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April 15th 2013 6:39 am
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My little buddy Coco tagged me to answer these two questions.
1. Describe something your pawrent does that you think is really cute.
That's easy, she goes into cute overload mode when I turn on the charm - you know, with the big liquid eyes and the head tilted to one side (that's me, not her). Never fails to elicit cries of delight and kisses and cuddles. (No, I didn't get time to use this strategy the day I broke the computer.)
2. Describe something your pawrent does that is really lame.
Oh well, what can I say, she's dating a Dog Guy. That's about as lame as it gets, isn't it? MOL.
If anyone wants to consider themselves tagged, I'll be interested to see their answers!


Dogs Coming Up

February 16th 2013 7:52 pm
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Last time I wrote in my diary, we were saying goodbye to our nice neighbours with horrible Tilly the red heeler. Now we have said goodbye to the following lot of neighbours, who didn't have any dogs except a human lady one, if you get my drift...oh dear I had better go and wash my mouth out with soap now. Anyway, moving right along...we're getting more neighbours in the next few days and the on dit is that there will be more dogs. Please let them not be red heelers or Jack Russells!


Oh wait, it's not my birthday

March 1st 2012 6:03 am
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Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to, it's NOT my birthday, but it might as well be! Tilly, the Revolting Red Heeler from next door, is departing for her new home this morning. The best present a cat could wish for! And she's not going just around the corner, or even to the next town - she's moving to the next state! Yeah!
Mind you, on past form, whoever next moves into the house next door will have some form of hideous canine companion. What will it be this time, I wonder? Oh dear, not another cat-chasing Jack Russell I hope....please no....


Love is in the Air

December 5th 2011 11:57 pm
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We hardly ever get to write in our diaries these days because Mummy's so busy romancing the Dog Guy. Actually, he's not bad for a Dog Guy. I like to hang out with him when he's on the computer, same as I do with Mummy.
And I have a boyfriend, too, our little stray Romeo, Nugget! He's a handsome spotted tabby...*smitten sigh*....visit his page to see his handsome visage!


Hunting Season!

February 19th 2011 3:37 am
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I got Mummy a big ol' rat on Thursday night, and I left it next to her gumboot just outside the front door so she could start the day in a happy frame of mind.
She seemed pleased, if the delighted "Eeewwweaarghgh" she uttered is anything to go by, so I got her another one and put it next to the same gumboot again so she would know just where to look the next morning.
I was priding myself on my hunting prowess, but then I found out that Barry next door has caught two rats and a mouse this week, so I need to beat his score. Orkney has caught another mouse, but we need to keep it up or Barry may edge ahead again. At the moment I'm resting up in readiness for a big night's hunting.



February 8th 2011 2:59 am
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I've been tagged by my handsome buddy Felix to describe 5 things my human does that annoy me, which should be easy as she has an extensive repertoire.
1. She shoots me with the anti-Tilly device (a water pistol) every time I get up on the kitchen bench.
2. She walks around the house with her plate when she's eating salmon.
(Note from Mummy: I'm sure this isn't as annoying as Arrow following me around the house when I'm trying to eat salmon, but I'll let it pass)
3. She doesn't pay enough attention to me when she's on the phone.
4. She doesn't pay enough attention to me when she's on the computer.
5. She laughs at me when I make my chuckly noise.

My furmum Orkney has also been tagged, so she's going to consider whether she can come up with more annoying features Mummy has (should be easy, as I said) and see if she can tag some kitties for us.


I Broke My New Year's Resolution

January 10th 2011 3:06 am
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I resolved not to hiss at my sisfur Bunty, and I broke it big-time tonight. Mummy had been gone all day because she just started a new job, and after we had eaten and gone outside for a bit I clambered onto her lap. She made me get off so she could let Bunty in, and then a very bad moment ensued as we both aimed for the coveted lap simultaneously. I hissed at growled at Bunty big-time, so she wisely decided to go out again. Naturally I then had to follow her to make sure she got the message, and I was growling at her and meowing to go out at the same time. This comes out as what Mummy refers to as my "chuckly noise". It sounds like a cross between Flipper the dolphin and a sheep and never fails to crack Mummy up, which is a huge affront to my dignity. I'm so offended I might just stay in the shed all night.


A Mighty Tussle

January 6th 2011 3:16 pm
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There's a reason why I'm the Chief Rodent Control Officer in this furmily, because I'm the best! While the others were mucking around with a couple of puny mice in the house, I was outside stalking big game. Mummy was sitting inside and heard a terrible banging and crashing from the roof. She rushed out and called my name, and I appeared a minute or so later going "Brrrrrrr" in a pleased tone. She found the reason why the next day, a big grey rat corpse in the garden. Guess rats don't land on their feet when you rough 'em up and toss them off the roof (snicker)


So not fair!

November 16th 2010 3:28 am
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Mummy's had such success with the Anti-Tilly device, she's found a new use for it as an Anti-Cats on Kitchen Bench device. Unlike the spray bottle, she doesn't have to come into the kitchen to use it. If she looks up from the catputer to see one of us doing something naughty in the kitchen, she just picks up the water pistol and fires. Seriously, she can hit a marauding cat easily from twelve feet away. It's so Not Fair!


Take That, Tilly!

November 9th 2010 5:25 am
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Mummy was at the local supermarket yesterday and she had a quick look in the specials trolley. You know, the miscellaneous items that they mark down just to get rid of them. Lo and behold, lying on the top and marked down to $1.99 was a water pistol. Exactly what she needed in the war against Tilly the terrible heeler next door! Now when Mummy goes outside she is armed and dangerous with her anti-Tilly device. She's already got in one good shot and Tilly scuttled off. Hasn't barked at Mummy since. MOL, MOL, MOL!

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