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The Life and Times of a Real Stuart Little

I'm growing...and growing!

November 11th 2007 11:49 pm
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WOw, I can't believe how little I was....I'm now over a pound, am running, jumping, and overall just exploring my surroundings! My mom went away for a week and so I got to stay with a new friend!!!! I even met a dog, whom I love to play with..go figure...a dog!!! I learned to maneuvre stairs and have started eating regular kitten chow! Although, I must admit...while I don't do the bottle, I still like to latch on to my mamas hand and sleep wrapped around her head. I'm off to something called a vet this week....sounds fun!


milestone....grrr...I have teeth!

October 11th 2007 4:11 pm
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I celebrated 4 weeks on wed. and last night, I bit my mom with my first tooth! I'm also realizing that this world is a WHOLE lot bigger than my much so, that I can't help but throw myself out of the box and far, i've found the bed, which with claws, is very easy to climb. There's this thing called a hallway that I keep getting stuck's kinda scary. It's also great fun, late at night, to crawl out of my box, and up to my mom while she sleeps...I can't figure out why she screams when I dig my claws in her face though....strange. All is well, and I'm getting bigger every day thanks to all those bottles mom feeds me! According to mom, I'm just about ready to start eating other foods, I wonder what she has in mind!


The Kitten's life for me!

October 7th 2007 12:31 pm
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Well, I'm now over 3 weeks old. I've grown three times the size I was at birth. Both my eyes are open, and I'm seeing my strange as it is, I like it! So I don't have a mama with fur....I still have one that loves and cares for me. I've started walking circles mostly, but my legs are much stronger now. I've even discovered my stuffed doggy that I like to bat at and hit about. I can eat over a tablespoon of food at one sitting now!

Life is looking pretty good from this kittens point of view. I've made it this far...guess that's why mom calls me a fighter...but mostly, I'd like to think I'm just loved.


Ode to the Potty....

October 7th 2007 12:27 pm
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Okay, I eat alot, that's a given I'm a growing kitten! However, despite the fact that mama makes me go after meal, I am having a bit of a problem going number 2. So mom gave me mineral oil, blech...not so bad when mixed with milk. Let's just say, it's not been a last couple of days. Hopefully, this will work!


Growing Strong

October 7th 2007 12:24 pm
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I'm 5 days old. I have two sisters...but they only have two legs, that's okay. Mama says I eat alot, I am up to almost 2 teaspoons per feeding! I have a loud voice and am very good at letting my humans know when all is not right. I love to purr and knead....I still sleep alot because I am growing very fast! I love to be carried around in mama's shirt pocket, it's warm and I'am close to her.


Day One

October 7th 2007 12:21 pm
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It was cold, freaky, and what the second I'm in a warm nurturing belly...and the next I'm dumped in barked over garden with no mother in site! I'm mad...but mostly scared. I cry, but where is mama? I'm hungry...I think. What's all this stuff on me?? Oh lordy, whats that giant doing?? She's picking me up....I'm really scared! But her hand is warm, I like warm. What's with the water!!! Cats hate water...but it's sooooo warm. She's smiling at me.

....I'm hungry. She has something that gives me milk, I like it! Now I'm sleepy, because this has been a very long day....I feel safe and warm.

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