll all around in the amazing sweet smelling grass. Oh, you will be so happy when you join me!!!!
I knew several Kitty Angels when I first got here besides my sisters, Angel and Mookie, so I was not afraid...I told them I missed my fursiblings, Buddie and McKenna...and my sister in law, The Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy of Catster Fame...and my lovely new bride, Pretty Midnight...but, I have been sneaking kisses to her at night...Angel showed me how to fly down and deposit sweet kisses on her soft face while she dreams....but, when I get enough points, we can be together again for short periods of Angel and George do.
Anyhow, the only sad part is looking down on mommie and daddy as they
talk about me....they go over and over my life with them and what a special BRAVE little boy I was...but, instead of being happy they are very very sad..they keep saying they want me back. If they only knew how wonderful I felt right now they would not wish that...well, that will come in time for them. Right now, I will just keep giving them Angel Kisses at night too and whisper to them how much I love and miss them too and that someday we will be together again.
Well, my friends...thank you for being so kind to my mommie and daddy....I will close for now because it is time to find my way to the big buffet table they put out for us 24/, it is a sight to behold!!! hehe
I will write soon!
Your friend in Kitty Heaven,


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