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Meow Memoires by Opie


January 2nd 2005 3:32 am
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Well, New Year's Day started out on a promising note! My humans finally gave me the butt bath I've been asking for. Being that I am so magnificently large, I am unable to clean my own butt after using the litter box and I end up unfortunately with "remnants" that I cannot adequately address. Daddy finally decided to assist me and gave me the bath I've been asking for and it felt so good to be clean and pretty again. After my bath and a quick blow dry, I got the full spa treatment with an ear cleaning and a brushing. It was a lovely bonding moment and Mom and Dad were cooing over me and telling me how pretty I was and how sweet I smelled when I turned around and proudly presented my butt for them to inspect. When they got close enough for a good look, I casually farted right in their faces. Who says I don't have a sense of humor? (Heehee) Good thing Mom and Dad do too!


An interesting turn of events

November 16th 2004 10:34 pm
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Perhaps I will not need to openly defeat Eddie in battle afterall. Tonight he was ousted from his position in the bed by Zeke who appears fed up with his arrogance and narcissism. Eddie offered no resistance to Zeke's challenge and i am beginning to think that his whispered talk of challenging my authority is all bluster and bravado. I quietly applauded Zeke's bravery and will consider him to be my general should war break out, though I doubt it now as Eddie is busy sulking and licking his wounds.


I will endure

November 14th 2004 9:12 pm
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I am aware of Eddie's plot to overthrow me and I will admit I allowed the little brat to have too much power while I was recuperating from my illness. Now that I am fully recovered, and resumed my position as the leader, I have enlisted the support of the others who are also tired of Eddie's spoiled behavior. The Prince of Orange indeed. We shall see. I am and will remain the Orange Menace to all who challenge my authority. Edward Finklestein will bow to my will or he will feel my wrath. I have superior size and age and he is no match for my leadership skills. He will rue the day he thought to overthrow me....


October 1 , 2004

October 1st 2004 6:38 pm
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It's been a rough couple days. I just got home from the hospital after 3 days for a bladder blockage. Man oh man did that hurt. I thought I'd never pee again. I sure am glad that Mommy noticed something was wrong and took me to the Emergency Room. Next time I'll definitely speak up sooner. I didn't like being away from my Mom and Dad like that and I was afraid when they left me there that they weren't coming back and I'd never see them again. I sure was relieved and glad when Mommy came the next day to visit as I was really scared. Then Daddy came and joined Mommy and I had them both all to myself for a couple hours. That was cool, but I was so tired from all the meds and a little spacey and I fell asleep on Mommy's arm.Those drugs were better than catnip and I felt wasted most of the time! When I woke up, they were still there and talked to me and petted me until I got tired and we said goodbye and I went back to sleep. Mommy brought me a blankie from home and that felt really nice as I could smell everybody on it but they kept washing it on me. I felt better after that since I knew I was away because I was sick and that Mommy and Daddy would be back for me. As much as I hated everything they did while I was in the hospital, they did help me feel better right away. I'm kind of glad to be staying confined a little too right now. I don't feel up to snuff just yet and while I'm glad to see my brothers and sister, I don't really want to deal with them right now. Eddie went in my new private litter box first chance he got and everyone is pestering me with questions and asking to try my new food. It's nice to have my own litter box so close as I do have to pee a lot right now and I can't really wait very long. Maybe I'll socialize a bit more tomorrow, but for tonight it's nap time. It'll be nice to snooze in my own house after being away. Zzzzzzzzzz.......

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