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Deese Big Katze 'Ere

Where can Stormeh beegin...

February 29th 2012 8:13 pm
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Is so sad day for Stormeh and Stormeh family have. Is so long story do. After King Kyle leave us two months ago Stormeh go in to vet for see about goopy eyes not stay fix from medication and my people are mention I try eat all of their treats! Kitteh treats or human treats- Stormeh not care! So vet is say, "Oh Stormeh, joo are such old man, we are checkink joo for too much thyroid functions!" and so they do and I have a too much! They say is okay, they give me leetle pink peels twice a day and then give me very nice Feline Greenie treat (Stormeh's favoreet) and Stormeh thyroid will geet better. I take peels like so good cat; joo just wheestle and I come run and jump up for take peel and get treat, start to calm down, feelink better do. But after about 3 weeks these leetle pink peels make Stormeh so sick! I throw up everywhere every time! Is so mess make, not eat enough food can, I am losink weight again!

So on Saturday I go back see my vet. She say, "Oh Stormeh, is no good joo keep losink weight throwink up like this on tiny dose of peels! We forget about leetle peels, jour people feed joo much food, joo put on weight and we send joo away for make zap jour extra thyroid with "radiation" make joo better for always do!" So that is new plan; I come home eat lots of nice canned food treats and feel much better! But Monday night I feel so sick again make throw up all lunch do, not want eat deener. Tuesday I still not want eat even with peel for make Stormeh hungry, is no good I still not eat, getting so weak. They have make force canned food Stormeh eat- should be Stormeh dream come true but I not even like! Today (Wednesday) they take a so seek Stormeh back to vet again thinkink maybe Stormeh is plugged up again like when was younger, maybe if can not pee is make so seek? But in car on way over I pee so much all in carrier! So my vet is test Stormeh pee, is so strange smelling, is very very yellow, leetle bit orange. Is have leetle bit blood, lots of white cells, and some bilirubin from Stormeh bad leever make! Is heart sound okay but am so dehydrate, so weak, is make so much pain for crying out constantly. I break all people's hearts! Is vet say I am deathly eel, need hospitalization make for any chance leeve through acute kidney infection with possible early leever failink, probably from leetle pink peels weaken Stormeh immune system, and if I survife many day in hospital do I will still need go away make radiate thyroid once I am all better!

My people are rememberink when Stormy is just young man, is get acute leever failure and just want run away and hide for die alone make. They push me so much for force me make stay alive then because I am only 3 years old, but now odds are so even more against me and I am almost 13 cat, not spreeng cheeken cat! I make cry so sad hurt so much from dehydration, break their hearts, they make very deeficult decision for give Stormeh what is want and let rest do. I am will missink them so much, and all my kitteh friends (I am so sorry, Morgeen! Joo need make start lovink leetle Riley, is very nice blue cat, already loves joo so much!) but is feel so good not be sick do. I weel wait by thees "rainbow breedge" for see again, will play fetch then and bite ankles and chew on hair do! I weel let my favorite hair for make chew person explain what happened now because for some reasons she is theenk no one weel understand what Stormeh is say do?

In plain English- Stormy felt is was important to explain why he has gone to the Bridge in his own colorful words. He was nothing if not a unique character! Unfortunately we hit some unforeseen complications with his relatively mild hyperthyroid disease that was diagnosed in January and he suddenly came down with symptoms of a kidney infection with life-threatening dehydration that developed overnight. Our vet was not very hopeful of his odds even with aggressive treatment having seen how rapidly he declined, and we knew even if we dragged him through all that he'd still need to be sent away for 3-5 days to get expensive and isolating radioactive iodine treatments to fix his thyroid. Stormy was such a wonderful and utterly irreplaceable cat; if we thought he had much fight in him and could be made remotely comfortable we would have liked to make him fight again, but we could tell he was totally miserable and didn't think it was fair to put him through all that because we still had selfish dreams of him one day chewing on our future children's hair. It's an unexpected loss that will hit the whole family hard- it's fair to say that Stormy was by and large the most popular amongst all the cats and in particular Morgan, Riley, Nat, Toby, Heidi, and Moggie will be missing their fabulous cuddle buddy. Thanks so much Stormy for all the years of love and friendship, and for showing us just how weird and cool cats can be! I still think it was loony for my mother to have gone out (in a massive blizzard) and gotten a 5th cat from a pet shop when we had cats still breeding in our backyard, but boy would our lives have been different without a super special nutjob like you a part of them!


