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A Tabby's tale

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My life on Catster and Olde Furts

January 16th 2014 2:46 pm
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We joined catster when it was just a few months old. This year is our 10th anniversary. Mine was the first profile from my family and as my spot was on my mom's lap when she was on the computer..I was our family's first catster voice. My favorite group was Olde Furts. I went there a few times a day. I loved Pies breakfast club. I met my best furiends there including my sweetest,Flowie. We had such fun with our furiends dancing,eating,camping, name it. When furiends went to the bridge, we made a memorial for them in our garden.
When I got sick, they all supported me. I got lots of info about cancer. I got a t-shirt to help cover where my belly was shaved. Kits at the breakfast club made me special things to eat. When I became an angel, my pal Simon sent me my first angel star. My pal Wilson made me my first angel picture. Then, I got flooded with stars and wings and angel pictures and well...Love. By then I was an administrator at Furts. So I still went there every day as an angel to make announcements and support the group. I was also a little active in other groups and made furiends there too. Even though I have been gone a long time now, My voice lives on due to catster. It's been a great run. Mom feels like she will lose my voice when catster closes. And we both will cry over losing all my angel stars,and support rosies,and just having fun rosies. I still hope that doesn't happen,but angels are funny that way.


Calling all cats.. let's help Harrison!

May 10th 2012 12:11 pm
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Our buddy Harrison needs help. He needs a new home. He is a super handsome,mommy lovin,fun boy. But...he doesn't get along with his sisfur who was there first. He chases her and scares her. His mommy has tried everything. He needs to be in a one kitty home. He would make someone a super devoted fun pal. Please help spread the word so his mommy has a few folks to pick the best home for him.
Purring for you Harrison and now I will get my mom to put you on her facebook page!


Hey, good lookin'

January 14th 2010 6:28 am
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Watcha got cookin'? That second line was mine. I loved the kitchen and spent lots of time there. But if mum was cooking, I was there for sure. Sometimes, she would come in the kitchen and sing to me -- hey good lookin' and I would look back at her and sing the second line with her in my heart. Then we would start making dinner. One day, mom was making rice and vegetables. She got the cutting board out and put it next to the sink. She got the water boiling for rice. Then, she got the veggies out of the fridge and put them in the sink to wash. When she came over to wash the veggies-guess where I was? Yup, right on the cutting board so I could watch closely and help. So mum washed the veggies and cut them up in the sink. Mum was humming and I was humming (purring ) along and things were going great. Then papa came in and saw mum cutting veggies in the sink. He said " Honey,why don't you get a cutting board out? It would be easier and safer." Mum looked at me, then at Papa, and said " Honey, I do have a cutting board out" You know why I like Papa so much? Cuz he looked at us and said" oh yes, I see it now" and left us to our humming and cooking. Hehe.
I hoped you liked my happy kitchen memory.


Thank you furriends

January 3rd 2010 8:23 am
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When I left for the bridge it left a big hole. I knew my mum would feel it but so many other catsters felt it too. Some were dear furriends of mine that I knew would miss me but some were furriends of Molly's or Macy's. Some were families who lost a kitty to the bridge and felt sad for my mum even though they didn't know me. Mum got lots of letters of support and condolences and I got lots of stars, rosies and letters with poems and pictures. Kitties put up memory pictures of me too. My favorite group the Olde furts and my friends there wrote a lot about me. I got pictures made of me with wings from friends and angels who just met me at the bridge. All this showed mum how big the hole was and sure made mum cry. We are busy writing thank yous. If we miss somebody, we are sorry. Every outstretched hand or paw was and is very much appreciated.
Mum has started having some happy memories about me and will write about those soon.
But for now..
Thanks to all of my wonderful catster furriends !


Rainbow connection

December 20th 2009 6:05 am
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Hello friends,
This is my story of my journey to the rainbow bridge. I woke up in a field with a sunbeam on me. I knew right away I wasn't home and it wasn't Christmas yet. I had been trying to hang on until Christmas so I was sad. Then, I saw a huge tiger kitty coming towards me that looked a little like my sister Emma. It Was Emma. Boy did she grow big and strong since the last time I saw her. Her fur was dazzling . She came over and licked my head and gave me a bath. My grogginess and sadness left and started feeling pretty good. She said it was time to walk to the bridge. I told her I was way too wobbly to walk more then a few feet. Then I saw Thomas and Mr Sam coming! My gosh, Thomas looked like a tuxedo panther and Sammy's fur shines like the sun on snow. They each got on a side of me and helped me walk. You know something? The closer I got the the bridge the stronger my legs got! After a few feet we were trotting along. Oh my gosh I was trotting! Then I saw Calvin holding his Welcome Catster Kitties sign. We walked over towards him and the next thing I knew I was being welcomed to the rainbow bridge.
I will tell you about my first full day at the bridge next entry. But would you believe BC pals, it started with meatloaf and taters!
Love you,



