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Rambling Ricki


April 25th 2006 5:59 am
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Hi Friends,
Our wedding party started off with a bang...we hired "Kitty Fireworks & Sons"
to lead the way and light up the sky with the most beautiful fireworks ever..that way, when the "Kitty Angels Taxi Crew" were delivering our guest, they could see our home without any problems from high in the sky, and it worked!!
For a wedding that was put together in ONE day, everything went off without a hitch and we had a blast!!
Our Kitty Angels sprinkled ALL our guest with special 'rejuvenating dust' and it made everyone feel like kittens again if they had the least little health isn't that a wonderful thing??
Miss Mercy and her fursiblings, Milo, Sofie, Riley, Pebbles, Reebok, Nike and the doggies, Quincy, Butch and Cosmo plus Auntie Janet came all dressed in their wedding oh my...what a beautiful family!!
Sunny and Amber came paw in paw looking so in love, BOOBOO and Queenie were really excited (maybe they are next??) and BOOBOO was most attentive to his sweet Queenie!! Pasha showed up looking just too handsome, Ruben (thank you for our gift, young man) came in a new wedding suit he bought just for the party and looked so grown up.....Smudge brought Pretty Sissel, Wesley (wuff wuff), and Smokey, Dekker from Animal Heaven and they all had such fun, Auntie Arlene brought Kitty Angel, ET, with her and they danced and danced so very much and Auntie Arlene got a scattering of our dust too...Madison (Madi) came and brought her crush on Riley with her...hehhe.... Dash and Lillian snuck out of their house and attended, Pedro and Midnight (NO!! not THAT Midnight) came as a very happy couple and drank catnip martinis and loved the Karaoke...Cassie (dressed so beautifully, as usual) and Doogie had a little too much bubbly and had to sleep in the next day but had a blast, Ethan and Louis LeBeau were two handsome TomKats who made all the female hearts flutter and they had such a great time, Kassie and Bono (Rainbow Bridge) looked elegant and also sent the most wonderful Hot Tub as a wedding present--thank you!! Auntie Linda came and brought our furfriends, Tinker, Smokey, Gabriella, Alexis McKenna, and from Kitty Heaven--Kodi,
Pywackett, Winston, and Sam!!
We had the ever dapper Rufus dressed to the nines, Emmit cutting a rug,
Milton wearing his new Roca-wear shades to knock the ladies over, and
Mr. Fuzz from New York brought his whole family which included Ted-D-Bear, Teddy Bear 1 (in Memory), Cotton Ball, Misty, Sissy, Broken Butt (love that name), FurFace, Dandelion (in Memory), Delia, So Fat Bad, Witchette, Powder Puff, Sarah, Simba, Nutmeg (in Memory), Tigger, Snowey and Jellybean (in
Memory) and their human mom, Sherriey!! Nudge was sipping and dancing
with his family Molly (Mimi) and Tina Louise was there wth Mr. Smooshie having a good old time visiting with everyone, Amber was spinning on the floor and Jewels sent his Congrats by KittyPhone!!
Of course, Mommie Julie was there with the Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy of
Catster Fame along with HER furhusband, Buddie (who returned the favor and was Ricki's Best FurMan)....McKenna was dancing the night away with her Handsome furfiancee, Mel, who had on a new wedding necktie (by the way, McKenna is making HER wedding plans as we speak) and Mookie and Angel
were working on helping getting guest to and from the party but Angel had the whole night free to dance with her Earthbound Fur hunk, George all night long...oh, they are so in love and he is so special....Mommie Linda looked beautiful as mom of the bride and cried tears of joy over Ricki and Midnight's love for each other....Midnight's Daddy Tom was dressed in his Tux to match Ricki's Tux and looked so handsome....they brought their furkids too, Sam and Popeye and now they have a wonderful new daddy in Ricki who loves them very much....Mommie Sherry and Daddy Bill were there as proud parents of the sweet Groom, Ricki...
oh, what a magical night!!
Our lovely, beautiful and happy bride, Miss Midnight, floated down the isle
and was all smiles...she and Ricki danced the first dance of the night to " You are my Everything" and Miss Midnight's dress looked spectacular on her!! (Miss Hazel took her shopping for the Honeymoon clothing the next day) Oh, she and Ricki were walking on air the whole night long!!
Thank ALL of you who came and had fun...we enjoyed each and everyone of
you and appreciate you making time to attend!!
Your happy couple,
Ricki and Midnight....
on their honeymoon this very minute!!!!


ANGEL RICKI (5/24/06)


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