Cannot make peeing!

September 23rd 2005 6:27 pm
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Ohhh, Stormeh is hurt so badly! I am getting this little crystals in pee so they are sticking together and keep Stormeh from pee! Then Stormeh tummy start for hurting, is so full of pee! Luckilly, Stormeh is never growl usually so this Lindsay thinks he not working right, and Cricket is having go to vet anyway so Stormy get to go with. Vet is saying I come just in time, or Stormeh kidneys will getting hurt! They knock Stormeh out and do strange things to him, with tubes going in and out of everywhere! I am staying there two days and all vet peoples are loving Stormeh, then I get come home. It is still hurting but I pee now, and it is pretty Stormeh pink! And there are no more crystal in it. But Stormeh is pee everywhere, sometimes is just leaking out, or soemtimes am resting and it just come out... I not know what do! Is getting better, hopefully will stop pee on Lindsay bed soon...

Oh! And they are giving me medicines always! Little pills they shoot down my throat! I am not wanting these pills! Give the pills to some other cat. Maybe Morgan take my pills for me. And they are keeping putting food in Stormy face! I not want your food! Stormeh can live perfectly fine with no food (Note from Stormy's people- Stormy is wrong, he can NOT live without food! So eat your food every day, kids!) but they are making with big fussing. Lindsay is chase Stormeh 'round house with these little syringings and squirting the CliniCare in Stormeh mouth since he not eat. I used like the CliniCare but I'm not wanting anymore so don't give Stormeh this! I just want water. (Note from Stormy's people- Sorry Stormy, but we have to keep forcing you to eat CliniCare until you'll eat your canned food! Your Stormy-liver will fail again if you don't eat anything!)

So that is Stormeh big problem-not peeing story! Is more danger-having then 'lectrocutioning self, I think! Having go back for vetting tomorrow and they maybe give pills for making Stormeh hungry... but I not wanting more pills!


High Voltage Shtormeh

November 22nd 2004 5:11 pm
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Gah.... other day, my friend Barbahrah come over, so I decide show off doing with playing skills. I find neat little plastic thing the Mutti plugs little phone into and make the little lights turn on. I decide is good toy for demonstrate playing skills. I knock down off table and bite... turns out is very bad toy! I guess I scream and thrash about and have stuck in mouth, and not is very impressive! In fact, I scare Lindsahy and Barbahrah half dead being and finally I spit it out and I felt all shook up! It turn out, if something have black cord going into wall andlights up, you should not chew! I am lucky is for little phone and not big phone for bigger shocking make. Shtormeh is not hurt, but he makes better choice next time to play. Maybe just bite ankle.


Cat of the Day I am Being Today!

September 24th 2004 3:27 pm
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Gahh.... Heylo everyone! Today is special very for thees Shtormeh! They is picking me for being cat of today! I get my picture in plastic bag on front page, and everyone can come and look at me with sitting in pots and all! We get many new friend from dees and is making meh so happy! We add my little cat who is Lucky to deese website thing, too! Today is very good, yes. I stomped on my Lindsay's alarm clock so she sleep in, and before dat I smash my face against her and get my stinky collar with the killing fleas all over her, is very funny! I even get chew on hair little before she put sheet over head! Deese weekend good friend Bob leaves her dog over, and he is big Russian man like me! Yes, is big Siberian Husky Travis and he will stay night in our garage, he will! I like heem, he is crazy like me, but is running faster! I want run that fast when humans throw ball for me to bring back or lay down next to. Is such fun game; will Shtormeh bring back, or lay down making? No one know! You dun't know, I dun't even know! Is best game!

Oh! Sad news Stormeh has, dese 7 little kitten leave tomorrow, I not even get play for with the fleas they are having! Not fair, I want to play have little grey Stormy babies!

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