December 1st 2009 7:44 am
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Thanks for your purrs and hugs and mum support. If just purrs could make me feel better I would be better for sure. You are all great pals ! Some cats were wondering-I am not vomiting or really acting nauseous.I act interested in food. I just won't eat. I drank a little cream last night so mum is going to get me more and some chicken noodle soup to see if I will drink some broth and we haven't tried baby food so she is going to get that too. After not eating anything since last morning, just a few minutes ago, I ate a few bites of American cheese! My mum will feed me anything now. Boy, would I have taken advantage of that not too long ago. So, as along as I eat a few bites everyday mum is going to keep trying to see if this is a bump to get over. She is not very optimistic though. When she looks me in the eyes, most of the time I am far away,you know what I mean? Not much of me is looking back at her.


Out of fight

December 1st 2009 4:25 am
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I have been fighting cancer for about 6 weeks now and I am running out of fight. I have been getting my pills and I saw the oncologist again too. The tumor is no longer shrinking and I am feeling sicker. I don't want to eat. I kinda act like I do then I just lick the top of the food an walk away. Mum is trying all of my favorites. She tried the trick of putting food in my mouth, that would get me to eat a few bites a few days ago. Now I just let it dribble out. I won't even eat tuna or fresh turkey. The Dr. said he didn't think appetite stimulants would work too well cuz the tumor makes me feel sick. I don't want another pill! Geesh, I get enough. I just want to hide. Mum found me in a corner of the cold basement on the concrete floor yesterday. She tries to cuddle me and sometimes I let her for a little bit. I am so tired and out of fight. Sorry for the bad news but that is how I feel.


Cancer 1 -- Misha 2

November 8th 2009 6:31 am
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It all started with me being sick. Them mum found out I had a big tumor. Cancer 1. Then mum, me and the vet made a plan. I got a shot of elspar. Where my tummy was tight and a little ouchy before the shot, it became lose and flabby. Mum said it was cuz the tumor shrank. I started eating more too. Misha-1. Then we went back to the vet. He felt my tummy and looked with the ultrasound again. He said yup. the tumor shrunk! Then we made more plans. Mum has pills to give me everyday to keep the tumor from growing (Leukeran) and to keep swelling down and appetite up (prednisolone) Misha-2. I have been letting mum put the pills down me like a good boy. I take a pill, I get a special treat! Yesterday, it was a spoonful of baked salmon. oh yummy. That's my progress report for now.


Not so happy day

October 23rd 2009 1:14 pm
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I got an invitation to join a catster group! We clicked and looked and it was a group for kitties with cancer. My mum yelped and started crying. A group for cancer kitties is just so sad and that I should be a member? Oh, mum didn't want me to join but there were faces we recognized and threads to help us get educated and cope too. So trying to be brave we joined. It's hard but we are learning about cancer fighting drugs. This is important cuz mum is picking a plan of action for me with the oncologist and we are getting started on Tuesday mum's day off. I might write about my treatments and stuff in my diary a little bit but not too much. I don't like to talk about it and it gets Everybody down. So, I can talk about it in the cancer group if I need to. That way I can just visit at Pie's and talk here about the so many other things in life besides cancer. Like naps or movie nights with mum!


Happy Day

October 22nd 2009 4:43 pm
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Today was a good day for me. I had a nice breakfast then after visiting the furts I curled up on the top of the couch on the blanket and took a nap. Mum was running around doing mum things. Around 12 she decided to take a short nap before work. She got the fuzzy blanket out and laid on the couch and called me quietly so the other cats couldn't hear. I slid down and curled up right next to her. With her arm around me we took a little nap. Mum woke up in about 15 min and was going to get up. I looked at her with my dark green eyes, staring. I was purring you are getting sleepier and sleepier-I was hypnotizing her! I mean what is a 15 min nap? Ha, I got her to lay back down and cuddle me close for 45 min more. Yup, that's right I got a full hour cuddle with my mum in the middle of the day.

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